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Go Green With The New EVERSOFT 100% Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser

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March 24, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


Beauty trends come and go, but can you guess one that’s here to stay for a long time? GOING GREEN.


No, no, I don’t mean green eyeshadows, LOL – which I do love very much, oooh yes! – but going green as in using organic, plant-based, natural products.

Look around and you would notice that brands are recently gaining momentum in infusing products with natural ingredients that help keep skin supple and youthful-looking.

EVERSOFT, on the other hand, has understood the power of natural essences in skin and body since 1985. That’s about as old as I am. BAHAHA!! Eh, laugh what laugh, with age comes knowledge, experience and essential know-how, okie.


It is no wonder that, according to results from a recent research, EVERSOFT is the NUMBER ONE facial cleanser brand*.

New-Eversoft-Organic-Mulberry-Facial-Cleanser-With-100-Organic-Mulberry-Extract-and-Hyaluronic-Acid_1*Based on AC Nielsen Singapore Supermarket/Hypermarket Scan Sales in volume from Nov 12 to Oct 13

The newest facial cleanser in the range, Eversoft Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser is infused with 100% Organic Mulberry Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, both ingredients acknowledged as crucial in holding in moisture, improving skin clarity and creating a glowing complexion.


Key benefits: Whitening & Hydrating

Before I share what I personally like about the EVERSOFT Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser, here’s a highlight on the key ingredients of the new unique formula – Hyaluronic Acid and Mulberry!

Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid In Skincare

Hyaluronic Acid, which is naturally found in the body, secures moisture and creates fullness in the skin.

You know, the ‘boink-boink’ feeling when you poke your skin?


The more ‘boink-ness’ there is, the more elastic and healthy your skin is. As we age, production of Hyaluronic Acid, which has the unique ability to hold in moisture, is unfortunately destroyed by forces of nature. BOOOO!!!!

If you thought that aging is reserved for people above the age of 30, you gotta think again. In fact, your skin starts to lose Hyaluronic Acid as early as age 18! Unless you are younger than 18, it is time to help your skin slow down the aging process.

The new EVERSOFT Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to effectively moisturize surface skin cells, thereby preventing water loss and boosting elasticity and hydration of the skin.

Benefits Of Mulberry Extract In Skincare

Skincare products containing Hyaluronic Acid are often used in conjunction with Vitamin C products to assist in effective penetration and in Eversoft’s latest invention, the Vitamin C comes from Mulberry! 100% ORGANIC MULBERRY!


Mulberry is high in Vitamin C and Amino Acid, and has the highest content of anti-oxidants. And things rich in anti-oxidants are often effective anti-aging agents too, hence aiding in brightening and lightening of age spots and uneven skin tone.


6_With Wand_120Just so you know: Ingesting mulberries does wonders to your skin – making it soft and radiant; to your hair – rejuvenates hair follicles and enhances the production of melanin to prevent premature greying; to your health – helps control blood sugar in diabetic patients, enhances immunity and improves vision.


I wish mulberries are more easily accessible in Singapore! A walk around several local supermarkets found none in my shopping basket. Boo. Maybe the more atas supermarkets will have them.

But at least I can have mulberry in my cleanser! Don’t you feel lucky to live in an era with technology that allows for the extraction of fruit/vegetable essences of fruits to be infused in skincare? I DO!!! 😀


Specially formulated with Japanese technology, works effectively on Asian skin

What I Like About EVERSOFT Organic Mulberry Liquid Pump Cleanser

The first thing I noticed about the EVERSOFT Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser is the pump dispenser. I LOOOOVE pump dispensers. Everything liquid or cream should come in this format.


One pump is more than enough for my entire face and neck. Actually, I don’t even make a full pump, usually I just press very lightly, and a little goes a long way. Then I’ll foam it up with my wet hands.

What’s different about the new and evergreen EVERSOFT cleansers is that the Mulberry Cleanser is in liquid form while the evergreen ones have a thicker, cream-like texture.

These are Eversoft Organic Facial Cleansers from the evergreen range.




And here’s the new liquid formula – EVERSOFT Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser.


What I do is wet my face first, then pump some cleanser onto my palm and lather.

The Organic Mulberry extract scent of this cleanser smells fantastic and is very invigorating in the morning! I love fruity scents for the face and floral for the body. I’m weird like that.

The Eversoft Organic Mulberry Cleanser is gentle enough for daily use for it is very mild and non-irritating on my sensitive skin. I think it is because of the 100% Organic Plant Actives. So grateful for natural products that offer skin solutions without the use of harsh irritants! 🙂


100% Organic Plant Actives / Organic Mulberry

More importantly, its consistent non-drying after-feel does not leave my face uncomfortably taut. This is something I have a high regard for, having used many cleansers before that left me feeling like my skin would crack if I smiled. It is also as easy to foam up as it is to rinse off. This EVERSOFT facial cleanser leaves my skin soft and smooth without stripping it from essential moisture! All thanks to Hyaluronic Acid! =)

While you should lower your expectation of going 2 foundation shades lighter with this cleanser, you may expect to see brightening wonders on your skin – a healthy complexion, more even skin tone and skin luminosity.

Should You Get It?

Mr Mode likes to say ‘Good things don’t come cheap, cheap things don’t come good.’ This cleanser should prove him wrong! For all that goodness in a bottle, it is extremely value for money at only SGD 9.90 for 150ml.

The new EVERSOFT Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser is a well-priced product that smells great and is effective in cleansing your skin wihout drying it out. If you are on the hunt for a mild cleanser that is tough on excess oil, dirt and impurities, and your skin is lacking vibrancy, I would say give this a try!

Eversoft products are available at all major hyper/supermarkets and selected personal care stores.

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