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Bachelorette Party And Watermelon Soju

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November 30, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


While I love parties and social events, I stay away from extremities. So I only had one condition for my Bacholorette party: NOT TOO WILD. Hahaha!

I’ve never had a liking for clubs and never understood the joy people derived from drowning themselves in liquor, having to shout at the top of their voices, not being able to have meaningful and memorable conversations, dancing aimlessly and risk getting frisked by weird strangers.

I’m not judging anyone, I’m just averse to a wild night life.

Okie la, you can call me GEEK lor. LOL.

I prefer to engage in little silly games, having great conversations with people I love, and I ADORE WATERMELON SOJU. =DDD

Night @ Crowne Hotel

Crowne Hotel Changi Airport very generously invited me to hold my Bachelorette party at their hotel and gave us 2 large rooms for me and my 4 bridesmaids.



3 of them checked in with me. OMG the lighting in this room was super awesome for photography! This room was facing the pool.



Went to check out another room by myself. See, the lighting in this room was slightly less warm.



Welcome note from Crown Hotel. =)


Wedding Rehearsal

Made our way to the venue for a rehearsal so that all of us have an idea of how things will flow on the actual day.


You might recognize them from this Halloween post.


Simin loves to take unglam photos of me, it’s her PASSION.


Saying “Faster start leh!!” LOLLL


My wedding planner Nicolle pretending to be my dad and walking me down the aisle, with my favorite wedding song playing in the background.


My stand-in hubby. HAHAHA


Have you noticed that they’re all in stripes EXCEPT ME?


Because I love stripes, and Bun Bun’s uniform is striped, so for my Bacholorette party they said they are all my striped minions and I’m the star. They even told me specifically to wear something in solid color and bright, coz otherwise I’d probably wear something striped. HAHAHA!

I have 4 bridesmaids and 1 erm, bridesmanservant??? LOL!! My bff is a guy but I wanted to include him in my party too!

At this point, my girl friend Pris was still at work. I was a little sad but I understood coz she’s a very busy person.

But she made it for dinner with us! 😀


Then we headed back to the hotel and this happened:



Actually this was a re-enactment coz they forgot to use the poppers. LOLLLL!!!


The unglamorous aftermath. Eh! I helped hor, look at my feet sweeping them to the centre.


More proof – I got down on my knees too.



Watermelon Soju

Another thing I requested for my bachelorette party was to have watermelon soju. 😀 I had it at a Korean restaurant and fell in love with it.


I mentioned the recipe on my Instagram @bunbunmakeuptips, but in case you missed it:


– 1/2 watermelon

Chumchurum soju from geonbae.com


Blend the watermelon, pour it back into the empty watermelon. Pour in Chumchurum soju. Stir. DONE!!! 



Caution: The sweetness of the watermelon masks the bitterness of the alcohol I otherwise don’t fancy. So I JUST KEPT DRINKING. Wish I had more though, but the games commenced!


Look at the deco, this is only one side of the room, but they were all single-handedly arranged by Pris, the one who didn’t come for rehearsal coz she was ‘busy at a work event’! WAHHH! So she actually spent the time when we at rehearsal to do everything up to surprise me. And they were all in it together!

SO HAPPY! 😀 I love surprises, it’s especially heart-warming to know that people actually got together to plan something sweet for you.

Okie la, the games my sisters created were very mild (I requested), and we ended up having funny and memorable conversations instead. Which I would prefer over getting drunk and getting lapped by strippers. *thank gawd for sensible sisters*


My favorite picture. ^_^*

We chatted until some fell asleep and the rest of us went to the other room to sleep. So thankful to have ample and comfortable space to rest for the night. I am afterall, not that young anymore.

The Morning After

Had half a watermelon left so we had that for breakfast.


Thank you Crowne Plaza Hotel for the wonderful staycation!


Thank you to my sisters who put aside time to check-in with me, join me for rehearsal, for decorating the room for me, giving me such a nice surprise, coming up with the games and props, the great conversations, making me watermelon soju… I LOVE YOU ALL! ^_^