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5 Reasons Why I Started To Love Working Out – Radiance PhysioFit

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December 12, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun



I sent Mr Mode this picture and he said there’s no way I looked like I had just finished Zumba. HAHA! Okie, that was the first and last time I had makeup on for a workout at Radiance PhysioFit. And seriously, I don’t sweat a lot. I’d love to have all my fats crying, but I just don’t perspire easily. It’s not that I don’t have fats – I DO. Pokes tummy *boink boink*.

(By the way, zero editing done to the above picture. There’s a specific spot in the shower room where the lighting’s just awesome for selfies. LOL)

I was not very athletic in school. The annual NAPHA test was as appealing as… as… leaving a tissue in a pocket and putting it in a washing machine. SUPER ANNOYING. More annoying than anything else in the world actually. Grrr!

I used to watch my classmates sprint through their tests and go for an early recess while I was running my round of death at the 2.4km run. I usually felt like dying, like, after the first round.

They say the 2.4km run is a gauge of speed and stamina, but WHY RUN? Why couldn’t we swim, cycle, do the hula-hoop (I’m very good, you know) or jump rope? I have flat feet, so it hurts to run. Not everyone is cut out for running, just as much as not everyone can write or sing or dance or hula-hoop.

There was once my PE teacher, at our 5th round, barked at me and my friend (who also hated running) “You two, stop running, you’re wasting everybody’s time!!”. So once again, not surprisingly, I falied my NAPHA. In my entire secondary school career, I passed only once.

I got a 4 or 5 (5 being the highest score) for all the other stations – standing broad jump, sit & reach, inclined pull-up, shuttle run. But if you fail something, you fail everything.

Why NAPHA stands for National Physical Fitness Award is beyond my comprehension. Since I hardly ever passed my NAPHA, it meant that I never got an award from an award-giving competition, which practically left me a resident loser in terms of physical fitness. So much for child development.


Award: FAIL

Thanks much.


Every Award: Fail I got reinforced my belief that I wasn’t cut out for any form of exercise in this lifetime.

Fast forward to my current 29 years of age, I’m a soon-to-be bride preparing for her wedding photoshoot next January. (OH NO! I haven’t booked accommodation for Taipei yet!)

My Goals 

  • Lose the flabby tummy
  • Lose the flabby thighs
  • Lose the flabby arms

Notice weight-loss isn’t on the agenda coz I know that if I work out right, weight loss comes along. I don’t want to lose weight necessarily, I just want to feel less jiggly in those areas when I move, and be healthier.

Another tiny reason is because I read that keeping yourself in good shape/condition helps in conceiving and pregnancy. Healthy mummy, healthy baby, right? =)

So after researching on several gyms and checking out their facilities, I decided on Radiance PhysioFit. I couldn’t be happier anywhere else. 😀

First things first, I had just returned from a work trip with some orh cehs (bruises) from tui na and ba guan on my body, so please don’t be alarmed!



Here are 5 reasons why I started to love working out:

Reason #1: Finding How To Work Out Correctly

My personal trainer, Michelle, plans exercises specific to my goals and fitness level. I think it’s very important to have someone monitor and track not only your fitness progress, but also be there to correct your posture. Doesn’t hurt that she’s always so encouraging!

This is my weakest exercise – the push-up. Modified version some more. 😐


I can go down by about… maybe 10cm. I have VERY weak arm muscles!


I tend to arch my back A LOT in the table top position, and Michelle corrected it. And always corrects it.


Check out Michelle taking this photos for me in the mirror. Personal trainer also needs to know how to take nice pictures! HAHA!

Using the foam roller is another method to ensure the back is straight.


I love planking. I prefer exercises that require endurance and flexibility, coz I’m very weak in the stamina and strength departments. But that’s precisely why I have to continue working on them!


I know of people who say “Why pay to go to the gym? I can watch YouTube videos and work out on my own at home”.

It’s like trying to convince yourself that you can learn how to play the harp just by looking at a harpist play. You’ll probably get it somehow, but you’ll never get it right.

Reason #2: Don’t Run If You Don’t Want To

The word ‘gym’ intimidates me.

Being near gym machines reminds me of my several futile attempts of stepping into one and not knowing what to use and having to rely on those machines that looked less evil – treadmill and bicycle. The bicycle was okie, but for how long could I stay on one before it turned boring?

I hate running so forcing myself to be on the treadmill was like stabbing myself with a satay stick – slow and painful death. X_X

<insert bun getting stabbed running on threadmill>

Yes, I hate running with a vengeance.

That’s why going up to the second floor takes courage – it’s where all the machines are. You gotta understand, I feel as lost being around gym machines as a non-makeup-loving person would be in Sephora.

Here we go.



Oh I’m not wearing this pair of shoes anymore, it was slightly too big. It’s SO HARD to buy sports shoes in my size! Even the smallest size of most brands is usually one size bigger. Small people with small feet don’t need to exercise meh?! Tsk.


