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Mr & Mrs Mode Wedding Day – Part 2

Mr & Mrs Mode
December 31, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun




After the solemnization, we all went upstairs for lunch. For every guest, there was a placard with their name, a cake-in-a-jar (red velvet, which everyone LOVED), and a mad lib.

I once attended a wedding with my name written on a placard and loved the personal touch.

Logo, mad lib design, table arrangements by Rosette Designs. Cake-in-a-jar by Butter Studio.



It’s okie if you don’t know what a mad lib is, coz I didn’t know either until I thought of having one for the wedding. I Googled ‘fill in the blanks card’ and then learnt that they’re called mad libs. Haha.

Instead of having guests sign on a guest book I’d probably never flip to read, I wanted to hear and keep what they thought of our union and hopes for our future together. 🙂

You can take reference from online sources, but I scripted my own mad libs and made it so that it’s very easy to make the story very R-rated but requires more creativity to make it innocent, joyous or funny.



Lunch was served and activities took place in between courses. Our guests were encouraged to fill in the blanks on their mad libs.

What they didn’t expect was that selected people had to read out their own mad libs. LOL. I also didn’t expect, it was my emcees’ (Honey and Pris) idea, which was great coz we got to hear the real emotions behind the words too.






Right before speech time, I felt super nervous so I asked Min to ‘make me laugh’. LOL. She’s my personal comedian.


Said our Thank You’s and I Love You’s.


Then I launched straight into singing a song for him! 🙂 This was my surprise for Mr Mode and it was THIS I was nervous about, not the speech. Haha.



During the wedding planning, my wedding planner Nicolle asked if my BFF and Honey would be game for a wedding speech as well. They went “er…….” so I didn’t think much of it. It was heart-warming to receive this pleasant surprise!


Super yummy 2-tiered cake by Butter Studio for our 50 guests.



Then it was time for a toast.

But I didn’t want a toast, I WANTED TO YUM SENG THE HOUSE DOWN. Bahaha! All my life I’ve dreamt of having my own yum seng so this was my top request. HAHAHA.



I love that my emcees got both our dads to lead the first and second yum sengs. It was a very sweet idea. And Mr Mode did the last yum seng, coz the last one he has to do it himself. HAHAHA! You all understand anot? 😛


Ah ma lim teh.


Thank you Uncle Andy for the lovely song! It was a very nice surprise. 🙂


“I love you, but I need to kiap you”

LOL! I watched a variety show where the couple was asked questions about their relationship. Like “Who has the last word?”, “Who will apologize first in a fight?”, “Who is lazier?”, etc, and told my bridesmaids to prepare the questions. They threw in the pegs.

Blue = Mr Mode, Red = Mrs Mode


“Raise this color to speak the truth, or raise the other color to make wife happy? Happy wife = Happy life. Decisions, decisions….”



Butter Studio set up a dessert table at the bar where the Hello Forever photobooth was also stationed. I didn’t even get to eat the macarons and most of the desserts. Totally wiped out! 😀


These tarts deserve a picture all by themselves. I love their Sea Salt Caramel Nutella Tart and Belgian Chocolate Tart. Every time I visit their shop at Jalan Besar I’ll buy in bulk. Hoho.

Hello Forever did an awesome job with the entire wedding photobooth. We brainstormed on the backdrop together – I didn’t want flowers, glitter, neon colors – and came up with pink and white circles and hanging red hearts to create a more 3D effect and movement so every shot is different, against a mint background. It was just perfect.



My mum saw these 2 photos and said “Okie la, he tried his best”. LOLLL

0011Wei wei wei! Don’t so open can anot!




We seriously have the funniest ah ma! XD


Amantha’s expression is epic! HAHAHA!



Dance friends


Ex-colleagues who are more like friends


We hunt in a pack






My bridal party


Nicolle from Big Little Details – Wedding Planner


We always get people asking if we’re real sisters, so many times until sometimes we just say “yes” haha. If she had brown hair and if I were taller by 10cm, we’d be identical.

Pris and my father-in-law met on the stairs and my FIL almost asked why she suddenly changed into blue skirt. 笑死我!


My daddy 很爱演 also. For the full gallery, check out the album on Bun Bun Makeup Tips facebook page.

The photobooth wouldn’t have been as much fun if Hello Forever didn’t have a super enthusiastic staff who kept feeding us ideas and directions on how to pose. Her positive energy definitely rubbed off on everyone, and made people laugh and feel at ease instead of feeling awkward in front of the camera. It was honestly the most fun photobooth ever!


Here’s a video of our morning highlights, by Snap Productions. 😀

Dinner Reception




Our shocked expressions coz the cork landed right in front of ah ma. So funny!! My ah ma should have her own show or something.


Yum seng again!! YAY! ^_^*


I wore another white gown instead of an evening gown because I still prefer getting married in a white gown LOL, and Danny L‘s designs are so gorgeous it was hard to turn down another white gown. It doesn’t show here but my evening white gown was a simple A-line dress with a crystal-studded sash, a pretty bow at the back, and a long train.




About 2 weeks before the wedding I asked my dad if he would like to make a speech. Most people usually have the couple or at most friends of the couple make speeches, so this was something uncommon. At first he was reluctant “Aiya, paiseh la… I don’t know what to say”.

Then nearing the wedding date he showed me his speech, well-written on his phone in full Chinese. Haha. He’s bilingual but perhaps thought he could express better in Mandarin with those cheem cheem 成语。



After his speech, my relatives went to congratulate him on his awesome speech. Like minister like that. XD



I’m a whale. HOHOHO.


Dream Wedding Come True

Once again, I’m glad we had separate sessions – lunch for close friends and family, dinner for relatives.

I really wanted a garden wedding (no fake grass or red carpet aisle), pictures taken in daylight coz no matter how good flash photography is, it can never beat natural sunlight, and different settings (from gazebo to lawn to restaurant). If we only had a hotel reception, all my pictures would be limited to the hotel walls and table-to-table shots. It was also to cater to different groups of people – it wouldn’t be fair nor respectful to force the older generation to eat Italian food they probably would not enjoy as much as Chinese food. By holding 2 sessions, we made everyone happy! 😀

We were also able to mingle with friends and family after the solemnization as well as at the photobooth, which was what I preferred over only a table-to-table shoot and a farewell handshake. Moreover, I don’t think I would have felt comfortable singing and dancing and being silly in front of relatives and my parents’ friends. Awkward leh.

If you’re thinking of holding your wedding at Alkaff Mansion, do take into consideration the high price tag. Our Alkaff lunch reception per pax cost more than most hotels dinner per pax. I don’t know how to say this without sounding calculative, but be prepared to suffer losses if you were to hold your wedding at Alkaff. To receive $100 for a lunch reception most couple will 偷笑 already, but it was still far from the cost we paid.

But to be honest, the angbao money meant little in comparison to how much fun we had at Alkaff. It was truly my dream wedding come true – the whole colonial environment, beautiful lawn, gazebo, Italian cuisine, games, decoration, the yum sengs and all the little details put into it. I didnt aim for it, but when my guests told me it was the best wedding they have ever attended, I felt like all our hard work paid off. 🙂

At the same time, the dinner reception went well too with great food and service, and the relatives were happy.

That night, we returned to our hotel and Mr Mode concussed straight away. I slowly took my bath and watched TV by myself, reflecting on the happiest day of my life. 😀



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