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1 Tool, 6 Different Hairstyles With Panasonic Multi-Styling Straightener

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June 20, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


It’s not every weekend that we get to enjoy a bright, sunny, beautiful Sunday afternoon! So after Min and I played ‘home spa’ with the Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer, we decided to play ‘home salon’ with the Panasonic Multi-Styling Straightener!

Beauty bloggers usually take a ‘BEFORE’ picture so that readers can see and compare the after effects of having used a particular product or service.

This is Min’s verison of a ‘BEFORE’:


LOL!! Totally her style. XD

While waiting for the Panasonic Multi-Styling 6-in-1 Straightener to heat up, we decided to be do what we do best.




The most unglam and unprofessional #OOTD picture ever.


HAHAHAHA!!! I don’t know how or when this was taken.

We ended up allowing the hair styling tool to heat up for a good 10 minutes, when it actually requires only 1 minute.

This is Min’s hair before it met the Panasonic Multi-Styling Straightener – limp and lifeless. Haha! This is how MY hair looks like when I’m at home too.


My favorite attachment from the kit is the Volumizer due to its ‘teeth’ which grab and comb through hair gently yet firmly, so that you get straight but not flat hair.


Pretty good, huh? 🙂 I think my stylist would be proud. HAHA.


I did a bit of curl-in for the ends because ruler-straight is boring. HOHO.


And this was where I realized I had burnt my mask with the curler!! HAHAHAHA!!! I obviously wasn’t wearing my mask when I was doing Min’s hair and had left it by my side. After I was done, I’d gone to her living room in search of better lighting and carelessly left the curler ON THE MASK. For like, 10 minutes. SO SMART. Lol.


Okie! My turn! 😀




I need to go to Salon Vim for a touch-up soon. Heh. Oh! Oh! Did I tell you?? Salon Vim’s having a 30% promotion for hair treatments and haircuts for the month of June in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale! Quote my name (Juli or Bun Bun Makeup Tips) to get the discount! But make an appointment first coz they’re always packed.

Salon Vim Bugis – 68730073 (I go to the Bugis branch)

Salon Vim 313 – 68847757




The photo-ceramic coating supposedly helps maintain color and retains moisture in your hair so you don’t get frizzy fried hair from using heat. Photo-ceramic is like one level up from the traditional Ceramic.

There are 5 attachments – Straightener, Medium Curl, Large Curl, Extra Large Curl and Volumizer. Counting in the styling tool, which can also be used on its own, these make up the 6-in-1 package. Much value, I must say!


I used the Volumizer to straighten Min’s hair, AND used the same tool to create curls for her.

I hope you’re not confused. We’re both in blue-white striped tops – mine has narrower stripes, hers are wider.


You would load the interchangeable attachments by sliding them into one side of the tool.


Its full name is Panasonic EH-HW58-k Multi-Styling Straightener.















Another time, okie? Soon soon! 😛

Alrighty, I’ll see you again soon!


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