Hello, scary-looking machines.


That’s Sonny, having a personal training session with a client.

When I went up to the second floor, I was surprised that I didn’t feel quite as intimidated as I thought I would be. I think it had plenty to do with the large space and high ceiling that made me feel less claustrophobic than I did in other gyms. I look forward to the day when I can see the word ‘gym’ and stop having thoughts of getting swallowed by huge metal machines. Soon, very soon.

Once you’re a member at Radiance you’ll get access to the gym and all the group classes. I was EXCITED to get started on group classes!

So far I’ve check these off my list: Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Circuit Training, ABT (Arms, Butt, Thighs) and MUAY THAI (loveeee!).

Fighters can have exquisitely manicured nails too, ya know.


I love how my background looks drastically different from Ian’s – pretty gym balls for the pretty girl VS macho weight balls and boxing gloves for the macho man. MUAHAHA!


I had such a hard time keeping a straight face when posing for these photos. In Muay Thai, we’re supposed to put our hands near the jaw/chin area, but for these photos they were there more to cover my uncontrollable smile than anything.


I don’t know why I have such fondness for Muay Thai. It’s kinda like a sudden burst of energy in my life. *KABOOMZ!!* I’d never imagine myself doing it in the first place, not to mention LOVING it. Mr Mode always laughs at me (in a funny, not condescending, way) for having slow reaction time (it’s true. Ian, train me on my reaction, okie?) and when I showed him my newly learnt moves, HE COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING. Kns. HE BETTER WATCH OUT. Lol.

Variety in life is very important to me. So being able to pick and choose whatever classes I want is a huge plus point. You can check out Radiance PhysioFit’s program timetable.

Reason #3: Understanding My Body Better

From pilates I finally understood why the vessels in my head always feel like they’re gonna explode whenever I do crunches or anything that requires a lift of the neck.

I have a VERY FLAT BACK. My neck, backbone and sacrum are all in one straight line. Not that it’s bad or anything serious, but it means that there are limits to the exercises I can do. I held this position for 10 seconds for this photo and I started seeing stars.


When the pilates instructor asked me to get up from a lying down position, it was quite impossible. She said “move one vertebrae at a time”, and I couldn’t. Just couldn’t. It was movement of one whole back board or nothing. That ‘inability’ confirmed my very flat back. It’s not about the core muscles because I have pretty strong ones from dancing, it’s because I don’t have a single curve in my back to faciliate the rise.

It’s like asking a tree trunk to do a body wave, you know.

Reason #4: I See Progress

When I went from Fighter Bun back to Blogger Bun to have my hair done at Salon Vim one afternoon, Gary (boss of Salon Vim) commented that I looked more toned. WOOOWWW!!! A person who hasn’t seen you in a while always has the most accurate judgment of changes in you.

Mr Mode also said that I’ve become leaner and slimmer. I don’t know about being slimmer but I do feel that my tummy is slightly flatter.

Reason #5: In-house Physiotheraphy Clinic

Since two months ago, there’s been a nagging discomfort in my left knee. And how perfect a match is that that Radiance PhysioFit has an in-house physiotherapy clinic? THERE’S HOPE FOR MY KNEE!! YAYYY!!

I think what sets Radiance PhysioFit apart is that there is direct communication between the physiotherapists and gym trainers. After a consultation, the physiotherapist can let you and especially your trainer know what exercises to avoid if any, or any areas to work on.


I have another whole new story to tell about my left knee, so that’s for next time. But let me just say that I’m really fortunate to have found a gym that has in-house physiotherapy service, otherwise I cannot imagine how badly damaged my knee will be if I didn’t know better and had gone elsewhere.

I really like the ambience of this gym, the people… very different from others. It’s the feelin’, baby. I feel so at home here. small-red-heart





The gym is so big (12,000 sqf) my camera cannot take it all in even at 16:9 ratio.


I had on very light makeup – just my favorite Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB, Lioele Brush Pen Liner (survived Zumba okie!!) and Lioele Volume & Curling Mascara. Just happened to be all from Lioele. Get them at Doll To Doll Cosmetics if you want zumba-proof makeup! Hoho!

And now, exclusive for Bun Bun Makeup Tips readers, quote Juli or Bun Bun for 5% OFF!

You can find their rates available here. They have corporate rates so go convince your HR to invest in company welfare! Healthy and happy employees mean higher productivity!

If you want to grab a bunch of friends (at least 5), you can ask to speak to Fiona who can work something out for you too. Remember to tell her you’re a reader of Bun Bun Makeup Tips!


Radiance PhysioFit

AXA Tower

8 Shenton Way #01-02

Singapore 068811

Contact no.: +65 6822 1618

Email: [email protected]

The closest MRT station is Tanjong Pagar. Take Exit D. I wrote this down as a permanent reminder for myself too. Haha!


I’ll see you around! ^_^*

How many times do you exercise per week? And… do you work out with makeup on? Teeheehee!