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AB Automatic Beauty Eyelid Tapes Review + Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Apply

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July 11, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


You know what they say – ‘No two eyes look the same’, as with most features like eyebrows, ears, and boobies. Lol. Studies show that more symmetric faces are preferred because symmetry is a possible honest sign of superior genetic quality and developmental stability.

In short, the quest for SYMMETRY is deep-rooted in our human instincts. 🙂

Let me share with you today how, with the help of a simple double-sided eyelid tape called AB Mezical Fiber 2, I transformed my fickle-minded left hooded eyelid to not only be of symmetry to the right, but also created a higher crease!

(You stand a chance to win cash and products too! More in a bit!)




How To Get A Higher Crease & More Permanent Double Eyelids

Step 1:

Use the shaping stick that comes with every pack to mark out your desired crease. Go over several times to strengthen the line so that it’s obvious enough for you to know where to paste the Mezical Fiber 2 eyelid sticker.

Tip: I like to mark it higher to cushion the effect of gravitational pull.


(Sigh, that’s the scar from my recent eye accident. 🙁 SO UGLY. )

Step 2:

Bun Bun shall take the stage for a while. Hoho.



It is stated in the instructions that your eye area should be free of oil and water so that the Mezical Fiber 2 can adhere to your skin more effectively.

I did that for a couple times but wanted to see if it’s possible to do it AFTER having foundation on. Turns out I actually prefer to paste it after foundation as it looks less obvious. You should play around with the sequence to see which works best for you!


HAHAHA I look like a beetle!!

But OMG, I love the eyelids!! They’re so symmetrical and higher than my original crease!


Step 3

Cut off the excess sticker with a round-tipped scissors to prevent accidental cuts on the delicate area.


Step 4

Using the shaping stick, apply slight pressure so that the Mezical Fiber adheres more strongly.


Step 5

And DONE!! 😀


Go forth and color! My favorite part of every day! ^_^*


Other than the few bumps caused by the removal and re-pasting for Step 3, you can’t really see the sticker, can you? 🙂 (It’s not easy taking pictures of yourself with a scissors near your eye, you know!) Besides, nobody will scrutinize your eyes at such a close range.

The Mezical Fiber 2 is so different from any other type of eyelid sticker I’ve tried. Apart from being incredibly inconspicuous on the lids, this is so long-lasting that I can leave it on all through the night, wake up in the morning and wash my face, apply moisturizer and makeup and it STAYS ON THE WHOLE DAY!!

Another product that I love is the AB Double Eye Liquid.

The instructions state that you can use this to glue directly on the crease to seal in the crease, or over the Mezical Fiber 2 to further enhance the adhesion. But I think the Mezical Fiber 2 is awesome enough to hold on its own, so I use this as eyelash glue.

What I like about the AB Double Eye Liquid is that while it is such a strong false eyelash glue, it doesn’t pull my real eyelashes off when I remove them at the end of the day.



Automatic Beauty Event in Singapore

I attended the AB event that had Kevin 老师 (lao shi) from Taiwan, a very popular makeup artist on many beauty talk shows, do a live demonstration. Kevin lao shi is the ambassador for AB!

I’ve always loved his makeup, hair and fashion tips. The thing he said during the event that I love most was:

“Don’t wear makeup like a uniform,

Wear it as an expression”

Well, of course he didn’t say it in English, but that’s the gist of it translated from Mandarin. When he said it, I was like “YES! HIGH FIVE!”. That’s how I view makeup and why it plays such an integral part in my life.


It’s not just product-slapping on the face,

it’s an expression of mood;

an extension of thoughts;

an enhancement to the outfit;

and execution of skills.


See how the AB Mezical Fiber gave the model, who has hooded eyelids, more prominent double eyelids! 🙂


With Peishi and Mong Chin who are so young and pretty! Ah… youth.


Automatic Beauty Double Eyelid Products

  • Orange case: AB Mezical Fiber 2 (S$28.90)
  • Yellow case: AB Single Eyelid Tape (S$19.90)
  • Brown case: AB Natural Eye Tape (S$19.90)
  • Mint case: AB Double Eye Tape (S$19.90)
  • AB Double Eye Liquid(S$19.90)
  • AB Eyelash Wick (S$16.90)

AB Double Eyelid products are available exclusively at SASA Singapore stores!




Now I finally understand why Automatic Beauty Eyelid products are so highly raved in Japan and Taiwan! I thought they’re from just another brand of regular double eyelid tapes with a huge marketing budget. Lol.

But NO!!

After using the AB Mezical Fiber 2 on just three occasions, my double eyelids have become deeper and thicker, and the left eyelid is now symmetrical to the right! YAYY!!!

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of the Mezical Fiber 2! HAHA!!

I would seriously recommend it to anyone who has issues with unbalanced eyelids, droopy eyelids, hooded lids, or who has had enough with messing with plasters and obvious crescent-shaped eyelid tapes! When you have 9 out of 10 double eyelid users converting to the AB brand, you know you’ve got a winner!

It doesn’t take a lot of effort or time to understand how the Mezical Fiber 2 works. On my first attempt I took about 10 minutes, from learning how to tear properly and not twisting it so that it looks less obvious on the lids, to pasting it properly and evenly, to cutting it at the right angle. On my subsequent attempts, I took about 5 minutes.

It’s not world-changing science, but it sure is a revolutionary EYE-OPENING (literally 🙂 ) product!


Win Products Worth Over $280!

From 23 June – 27 July 2014, 3 lucky winners will be picked by Kevin lao shi to walk away with:

  1. FULL RANGE of AB products
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All you have to do is:

  • Take a BEFORE and AFTER photo (like what I have at the beginning of this post) from using any AB double eyelid product
  • Hastag #ABSingapore
  • Like AB Mezical Fiber SG Facebook page
  • Tip: The best and most dramatic transformation WINS!

Results will be out on 30 July 2014.

For more updates and promotions, visit:

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Good luck! 😀