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Awesome Chinese New Year 2013 With Purple Hair And Loved Ones

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March 7, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


Purple is the color for royalties – it stands for luxury, nobility and wealth. It represents passion, aspirations and imagination and is the color of dreams the daydreamer escapes into from reality.

Purple is also the color of my hair. LOL. Actually my hair has more than just purple — it has brown, pink, maroon, violet, indigo, turquoise… Basically all the shades on the cool colored side of the rainbow.

I could never thank Salon Vim enough to have brought me under its wing and not only salvaged my very damaged hair but slowly restored it and gave me the confidence to flick my hair knowing it wouldn’t gravitationally fall like dried grass.

Despite the number of (color) transformations I’ve put my hair through, the condition of my hair hasn’t deteriorated. In fact, oddly enough, it has gotten BETTER because my stylist Weng takes really good care of my hair. My hair is naturally frizzy and dry, but its texture has improved by leaps and bounds having just done a couple of hair treatments at Salon Vim.

It was this crown of purple glory that made me stand out and sent compliments at the speed of flying daggers my way every time I visited a new house during Chinese New Year.

With The Family

Jang-Jang!! This is my family! We have this tradition where we’d take plenty of photos in various poses on CNY Day 1 and 2. My family loves taking photos and 6 is a great number.

😀 Yup, daddy and mummy have two girls and two boys.

My-familyMy family

Salon-Vim-Review-Purple-Blue-Pink-Turquoise-Hair-6Mummy dearest and little brother

This is how I’ve been braiding my hair recently. Just a simple dutch braid to show the different shades of my hair.


On Day 2, the little cousins would come over and mess up the house bring lots of joy and laughter along.

Salon-Vim-Review-Purple-Blue-Pink-Turquoise-Hair-8Jason and Carina

I don’t know what they’re laughing at but looking at my little cousin Carina laugh makes me smile every time.

This Carina is also the VAINEST little girl I know. Omg. I was touching up my lipstick when Carina came into the room and after staring at me for the longest time, said “I also want”. So I chose MAC Speed Dial, which is a sweet pink, for her. But no, little princess wanted the EXACT shade I was wearing. I had no choice. LOL.


Then her little sister, Cherina, came along, saw her sister with lipstick, and said “I also want”.


My models. See Carina refusing to return my Inglot lipstick to me.


I posted this on Instagram. @bunbunmakeuptips


I also mentioned on the Instagram post that Carina has VERY LONG LASHES. See for yourself.


I know right. =O_O=

Salon-Vim-Review-Purple-Blue-Pink-Turquoise-Hair-18Mummy and Daddy <3<3<3

Us with the kids. This was after like 174, 642 shots.


The little boy is Derrick. That boy knows how to look good in pictures too. I took a picture of us with my phone and unintentionally didn’t capture one of his eyes and he was like “Why you cut my eye? Cut. Cut. Cut. (using his hand to ‘slice’ his eye; it was hilarious!)” and I was like “Sorry sorry okie take again”. Lol.

Makeup and hair for the day! =)


My school principal came over too.


HAHAHA!! No la! That’s Mr Mode in a very formal ensemble. Super unlike him. So formal until he couldn’t smile. XD

With Nuffnang

During one of the fifteen days of CNY, Boss Ming invited us for lunch with the Nuffies. Ming had to sit through 8 batches of Talent Bloggers to listen to what we’ve got to commend, complain and suggest for the new year ahead.


People say men who look at beautiful women everyday live longer. I think Boss Ming will live to a hundred and seven.

Nuffnang-Bloggers-Lunch-2013-1With Evonne and Yina

When we were taking these photos, all these people (mostly men) kept staring at us. Like, KEPT-STARING-AND-COULDN’T-LOOK-AWAY kind of stare.

Then I heard a waitress asking aloud “ni men shi shui? wei shen me ge ge dou na me mei?!”. It translates into “Who are you people? Why do all of you look so beautiful?!”. (HAHAHA it sounds kinda crude in English)

Evonne politely replied “oh, erm, wo men shi bo ke”. It translates to “Oh, erm, we are bloggers”. Like as if the auntie would deduce anything from that.

I would have said “oh, ma ma sheng de” = “my mother gave it to me”. OMG literal translation is hilarious! I keed.

After lunch, we went somewhere else and had girly talk over tea. I enjoyed every moment of it – being with like-minded friends and sharing great conversations.

Nuffnang-Bloggers-Lunch-2013-Velda-JuliWith Velda


I look like an obese chipmunk beside Valerie!!!

Can anyone tell me how can a normal looking person like me look normal beside Miss Singapore Universe 2011? TELL ME, TELL ME HOW!

Nuffnang-Bloggers-Lunch-2013-4So lovingly let me rest on her shouder – Valerie


Yina and I got the same new camera (Olympus EPL-5), but with different lenses. This girl is camera-obsessed, I tell ya. But with that obsession comes deep knowledge with regards to photography.

I am grateful to have such wonderful friends who are beautiful inside and out. I believe I can live longer too if I see them often enough. HOHOHO.

Coincidentally, all the bloggers for this session have their tresses done at Salon Vim. That’s probably why we all look so good together. Maybe our stylists secretly try to coordinate our styles. *shhhhh

In case someone might ask about Salon Vim:

Salon Vim Bugis – 68730073

Salon Vim 313 – 68847757

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With Kim Jong Kook

During one of the fifteen days of CNY, Kim Jong Kook came to Singapore for a fan meet at IMM and there must have been five hundred people who came to see Commander Spartakook.

Kim-Jong-Kook-Singapore-Fan-Meet-7Running Man fans


SO SNEAKY!! WS trying to pull my name tag off! I got the t-shirt from Qoo10. The quality is way below average but it’s fine if it’s just for phototaking.


Poor me trying to act all tough and strong tearing WS’s tag and they’re leisurely doing the Waltz. I didn’t know! I was too into the moment. LOL.


PURPLE HAIR RAWKS. So many stared and whispered to their friend “See! Purple hair so nice”.


Somehow suddenly they really wanted to tear away my tag. LOL! The t-shirt is of such low quality that if you tore the name tag in the same way the RM cast do in the variety show, you’d be left with a big hole at your back.

You mean you don’t know who is Kim Jong Kook?!?!!


Chinese New Year must be my favorite holiday of the year because it celebrates the traditions of the Chinese with plenty of good food, gatherings, and blessings. I just don’t like the spring cleaning that much. Haha. Christmas comes second!

What’s your favorite holiday?