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Channelling Different Looks With Different Lip Colors: Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks & Lip Lacquer Review

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September 10, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun

Brought to you by RevlonRevlon-Ultra-HD-Lipstick-Lip-Lacquer-Looks-COVER

It’s amazing what a shade of lipstick can do to a woman.

Different lip colors bring out a different side of me, each makes me FEEL like a different version of me. Pink makes me feel fresh and carefree, nude makes me feel glam and dangerous, coral makes me feel spontaneous and fun, red makes me feel bold and in control, berry makes me feel grown up and sophisticated. Being a woman means being given the opportunity to express our styles through the colors we wear on our lips. To me, it matters less what clothes we wear compared to what we wear on our lips.

I had some fun trying out the shades from the new Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick and Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer lines and here are some looks I created.

‘The woman’ means what I imagine myself to be when I’m wearing that look. Heehee.

Look 1: Sweet Pink


Mood of the day: Fresh. Flirty. Playful.

The woman: She is girly, feminine, and believes in love and romance. Sometimes quirky, always curious about new things, and has a positive energy towards life.

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick: Orchid (A bubblegum pink, leans cool, with no shimmer)



Above is Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick: Orchid layered with Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer: Petalite (A coral-pink, with slight gold shimmer. Has a creamy, milky look)


Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer: Pink Ruby (A bright hot pink with cool undertones and silver sparkles). This is the shade Emma Stone wears in the poster!

Get this combination here:

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick: Orchid

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer: Petalite

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer: Pink Ruby


Look 2: Feisty Red


Mood of the day: Bold. Sexy. In control

The woman: Has a successful career and a well-respected figure in her social circles. She is smart, charismatic, never panics in situations, and takes charge of her own life. She knows how to have a good time, and owns a yacht on which she hosts elaborate champagne parties.

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick: Gladiolus (A red with slightly warm undertones, no shimmer. Gladiolus looks great on every skin tone and is the other one Emma Stone wears in the Revlon ads. It is a warmer red than Poinsettia.)



The woman also has a badass side to her. HAHAHA.

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer: Strawberry Topaz (A warm red with gold shimmer (a little applied just on the centre of the lips). This is the only red-orange shade amongst the 8 shades available in Singapore.)


Get this combination here:

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick: Gladiolus

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer: Strawberry Topaz


Look 3: Nude Glam


Mood of the day: Fearless. Mysterious. Glamorous.

The woman: A no-nonsense glare from her is all it takes to turn the room from a chaotic one to one of utter silence. She is who she is, take her at face value, she is unpretentious, super cool and calm. She exudes confidence and knows exactly what to do to look chic.


(Hahaha this was taken before I was ready, but I thought the expression was really quite a good example of my neutral face = RBF)

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer: Pink Sapphire (A girly pink with visible pink, green, gold glitter. Presence of glitter does not make it feel gritty. Semi-sheer coverage.)



Get it here:

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer: Pink Sapphire


Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick & Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer Review



Cosmetics brands are really upping their game these days, infusing products with hydration, pigmentation, wear and packaging elements. Being at the forefront of cosmetics technology, Revlon has introduced their newest lines – Ultra HD™ Lipstick and Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer.

Wax-free, Gel Technology

Wax is highly used in lipsticks because it binds the ingredients together, however it can be very drying on the lips and tends to mute the true color of the lip color. Revlon recognized and was inspired by this gap in the lipstick industry, thus prompting them to create the Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick line, a new generation of lipstick that is absolutely free of wax yet feels nothing short of a lipstick.

This revolutionary wax-free gel technology translates into a lightweight feel without compromising on color. So essentially you’ve got a gel base, instead of a wax base, which will present true color quality and feel comfortable on the lips.

What I like is that because the formula is so intensely colored it leaves a lovely stain once the lipstick itself wears off (yet easy to remove with a makeup remover). The texture is smooth and buttery, extremely comfortable and moisturizing and does not cling to the lips like wax-based lipsticks do. The formula provides ample moisture to keep my lips from drying out in the hot weather, and from excessive lip-licking habits LOL.

The Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquers feel thicker in consistency than the lipsticks and are LOADED with color. I would see them as liquid lipsticks more than lipglosses. Of course, if you want a more natural look, just dab on lightly and spread with your fingers.




Instead of the normal doefoot sponge applicators, the Revlon Lip Lacquers come with a brush that makes application a breeze and aids in precise application.

Bring On The Bling


The Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks come housed in a simple silver mirrored barrel with a clear crystal-cut acrylic cap. No need for guessing and wasting time trying to read the small print usually found on the bottom of lipsticks. I can see the actual color inside and select it from my lipstick army. XD

One thing to note is that the lipstick doesn’t retract all the way into the tube so it’s important to remove and replace the cap carefully or else the color rubs on the side of the cap. After enough use, it doesn’t become a problem anymore. Within that very same mechanism is something I really like – a lock to keep the bullet in place. I’ve had so many incidences where my lipstick gets twisted up in my bag and the entire bullet got lodged in the cap. =(


The Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquers are named after gemstones and thus have a gem-encrusted cap! =)

Summery Scent

The Ultra HD™ Lipsticks are named after flowers, but they smell super sweet, a tropical kind of scent. Some people say they smell like raspberry, caramel, mango, strawberry cupcakes. The scent is actually whipped vanilla and cream mango. Sounds so yummy! It is not overwhelming and I do enjoy having some sweet tasting stuff on my lips when I lick them.

The Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick is available in 8 shades:


Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer is available in 6 shades:


Layering Tricks For Various Effects

Using Hibiscus (lipstick) and Strawberry Topaz (lip lacquer) as demonstration, I’m going to show you how to create different combinations for different effects.


(1) Pure Hibiscus

(2) Pure Strawberry Topaz

(3) First apply Hibiscus, then layer with Strawberry Topaz for rich color and high shine

(4) First apply Hibiscus, then layer Strawberry Topaz on the centre of your lips and spread out the lip lacquer in dabbing motions to create a soft just-been-kissed look

(5) First apply Strawberry Topaz, then layer with Hibiscus. Applying the lipstick after the lip lacquer helps lock in the rich color from the lip lacquer, while slightly muting the shine for a more polished look. This method is great for creating ombre lips too – apply the lip lacquer on the centre, then use the lipstick to fill in the lip.

Find all Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks here

Find all Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquers here

Tell Me Your Favorite Shade & Win It! 

Tell me in the comment section below which is your favorite shade (Ultra HD™ Lipstick or Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer) and you might win a shade of their choice!

Contest ends 15 September 2015. Good luck!

Update: Contest has ended and the winners have been contacted.

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5 thoughts on “Channelling Different Looks With Different Lip Colors: Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks & Lip Lacquer Review”

Vivien says:

My pick would be Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Pink Ruby. A bright pink shade which instantly lit up the face. Is neither fiery red nor sweet pink, somewhere in between which bring out a confident, attractive, fun character. The silver sparkles make it even more special, subtle yet good for day and night. Thank you for holding the giveaway BunBun! 😀

Jo ann says:

I would like to win Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer – Gladiolus. Very nice color that will surely brighten up my look! I also licks my lips that makes it a bit dry and I’m happy to know Revlon lipsticks can moisturize lips. I also want long lasting lip colors. This is very nice! Thanks!

Amy says:

My vote goes to the shade “Gladiolus”!

I’m not a big fan of bold lips and don’t have this shade of colour… But seeing that you’re rocking it effortlessly, it seems worth a try!

Hi Amy! Congrats, you’ve won yourself a Ultra HD™ Lipstick or Ultra
HD™ Lip Lacquer of your choice! Please email me at [email protected] with your pick, name and
address =)

Yvonne says:

Oooh I like the Ultra HD Lipstick in Azalea! So pretty and looks like it could potentially go well with most skintones! I’m thinking it would pair very nicely with Petalite, too 🙂

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