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First Chinese New Year As #MrMrsMode – Gardens By The Bay Flower Dome

Mr & Mrs Mode, Fun Stuff
February 15, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun


The number one question I get asked is “How’s married life?”.

Oh well, there are other (annoying) questions like “When are you going to have kids?” and “Have you started on family planning?”, but that’s a story for another time.

So, how’s married life?

I always thought Mr Mode made a not-too-shabby boyfriend, and despite the risk of him getting an inflated ego, I’d go ahead and declare that he makes pretty good husband material. He takes good care of me, washes the clothes, tidies the room, mops the floor… Hahaha. We still have our arguments but I think being able to see each more often than before allows us to clear any misunderstandings more quickly. Being married also makes us more accepting of each other’s shortcomings. Like, BO BIAN ALREADY. LOL!

2015 is our first year celebrating Chinese New Year together, and besides being first time angbao givers, there are so many new things to do together – one of them being visiting Gardens By The Bay! We didn’t know until we bought our tickets that there was an Asian Tales Garden Trail at the Flower Dome that runs till 8 March 2015.

It’s the Year of the Goat!



Reminds me of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story.

Anti-Photography Husband

Mr Mode doesn’t like having his photos taken and would avoid it all costs. However, having had our pre-wedding photos (one in Taiwan, one in Singapore) and wedding day photos taken, I think he’s slightly more comfortable now. He still doesn’t like it, but he’d oblige for my sake. 🙂



After the above shot, I said “Okie, time for OOTD” and he went “YESSSS!!!”. The way he said it was as though he’d just caught a 20KG grouper from the sea. (Mr Mode’s hobby is fishing)



Love the colors of Spring! 春天里来百花香,朗里格 朗里格 朗里格朗!^_^*

Spring is my favorite season as it symbolizes renewal, starting afresh, new beginnings! We don’t have the luxury of seasonal transitions in Singapore nor experience the contrast of bitter Winters and fresh Springs, but when Spring rolls into our lives, I feel refreshed for another year ahead! Time to pick up the slack that winter instilled inside us of becoming sloths.

Beautiful Blooms at Flower Dome

Some of the countless beautiful blooms we spotted at Gardens By The Bay Flower Dome:







I’m not even a flower person but I was impressed by the wide variety of flowers at this exhibition.



Such pretty colors and assortment of flora! Looks like a scene right out of an Emperor’s favored concubine’s garden from some Chinese Dynasty drama.


We saw this cute little girl posing like that for a picture, so I copied her. LOL.




Shhhh!! I found a gigantic gold ingot! Don’t tell!


Just kidding! Sharing is caring! Let’s all HUAT together! 😀


If you’d like to soak in the CNY atmosphere without squeezing with crowds at Chinatown or 春到河畔 (Chun Dao He Pan), consider taking a stroll at Gardens By The Bay! (Okie la, still crowded but not that crowded)

We only had time to visit the Flower Dome, next time we’ll want to visit the Cloud Forest. Heard it’s beautiful too! ^_^* Remember to wear warmer clothes or bring along a jacket, it was quite cold inside! The Flower Dome replicates the cool dry conditions found in the Mediterranean and semi-arid tropical regions, that’s why.



Till next time! Happy Chinese New Year! 😀


Have you been to Gardens By The Bay? How does it look like on a regular day? If you have any other places to recommend going besides Chinatown and He Pan, do share! =)