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Who Is?


Hello! My name is Juli and Bun Bun is my alter ego (Read: The Birth of Bun Bun). I blog to share my love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t, all from an Asian perspective.

My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost S$2.50, but really felt like S$250.00, and made me think I looked like a million bucks.

I got engaged (Read: 10 Years In The Making – The Propsosal) and two years later got married to my childhood sweetheart. Teeheehee. ^_^*

My love for makeup got me started on blogging, and blogging made me even more interested in makeup!

Here are some of my favorite posts:

Some of you might know me from the horrific facial incident which happened more than 2 years ago; I thank you for your kind words. Some of you might have known me way before that and I thank you for your support and love. It was a difficult period but I pulled through with support from my husband, family, friends and fans. Thank you so much to all of you. You can read my latest update here: Life After That – Part 2

Apart from that incident, I write interesting posts too! Heh heh. I hope you enjoy reading my makeup and beauty posts as much as I did writing them.

For daily musings, I write regularly on Dayre. To see nice pictures, follow me on Instagram. To get updates, Facebook is my favorite.

Besides blogging, I also sell makeup brushes at really affordable prices, since I don’t have to pay rent.

Have fun and see you around! If you need to speak to me, you can contact me here.


Juli (you can call me Bun Bun too)


4 thoughts on “Who Is?”

Hello! SO SORRY I missed out on your message. Not sure if this still helps, but blogging for me is kinda like a hobby, not a full time job. Have you decided? =)

Hapinesswherever says:

Hi Bun Bun/ Juli! I’m from SG too (but living in London now) just found your blog and really enjoy it 🙂 Was wondering if you blog FT? (Am curious as that would be my dream job 🙂 ) Happy CNY!

Joy-Ann Chua says:

Hi Bunbun! I’m from Singapore too and really like your blog hehe am a fan esp of all your beauty posts (-: I’m quite new to blogging and it would be great if you check out my blog and give me some tips! https://withjoyx.com/

Thank you and all the best! I will check it out. =D

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