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Is This Where We Find The Best Makeup Artists In Singapore? – Cosmoprof Academy Singapore

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December 21, 2017
Composed by : Bun Bun


It’s the time of the year again! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cosmoprof Academy’s annual makeup show, and being in the same arena as these talented artists is incredibly inspiring. Last year, I was invited to be a guest judge for the makeup show and I had a blast! 😁  It was so nerve-wrecking for me – all I had to do was walk around and assess, not even doing anything much – and I was SWEATING!

This year I made sure to come by and attend the show again and to show these budding makeup artists support!

The best part to a makeup show to me is the behind-the-scenes. Seeing the MUAs racing against time to work their magic, transforming ordinary people into ravishing brides, an alien, spider lady, and Cleopatra excites me endless.



If you want to go for the Cosmoprof Academy Makeup Artist Awards 2018 event, remember to go early so you can get front row seats and see the models werrrrk it.

Here are some of my runway favorites:


The MUA did a great job creating this unrivaled glow on her model. She looks like a Korean princess!


This model had the best stage presence, every movement, every sway, showed that she was born to be on stage. Not only did she not drown in the massive gown, she OWNED it.  The impeccable makeup brought out her sharp features. I constantly wondered what was inside the beehive hair.


It takes a certain attitude to be able to wear dreadlocks and this model killed it. Super love those dreadlocks.


A costume made from newspaper.


Love the attitude! And the precise eye makeup! 👸🏻


Three-faced scorpion lady?


My favorite look from the SFX category! I think I’m easily drawn to a red-black combination, my favorite look last year of a skull lady was also a red-black ensemble.


Spider (beetle horn?) Lady did a great job being in character the whole time. The only time I saw her smile was for a selfie with her MUAs. There was so much coldness and reluctance when I asked for a photo – I loved it. It was like she didn’t deign to compromise to the request of an unworthy human being BAHAHA. I guessed I’d be pissed too if I had to lug around such heavy burdens on my hips and face.


The calm after the storm.



Where To Buy SFX Products In Singapore


The Kryolan store beside the academy is where I frequent to get SFX products. It seems so much easier to get access to SFX products – eg. scab blood, liquid latex, TV Paint Stick, eye blood, blood capsules in the US. My favorite YouTubers often say ‘you can easily get these from your local party or craft stores’.

But, er, no. 😑

Singapore party and craft stores rarely carry any of these, or not at all. I’m so happy I managed to get the Kryolan TV Paint Stick, Dermacolor palette, and more here. The Kryolan TV Paint stick numbering system is mind-boggling, so unless it’s a repeat purchase, buying online is risky. It’s best to make a trip down to get the right shade!

Funding For WSQ Courses

Many popular makeup artists in Singapore started their career at Cosmoprof Academy.

As the official makeup artist for many iconic events such as The New Paper New Face 2016, Miss Universe 1987, Miss Universe Singapore 2016 National Day Parades, Fashion Steps Out, 28th SEA Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies, 2010 Youth Olympic  Games’ Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Chingay – Asia’s Grandest Street Parade and more, being a student at Cosmoprof Academy definitely opens many doors for aspiring MUAs.

Cosmoprof Academy offers full time, part time and weekend classes to make pursuing your dream career easier to achieve. The Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry course is a recognized diploma and widely accepted by the industry.

Funding subsidies for certain makeup courses are available for eligible Singaporeans and permanent residents. You can learn more about makeup WSQ courses here.



Hope to be at the Cosmoprof Academy Makeup Artist Awards again next year! 😄  And I hope to see you there too!