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Series, 1 September 2011
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Colorful Eye Makeup Tutorial: Asians Can Rock Multi-Color Eye Makeup Looks Too!

Composed by : Bun Bun

It’s a good thing I always write down, somewhere, the products used for makeup looks. I knew I would be less shy to put up more makeup looks one day. Yup, I have trouble with putting pictures of myself up on my own blog. I’m shy. It’s just so weird seeing photos of myself on […]

Featured, 10 August 2011
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Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush Review: For Beautiful, Warm, Peachy Cheeks!

Composed by : Bun Bun

I don’t own an embarrassing truck load of blushes because on my cheeks, it’s either nothing, or pink, or coral. I’m boring like that when it comes to blushes. Due to non-existent cheekbones, I spend more time on my best features – my eyes – to draw attention away from my flat cheekbones to my […]