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Featured, 4 January 2014
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Top 13 Favorite Makeup Products of 2013

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YO-HO! Year 2013 saw the second birthday of Bun Bun Makeup Tips. I’m thankful that my little blog has helped so many people with making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing makeup. Thank you for letting me feel the love! *muack Here I present my top 13 favorite makeup products of 2013. (My mum […]

Makeup, 13 September 2013
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14 Mascara Reviews For The Year 2013

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I couldn’t think of a caption for the above picture other than the literal ‘I love mascara’, because I really do! There is no other product that enhances the eyes more beautifully and quickly as a good coat of mascara. No matter how awesome a job eyeshadows do to transform your eye from a plain […]