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Featured, 1 September 2011
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Makeup Look_Stage Parfait Amout, Stage Poison, MAC Goldmine, MAC Shroom, NYX Morocco, Urban Decay Sin

Colorful Eye Makeup Tutorial: Asians Can Rock Multi-Color Eye Makeup Looks Too!

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It’s a good thing I always write down, somewhere, the products used for makeup looks. I knew I would be less shy to put up more makeup looks one day. Yup, I have trouble with putting pictures of myself up on my own blog. I’m shy. It’s just so weird seeing photos of myself on […]

Makeup, 8 June 2011
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Stage Cosmetics Photo Pro Foundation_1.3

Stage Cosmetics Photo Pro Foundation Review | Foundation For Glowing Skin

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The Stage Cosmetics Picture Perfect Foundation had “Cleo Award Winner” stickers on them, while the Photo Pro Foundation had none. I asked the very unapproachable SA for help but she kept going back to playing Angry Birds on her iPhone behind the cashier counter every time after I asked her a question. I have higher […]