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6 Activities Newlyweds Do Together For The First Time

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February 25, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun


Newlyweds are in a cocoon of post-wedding bliss where everything feels fabulous. But besides passion and intimacy, you also need to develop friendship to sustain your marriage. That’s why they always say that after the wedding comes the real marriage!

As newlyweds, Mr Mode and I are experiencing plenty of first-times together. Living together with another person, who is both a lover and friend, has its ups and downs, and it is certainly a whole lot different than regular dating even though we’ve been together for… OMG 15 years before we got married.

Here I want to share with you 6 activities you can look forward to engaging in with your new spouse!

1. Planning The Angbao Budget

Finances have a way of wreaking havoc on even the closest bonds and good financial planning is essential for a happy family, but if you’re looking to find answers on money matters, please go elsewhere. Hahaha! There are plenty of articles online and offline that will do a better a job at explaining couple finances.

Instead, I will talk about something more interesting and that happens only once a year. 2015 is our first year giving out angbaos, having graduated from ‘Single’ to ‘Married’ status. The first form that required a tick on my marital status after I got married had me squealing in delight (in my head). Finally, ‘Married’ – tick!


According to some traditions, newlyweds are exempted from giving out Chinese New Year angbaos during their first year of marriage. But to most people, there is sadly no such exemption. Lol.


So this is one new thing that Mr & Mrs Mode did together for the first time! Read my Dayre for CNY 2015 highlights. Dayre is where I microblog, follow me if you haven’t already! I am super fun to read HAHAHA. (You can read it from browser, but it’s easier to download the app and read from your phone)

2. Exploring More Places Together

We haven’t found time to plan for our honeymoon, but we’ve gone on a short trip to Bangkok this year and Mr Mode has promised to bring us to two new places every month.


‘Two’ might seem like nothing to most people, but it is a mighty feat to a person who would rather spend all his free time at a fish pond or at home.

I usually plan where to go, but recently wanted to get the husband involved in the planning of our activities. So far we’ve been tourists in our own country and some places include Punggol Stables, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Gardens by the Bay.


Knowing that he makes the effort to do some planning makes me a very happy Mrs Mode. 🙂

3. Shopping For Groceries

I am living with my in-laws now and while I feel very loved and well taken care of, we do want to have a place to call our own. House renovations will start after Chinese New Year! Can’t wait to share them with you guys on my Dayre (@bunbunmakeuptips)!

Mr Mode and I have gone on a few grocery-shopping trips after we got married and it is such a wonderful feeling to ‘lose’ the other person in some aisle and then suddenly find him! Hehehe.

4. Giving Each Other Body Massages


I dare say my massage skills are kick-ass because my parents taught me. Not that they sat me down with my back facing them and imparted their skills to me through some wugong with steam emitting from my back hahahaha!

When I was tired from studying, a quick 3-minute massage from either my dad or mum was enough to keep me energized for longer. Mr Mode used to be really, really bad at massaging, but through our many years together and me imparting my skills to him, he has now attained Master level, just one level below my Grand Master level. Lol.

One thing different from before is that now we get to give and receive longer massages since we share the same bed. It is said that a massage can have deep and long-term effects on your relationship and helps to improve the quality of your connection!

5. Getting Involved In One Another’s Interests

I think we all know for a fact that Mr Mode hates having his photos taken, I’ve mentioned that countless times everywhere – Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Dayre. But you see, it’s in my nature and job scope to take pictures and have my pictures taken, and I’m glad he has slowly learned to accept and adapt to it.

After having our pre-wedding photos (one in Taiwan, one in Singapore) and wedding day photos taken, I think he’s slightly more comfortable now. He still doesn’t like it, but he’d oblige for my sake. 🙂


(He tried his best already! LOL! You can check out my wedding day posts here: Wedding Day Part 1, Part 2)

Soon, he will bring me fishing. I hope I don’t drop into the pond and get fished instead.

6. Grooming For And Each Other

Mr Mode was never particular about the products he used on his face. His entire skincare regime consisted of one facial cleanser he would buy off the shelf at any random store, regardless of the function and for whichever skin type. All he wanted was to remove the layer of oil on his face in the morning and at night.

Living together now makes it so much easier to ‘influence’ his choice of skincare. At least now he uses cleanser, serum (sometimes), moisturizer and sunblock. Huge improvement!

As for me, well for all women in fact, I feel that just because we have found The One who accepts all our flaws and nuances doesn’t mean that we should stop grooming and let ourselves go physically!

When people say ‘Marriage takes work’, it doesn’t just mean being patient with one another. It also means finding ways to keep the passion and attraction alive.

Attraction is the key to a healthy relationship and anyone that argues this point is deluding themselves.

Within a relationship, both parties should have a say in what the other person looks like physically. I’m not saying that attraction is the only essential element in a relationship – we have personality, character, morals, ethics, values – but it does help keep the relationship flaming. We all like beautiful things; we were programmed that way, there’s no denying.

We work hard to understand each other’s habits, learn to accept the many imperfections that make us humans, but I don’t think I’ve read any article or heard any husband say he works hard to accept his wife’s hairy legs and arms!

And no mustache is EVER sexy on any women, please! >.<”

I’d be honest and admit that personal grooming is hard work. So I always leave it to the pros, and just kick back and relax while they do the hard work for me.


‘Wake me up when you’re done!’


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