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Glam Up Your Lips With The Yves Saint Laurent Touche Brilliance Sparkling Touch For Lips Glamorous Red #11

November 27, 2011
Composed by : Bun Bun

Do you ever keep something away, not because you dislike it, nor are you in love with it, but because you can’t decide what is it that you feel, that you don’t want to finish it up too soon? Lol.

The YSL Touche Brilliance in Glamorous Red has been lying in my makeup cabinet for far too long and I decided to do a review on it. Maybe I will find out how I feel after this post is complete. Maybe you can help me decide too.

Everyone knows about the legendary YSL Touche Éclat, the complexion highlighter that is said to be able to conceal dark eye circles, fine lines and brighten up the skin. I don’t own it by the way, but I’ve swatched it and……… maybe I will be more objective in a review when I do own it some day.

The Touche Brilliance was inspired by the Touch Eclat, the look and mechanism at least.

Gorgeous Lip Shade

Glamourous Red is a gorgeous cherry red with sparkling gold shimmer that looks sophisticated and atas (local slang for prestigious. haha!). I feel like a rich tai-tai when I put this on. Or maybe it’s because I know I’m putting some YSL baby on my lips.

The shimmer is aplenty, but does not rob the base color of its shine; it co-exists with the red very well.

Sometimes I apply Glamorous Red on top of a lipstick, but most of the time, I think it looks smashingly good on its own. In the above picture, YSL Touche Brilliance Glamorous Red was used on its own.

Lovely Fruity Fragrance

You either love or hate the YSL Touche Brilliance smell. Some say it smells like plastic, other say it has a fruity fragrance. I think it smells like watermelon! So yummy! That makes me lick my lips even more often!

Click-Pen Mechanism

I’ve always had issues with makeup ‘toys’ of this sort. The Clinique and Revlon concealers have the twist mechanism, and this YSL lipgloss has the click mechanism.

Either I try to use as much as I can from the remaining product on the brush or I attempt to twist/pump some and end up with way too much. *rolls eyes*

Sometimes I twist/pump twice or thrice and nothing comes out, then I do it a couple more times and the brush is loaded with product that can last me for 3 applications. Tsk. WHY?!

And look at this.

What do a finger, the push button, a down arrow and ’20x’ mean?

Am I supposed to pump 20 times on the first try to ‘initiate’ it?

Am I supposed to pump 20 times every time I need to get some lip product out? That’s gonna be really tiring!

Is 20 times the maximum number of times I can pump, and thereafter there will be no more product left??

Can anyone help decipher this diagram? Lol.

Not Sticky, But Drying On Lips

Unlike NYX lipglosses or most other lipglosses that feel kinda thick and sticky on the lips, the YSL Touche Brilliance is very lightweight. You can barely feel it is there after application.

Well, that is until you start licking your lips and realize that it is actually rather dry! This lipgloss has a serious lack of moisture and the more you lick your lips, the more the red comes off. All that is left is the glitter and it doesn’t feel nice having small bits of ‘grains’ on the lips.

Sparkles left after wiping it off with a tissue.

Not even applying my favorite lip balm – Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner – helps.

I mentioned in this post that when my lips feel oily, my nose becomes oily. You should go check it out.

Does Not Last

It doesn’t take long for the YSL Touche Brilliance lipgloss to fade. I think it’s because the coverage is rather sheer. I have to keep reapplying to retain the color on my lips.

Considering how expensive this high-end YSL lipgloss is, you’re gonna run out of it very quickly! However, if you don’t use it as much, like me, then I have a feeling it’s gonna stay in my makeup cabinet for a long time.

I never thought I’d see myself own the YSK Touche Brilliance had my friend not gifted this to me, simply because it is so expensive. It’s YSL! What do you expect? Lol.

Besides, I’m not a lippie fan as much as I am crazy about eyeshadows! =D

Get the YSL Touche Brilliance!


Bun Bun rates the YSL Touche Brilliance Glamorous Red:

Do you own any lipstick or lip gloss that makes you feel classy and sophisticated?

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