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Imagine Going To The Cinema Everyday With Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

October 28, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


When I was in university we did a group project which surveyed the factors people take into consideration when deciding on a cinema. Location, price, variety of movies, comfort of seats were among the common and quickly churned options.

Then I said ‘popcorn’. And everyone looked at me like I just answered ‘elephant’ to what the smallest animal in the world is.

HAHAHA!! What!! I love my popcorn and how much I enjoy the movie is partially dependent on the quality of popcorn I put into my mouth. Some make it too sweet, some make too bland, some make it too crunchy, some are too lao hong.

I like my popcorn sweet most of the time, but not too sweet. Butter proportion is important too. I like the combination of Garrett Popcorn’s Chicago Mix – a combination of caramel and cheesecorn, however the crunchiness and freshness disappear within half an hour. Such short-lived excellence. 🙁

The topic of discussion isn’t popcorn though, we’re talking about this fun-tasting lip exfoliating scrub from Lush. It’s my first ever product from the brand too.


I was really excited when Lush first landed on our shores but when I came within 3 metres of the store at Wisma Atria, the pungent smell immediately consumed  me. From then on I would walk the other side of the basement level just to avoid the overpowering smells (to me) or aromas (maybe to you) emitting from the store.

But then one day I had enough of my lips peeling so often that I researched on exfoliating lip scrubs and somehow saw reviews on Lush Lip Scrubs.


One thing led to another and I found myself holding my breath and walking into Lush. Holds breath: *hurrgh!* >.<”

The friendly store assistant smiled at me and asked “Are you Bun Bun?”.

‘Oh no, oh no, I have no makeup on and I’m dressed so shabbily’, I thought. But I said “Yes”.

“Oh! It’s so nice to see you! I felt so angry for you when I read about your facial incident!! You should sue them!”

I just laughed and said “Thank you! Haha, I get that a lot, but it’s complicated”.

That was probably about 2 months ago, at the height of the legal phase brought about by the unfortunate facial incident.

Then she proceeded to introduce the Lush Lip Scrub to me. There are 3 flavors – Bubblegum (pink), Popcorn (yellow) and Mint (blue). It was a choice between Bubblegum and Popcorn, and……. Popcorn it was in the end! Bubblegum was nice, but it was just a one-dimensional kind of sweet.

Popcorn, on the other hand, is sweet and salty at the same time. I like that!


One thing I didn’t quite fancy at the Lush store was the way customers were allowed to try the Lip Scrubs. When I asked if I could try the flavors, the store assistant simply told me to put my finger into the pot to get the bits.


You have to wet your lips and finger first so that the sandy bits would stay on your lips. That meant you either salivate your lips or wet it with water. The greater problem is that I’m sure 90% of people would just lick their finger at the store.

Double O.O”

Imagine how many thousands of salivated fingers have gone into those pots.

I walked to a basin and wet both my lips and finger, froze before the pots thinking about whether to dip my finger into the pots with lots of extra seasoning, and did it anyway. Lol.

A customer in the shop came up to me and asked if I’m Bun Bun too and told me she reads my blog. I felt so blessed that day!


Maybe you can try making your own lip scrub with the ingredients stated above. HOHO.

If you Google for it, there are plenty of home-made recipes for lip scrubs, lip exfoliators, lip moisturizers available. Most ingredients can be found in your kitchen too!


This is how it looks when in contact with water.


I think SGD20.00 for a lip scrub is pretty okie. And I do like the taste of it; I always feel happy after a scrub. And it’s foolproof! Just gently rub the sandy bits on your lips and all your lip peels will be gone after a rinse.


I used it every day when I first had it, but the novelty wore off after a month or so and now I use it only occasionally. I think it’s got to do with the fact that it’s been really effective in exfoliating my lips so that it’s no longer necessary to exfoliate them so often anymore. I don’t even have to use lip balm! =D

When I know I’ll be wearing a red lipstick, I’ll definitely exfoliate my lips because no matter how expensive or luxuriously creamy/moisturizing your red lipstick is, nothing looks less sexy than red, chapped and peeling lips. So scrub away! 😀


Bun Bun rates Lush Lip Scrub in Popcorn:

This is LOVE!


Do you use lip scrubs? Have you tried making any yourself?


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Audrey Yap says:

LOVE the lip scrub, it’s amazing! Use it every night before putting on an extra moisturizing lip balm before bed. The next morning, BAM! Soft, lush, smooth lips.

For full review, head to:

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