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Lactacyd: Gentlest Cleansing For Your Most Intimate Area

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July 14, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun


With me, no topic related to beauty and skin health can be off-limits. Anything that concerns skin well-being, feeling well, and being confident about our skin is worth discussing and sharing.

While a woman averages between five to ten beauty products in the shower, surveys have shown that many women do not clean their vaginal area daily. In Singapore, only 4% of women use a feminine wash. I contributed to the 96%. 😛



Before Lactacyd, the only feminine products I spent on were sanitary pads. Like myself, most women do not spend much on other feminine products, and would only seek help when an infection occurs.

If you haven’t been washing daily, please start now. If you have, what are you using on that intimate area of yours?

Soap and water? That may not be enough!

Some parts of our body are more delicate than others – like the skin around the vaginal area. Lactacyd feminine hygiene washes are formulated specifically for this easily irritated area of the body as it is made to cleanse without causing irritation the way some harsher cleansers can.

Lactacyd feminine washes are pH balanced and formulated to work with our body’s natural chemistry to cleanse and refresh.

Something Fishy

If you have and choose to keep a bushy nether region because of whatever personal reasons, do note that lots of bushy pubic hair can increase sweating, by causing heat and friction. The hair wicks the sweat out to the surface. Sweat alone, vagina smells aside, can already contribute to odor. Sweat when combined with discharge can escalate the natural musk to a whole new level of STANK.

I guess that is why hair removal is increasingly popular these days. Less hair, less problems. Also, having less of a hairy obstruction means higher visibility for signs of abnormality.

Every woman smells different, it’s a natural part of being a woman. During menstruation and pregnancy, pH levels go through major changes too and affect the vaginal odor. After an intense workout, that area may have a stronger, musky smell from the surrounding sweat glands.

However, smelling different and smelling unpleasant are very different things. Nobody wants to smell… erm, fishy?


You can improve your well-being by using Lactacyd feminine washes to maintain the natural pH balance of the vagina, minimize odor and prevent infection.

(However if the odor turns foul, discharge looks unusually yellow/green, it starts to itch or you just don’t smell right, trust your instinct and see your doctor. These may be signs of a vaginal infection.)

Choosing The Right Feminine Care Product

Just so you know, the vaginal pH level is around 4.5. Baby girls have pH 7, it increases to 4.5 during puberty, is unstable during menstruation and pregnancy, and approaches pH 7 during menopause. Source: http://www.lactacyd.com.sg/v-biology/feminine-intimacy-through-life

Strong soaps or body washes can dry out the mucous membrane of the vulva and cause irritation. These harsh products typically are more alkaline and can affect the natural pH of the vagina and disrupt the healthy balance.

All Lactacyd feminine washes are made from natural and mild ingredients for intimate health without any risk of irritation.


There are 6 different variants of Lactacyd feminine washes to suit different needs: (From L-R)

Lactacyd Soft & Silky – Specially formulated with 10% extra milk moisturizer to nourish and smoothen.

Lactacyd Revitalize – First-ever feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen, which are known ingredients to enhance skin softness and firmness.

Lactacyd White Intimate – For natural intimate/bikini area whitening. The first natural and safe whitening feminine wash, enriched with natural ingredients for maximum whitening effect in just 4 weeks.

Lactacyd All-Day Fresh – Lightly scented with extra herbal essences for long-lasting freshness. Feel fresh even after a workout!

Lactacyd Cool & Fresh – Contains natural cooling and non-drying essences leaving a refreshing minty sensation. (not pictured)

Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene – For extra care days. For women who may experience pH imbalance as a result of daily activities and humidity. Keep itching, irritation and odor away with delicate care and protection.


Not forgetting the Lactacyd All Day Care Wipes which are so handy to have on-the-go! This is perfect for travel, especially when you’re feeling hot and humid down there and it is impossible to take a shower in the middle of the day. What this does is keep you clean and feeling fresh again. 🙂


My Fair Lady

There are many reasons why women get dark and rough skin around the vagina:

  • Age – As a woman ages, the integrity of the skin degrades and ages too. When that happens, darkening of the vaginal area occurs. This would be fairly common in elderly women and most especially to women who have given birth.
  • Underwear material – Wearing underwear made of synthetic material and that is too tight will cause darkening of the area. Always go for cotton. If you love lace, perhaps have it just at the trimmings? I didn’t know that synthetic material and lace will cause darkening of the vaginal area until I did my research for this post. I personally love those that is mainly cotton with lace trimmings.
  • Bikini – Bikini bottoms are usually made of synthetic material so change out of it once you’re out of the water.
  • Tight jeans – Denim, due to its rougher texture, tends to cause abrasion and irritation. Prolonged wear of denim material can darken skin. Skinny jeans are worse.
  • Poor hygiene and improper care – Imagine all that dirt accumulated! >.<” Frequent shaving of the area, the use of particular products, hormonal imbalance can also cause darkening of the skin around the vagina.

With a Brazilian, the entire area is bare and it will be even MORE obvious if you have dark skin around the area.


To keep your vaginal area clean and healthy, start by thoroughly rinsing it with warm water. Then pour Lactacyd White Intimate onto your palm and later. You only need a small amount, just the size of your thumb because it lathers really well, so a bottle of it can last a while. Be sure to open up and rinse out all the skin folds.



Lactacyd White Intimate contains Lactic Acid and Lactoserum which help maintain the sensitive area’s pH balance. Lactic acid is vital in protecting your intimate area and maintaining the acidic protective layer. All Lactacyd products contain Lactic Acid and other natural ingredients.

Formulated with plant-based Actipone-B and marine-based Algowhite, Lactacyd White Intimate has been proven to lighten the skin. 9 out of 10 Asian women claimed they saw visible lightening results within 4 weeks*!

*Use test on 100 Asian woman, Synovate Ipsos, Sept-Dec 2011

Lactacyd feminine washes are clinically tested by gynecologists to ensure they are safe and effective even for sensitive skin and suitable for women for all ages.

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