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Blog News, 8 March 2012
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Story of Bun Bun: This Is As Real As Bun Bun Is Gonna Get

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Story of Bun Bun While I stood by my window one day admiring my kite-filled neighborhood evening sky, I thought I heard a tiny “Hi!”. “I must be hearing things! Too hungry, need to go have dinner”, and made to turn away from the window. An unmistakable “PSSST! Juli!” made me turn to face the […]

Fun Stuff, 20 December 2011
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A Wonderful Gold-Themed Beauty Bloggers Christmas Gathering 2011

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December is probably the favorite month of the year for many of us because the air is filled with Christmas spirit – glitzy lightings that dot the streets of Orchard Road, catchy jingles playing from every shop that make a bad day seem that much better, shops that put out gift sets for people who […]