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Livefyre: New (And GOOD!) Commenting System on Bun Bun Makeup Tips

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June 16, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

I am all smiles and feel free like a bird when I write this post.

Like this.

MUAHAHA!! So long, farewell, spammers and trolls!

As bloggers, we think all the time about improving our blogs. So finally I thought I’ve had enough of my in-house commenting system. Not that it’s terrible or anything, no way. In fact, my dear friend put in good effort to make the Bun Bun Makeup Tips comment system work and it has served me well from the get-go.

I also had Akismet installed but the recent bizarre episode of having comments people made on the Makeup Geek’s Facebook page posted on the Bun Bun Makeup Tips blog instead has driven me quite up the wall. It was like we had a virtual body swap. The MUG Team said they have never experienced something so queer before. You might want to read what happened here.

My friend was very kind to provide immediate remedy with captcha and the comments did stop. However, ALL comments stopped! All of a sudden I didn’t receive any comments for a span of 3 days. Quite alarming!

I actually did not know the captcha thing had been installed as I was incredibly busy the past week attending meetings and events; I checked emails on the go, and that was how I realized the blog did not have any engagement activity when no email notification for new comments were received.

When I finally had time to check out what’s wrong, I went to look at a post and saw the captcha thing and GASPED!


What in the world is this ugly thing?!?!

I didn’t take a screenshot of my captcha, but we all know how captcha looks like right?

Source: captcha.net

Mine had blue words and white background, meaning UGLIER.

Now, before you think I am an ungrateful brat for complaining about my friend’s ingenious move to temporarily impede further spamming from Makeup Geek’s commenters, I am not! I just have a strong personal dislike for captcha. Especially indecipherable ones!

They are not only ugly, hard to read, but it’s an extra step for readers to connect with bloggers. So many times I’ve enjoyed a post, wanted to leave a comment for the blogger but got turned off by captcha or some error message. And if it still doesn’t work after two or three (if I really enjoyed the post), I’ll just leave it as that.

My ex-boss used to say that people are innately lazy, period. Not lazy as in sluggish about life in general, but anything that makes a person do more than is socially acceptable will chase away the desire to engage.

The moment I saw the captcha thing, I thought ‘THIS IS IT’. So I went to do some research on external comment hosting applications and the two most highly compared ones are Disqus and Livefyre. It didn’t take long or much to convince me to take up Livefyre.

Here are some questions I thought you might ask:

What Is Livefyre?

Because Livefyre authenticates using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, OpenID and of course, a Livefyre account, it reduces the likelihood of spam. I’m sure spammers will get around it someday, but for now, this feature makes me very happy.

Livefyre replaces comments with live conversations – real-time commenting. So while some in-house commenting systems require the refreshing of page to view the recent comment you entered (assuming it’s one that does not tell you ‘Your comment will be visible after moderation’), Livefyre posts your comment in real-time.

What happens to old comments, you ask? Fret not, it took about 10 minutes for my 3000+ comments to get migrated. And the process is seamless! Really seamless! I signed up for an account and Livefyre automatically filed the comment plugin on the blog. No adding of scripts, no updating of versions, no glitch. I was so impressed!

You need another reason? Temptalia’s using Livefyre, and if one of the most popular beauty product reviews blogger is using it on her blog, it should be a-okay.

I like that my commenting system now looks more friendly and more inviting for readers to talk to one another. You can share your comments on Facebook or Twitter, tag your friends (add @) to get them to join the conversation, even if they don’t read Bun Bun Makeup Tips.

Now your blog can be the hub of engagement, where people can share and talk to one another. YAY!

There are so many other features and it’s so exciting to discover the possibilities!

I swear I’m not paid by or affiliated to Livefyre in any way, I’m just very excited to finally have a robust commenting system!

How Do I Leave A Comment Using Livefyre?

You can sign in using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, OpenID or sign up for a Livefyre account.

Then just comment as you normally would.

Please leave a comment below as this would be the first post upon the integration of Livefyre into the blog! 😀

I Don’t Like Change. Why Did You Abandon The Old Commenting System?

While we can never really avoid having trolls who bask in pathetic solitary enjoyment in leaving nonsensical comments, we can reduce good ol’ spam – those automated processes that leave links to sites that sell imitation Chanel bags. LOL.

Akismet could no longer keep up with the number of spam I was getting. Remember, more comments = increased spam. I needed a system that could sieve out spam on its own before I had to do the manual job.

In my research I discovered that in the early stages of Livefyre, editing of comments was not available. If I had known about Livefyre then, I’d not have considered it at all. What’s the use of having a commenting system that does not allow the admin/moderator to edit for bad links or inflammatory remarks to others? Luckily Livefyre has since upped its game – on 29 May 2012 actually so it’s very recent – and moderators can now edit comments.

I do understand that people are naturally resistant to change. But we’re all internet savvy so it shouldn’t be too hard to get into it. I hope you’ll continue to leave your wonderful comments on my blog. 😀

I appreciate every single comment made on Bun Bun Makeup Tips. Every commenter takes time and effort and thought to leave a comment, and so, as you all know, I always make sure to reply every single comment.

If you are a blogger and care about reader engagement as much as I do, it is time to consider moving away from built-in commenting systems offered by WordPress, Blogger, etc. They are good for a start, but when your blog grows, so will the number of spam and trolls. It is best to employ a robust commenting system to complement your blog’s growth instead of having one that deters.

Thanks to all those who sent me tweets and emails regarding the old commenting system! It was very nice of those of you who said you didn’t want to comment for fear of adding to my workload of sieving out spam from real comments. It’s gonna be AWESOME from now on with Livefyre!

I need your participation to make sure this works so please comment okie? 😀