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Hello! My name is Juli and Bun Bun is my alter ego (Read: The Birth of Bun Bun). I blog to share my love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t, all from an Asian perspective.

My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost S$2.50, but really felt like S$250.00, and made me think I looked like a million bucks.

I got engaged (Read: 10 Years In The Making – The Propsosal) and two years later got married to my childhood sweetheart. Teeheehee. ^_^*

My love for makeup got me started on blogging, and blogging made me even more interested in makeup!

Here are some of my favorite posts:

Some of you might know me from the horrific facial incident which happened more than 2 years ago; I thank you for your kind words. Some of you might have known me way before that and I thank you for your support and love. It was a difficult period but I pulled through with support from my husband, family, friends and fans. Thank you so much to all of you.

Apart from that incident, I write interesting posts too! Heh heh. I hope you enjoy reading my makeup and beauty posts as much as I did writing them.

For daily musings, I write regularly on Dayre. To see nice pictures, follow me on Instagram. To get updates, Facebook is my favorite.

Besides blogging, I run Doll To Doll Cosmetics, an online cosmetics store that carries brands and products sourced from all over the world to provide a beauty shopping experience that is fun, informative, and convenient. We ship worldwide so you can have access to brands not available in your country!

Have fun and see you around! If you need to speak to me, you can contact me here.


Juli (you can call me Bun Bun too)


  • Joy-Ann Chua

    Hi Bunbun! I’m from Singapore too and really like your blog hehe am a fan esp of all your beauty posts (-: I’m quite new to blogging and it would be great if you check out my blog and give me some tips! https://withjoyx.com/

    • http://www.bunbunmakeuptips.com Bun Bun Makeup Tips

      Thank you and all the best! I will check it out. =D