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Goodbye, Old Makeup! + My Gratitude Diary

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August 15, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


I come from a family of hoarders. I think I hoard the most, add to the fact that I’m easily the worst organizer, my personal space is perpetually in a mess and if my mother weren’t the world’s best packer right down to the smallest items, I would never be able to find anything.

“Mum, where is my…. Oh thanks!”

“Mum, did you see my… You mean it was always right in front of me?”

“Mum, I cannot find my… How come you can always find everything??!”

I am not looking forward to the day I move out and live with The Fiance who is not really a hoarder but is as messy as I am. Actually he’s worse.

Hoarder-Messy person + Very messy person = I don’t know if I can live like that

I love makeup, and I love to keep makeup. Even if I don’t like a certain product and am pretty sure I will never use it again, I’ll still keep it around. You know, for the I-know-I’ll-need-it-some-day-and-I’m-such-a-genius-for-keeping-it moment. Problem is, I have the memory capacity of a cardboard box so I can never recall if I even have it in my possession.

Some years ago, I just casually asked “Mum, do you know where I can get one of those music sheet stand?” And in a few hours she presented one to me.

Like, what the? Since when did we have such a thing and space in our house for it?! Mum’s a magician. Sometimes I think our store room is more like the wardrobe from Narnia, and only she can walk through it.

Anyway, I’m sure we all have a little hoarder inside each of us. Some things we hold dear, and due to emotional attachment we simply cannot bear to get rid of, but for most hoarders, we just… hoard everything. No particular reason.

You know, at the time I was typing the above paragraphs my mum came and packed my dance shoes and bag away and then she went on to pack some files. HAHAHA! I don’t know, it felt kinda funny that here I was writing about her being such a great packer and there she was packing, trying to make our humble abode a better place to live in. I hope my kid(s) are great packers too so they can help pack my stuff and find my things.

I decided that in order for some new makeup to take residence in my makeup drawers, it was time to bid adieu to the old. Not being able to wear makeup doesn’t stop me from buying makeup. There is absolutely no correlation.


I took a basket, opened my drawers and started filling the basket.

There are few rules in makeup, but when it comes to ensuring your products serve you well, some rules regarding the lifespan of various products and brushes cannot be disregarded. If you have any makeup at all, you must know that makeup stays safe for only a limited period of time. Just how long though? Read this article I wrote before on the expiration of makeup.

I thought I should try and be neat and lay them all out. I started from the top, but by the time I got to the lip stuff and eyeliners at the bottom I was like “F* it. I’m just gonna let you guys stack.” Too many! Too lazy!!! XD


The Urban Decay Naked Palette goes in the trash coz I’d already depotted the shades I want to keep. The one beside it is the Ammo palette, which I loved for its beautiful assortment of colors. Okie, spot anything you like and let me know if you’d like to know my opinion of it. I’ll try give you a micro review of it. Heh.

Mascaras, eyeshadows and brushes not included here coz I’ll be doing a separate post for 10 mascaras. Maybe 12? 15? Eyeshadows… I need to go through again, and brushes… I guess I might never get rid of them coz I always reserve those inferior quality brushes for Halloween makeup.



Handmade gifts are so rare these days. The last time I made something for somebody I cared for was like… ummm…. 2 years ago? ACKS! Suddenly feeling guilty. I love making things and more often than not I have a hard time separating myself from a gift I made for the recipient. When you make something for someone, you not only give up your time and energy, you do not stop thinking about that person in the process of making it! It’s like parting with your baby!

In our fast-paced world, it’s really difficult to put aside everything else, turn away from the computer, brainstorm on the concept, lay out your project materials, and get your hands dirty. I have about 25, 671 ideas in my head, but they’re just there – in my head.

So when I received Alyssa’s handmade gift, I was SO SO SO SO SO TOUCHED!




I love that she drew my eyes so much larger than Mr Mode’s. The size difference is spot on. Hahaha!



Have you heard about a gratitude diary?

Somehow this notion about keeping a gratitude diary has been resonating in my head perhaps due to its repeat appearance in suggestions on how to get out of depression. Of course there is no pre-requisite to keeping a gratitude diary. You can be anything and feel anyhow. Anybody can try this! I read that many people have benefited greatly from keeping a journal where they write down 3-5 things they are grateful for the day.

How could I spot this black-white stripes notebook and not have it?? Bun Bun’s uniform! 😀


And I added a little twist to it – cut out from my namecard. Super cute okie. ^_^* (This counts as handmade, right? LOL!)


When was the last time you held a pen and actually did more than filling up a form or signing on a credit card receipt?


I guess I didn’t have any problem getting started – I am a writer after all.

But once I got started, I realized I actually have SO MANY things to be grateful for today I had to really force myself to keep to just 3. I wouldn’t say they’re the top 3 in my LIFE, but just the first 3 things that came to mind when I thought of being grateful for the day.

It’s the little things that matter. It’s not so much of ‘I’m grateful to be alive’ becoz DUH, we should all be all the time, but more of…… okie, I’ll let you in on what I wrote for my Point 2 ‘I’m grateful I found this little black-white stripes notebook that I love very much so that I can get started on my gratitude project.’

There’s no need to write a huge chunk of text, make it short and concise so that you won’t find it a chore, but make it specific enough so that you know what exactly you are grateful for for that particular day.

‘I’m grateful to have a boyfriend who loves me’ doesn’t hold as much weight as much as ‘I’m grateful to be with a man who still finds me attractive after ten years together and tells me he loves me everyday. Today he told me I looked sexy even though I was dressed very simply =)’. True story. Mr Mode is generous with his compliments, but when I look like shit, he’ll tell me too. HAHAHA!


Today’s a neutral-happy day. Nothing crazy happened, I had a good lunch with friends, ran some errands, and came home to watch tv and blog. I think it will be a greater challenge to write about the positives when you’ve had a bad day, but it will be a fantastic way to train yourself to really focus on positive thinking and optimism. By transforming an overall negative mood into a positive one, you become a real fighter for a greater sense of happiness and optimism in your life.

I hope I can at least finish this little notebook. I purposely bought a thin booklet, not because I am intimidated by thick ones or I know I will fail in keeping on, but because I wanted to encourage myself to first get into the swing of things and when I complete this booklet, I’ll celebrate.

Do you keep a gratitude diary? When was the last time you made or received a handmade gift? 😀