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The Best Engagement Anniversary DIY Gifts

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February 6, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


Yeeks! What have I been doing to cause such a huuuge gap between my first post of the year and this? Oh, you know, nothing much, just: preparing for my Taiwan wedding photoshoot, flying there, being there, coming home, attending a 3-day dance workshop, helping with house-cleaning for Chinese New Year, celebrating Chinese New Year… and KAZAAM!! I haven’t been blogging proper for a few weeks!

On account of my tight-like-my-pants-because-I’ve-been-eating-too-much schedule, excuse me okie? πŸ˜€

You can follow me on Instagram (@bunbunmakeuptips) and more recently, Dayre (@bunbunmakeuptips), for more frequent updates, but my blog is a platform I shall never forsake. So stay with me!

Mr Mode and I spent 1 January 2014 at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. We haven’t been here for AGES! I don’t think we’ve even been to Botanic Gardens together before. It was just so out of the way for us North-Easteners.

The Circle Line has brought about so much convenience. We alighted at — wait for it — Botanic Gardens station and taa-daa >> Botanic Gardens!



It was a combination of a cool breeze and a slight overcast that made the stroll so peaceful and enjoyable.

Cooling weather = Happy Mr Mode

Hot weather = Super Pek Cek On-Fire JEEBABOOMZ Mr Mode

I’d like to say romantic things like ‘Being together was all that mattered’ and ‘No bad weather could dampen our spirits’, but the reality is that the Mister is a 24/7 angry polar bear. HAHAHA!!


Since when did Botanic Gardens become so beautiful? Should have taken more pictures of the flora and fauna.



Love Is… Giving You Massages…


It’s been YEARS since I handmade anything for him — cooking not counted — and to commemorate our first and last engagement anniversary (because we’re getting married!), I decided to δ»Žε‡Ίζ±ŸζΉ–*.Β  Out came the felt cloth, glue, marker pens, scissors, pencil, colored paper… brainstorming, sketching, cutting, arranging, pasting, writing…

Β *δ»Žε‡Ίζ±ŸζΉ– = To return to the pugilistic world

Not sure if you can make anything of this picture, but Mr Mode saw it and understood immediately. He loves the massages I give, especially on his arms. It’s not easy to arrange the arms, you know!

Layer 1: Apple’s right hand

Layer 2: Apple’s body

Layer 3: Orange’s left hand

Layer 4: Apple’s left hand

And that’s just the hands!! O.O

Can you tell what’s the scene? Mode took an entire afternoon and could not figure it out. -.-”







Was that very hard to decipher?? Either I did a poor job or he’s just a very bad guesser.

No need to guess: He’s a very bad guesser.

Up close.


Love Is… Frying Beehoon For You…


Because we had a picnic a while ago and I fried beehoon for the first time in my life and it wasn’t half bad! *feeling proud

I think it was this wok of beehoon that ignited my desire to be a good soon-to-be wife and take cooking more seriously! I want my husband to come home to delicious and healthy home-cooked food. I want to learn to bake too! I’ve never used an oven before, so I’m really looking forward to having one in our little nest!

Let’s zoom in to check out the silver beehoon.


Determined. Focused. Chef Bun. η«ε€™θ¦ζŽ§εˆΆεΎ—ζ°ε½“γ€‚

Love Is… Having Fun Fighting With You…


We love fighting. πŸ˜€

You know, like poking each other hard in the ribs, thus causing temporary paralyzation; going behind one another and sort of induce choking by hugging the stomach fast and hard; going into Muay Thai fight stance and pretending to fight; body slamming……

(What do you mean by this is not normal??)

My reflexes are really slow so by the time he completes making a fake punch and drawing back his fist, I’ll then be like “Oh! What happened?!”, instead of reacting instantly. LOLLL!!

When he wants to take revenge after an assault from me, I will give a pitiful face and say “I love you Mode, I love you okie? You don’t poke me. Please please promise? If you poke me, you will be very fat forever”. WIN.


On the big grass area in front of Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage.


Checking 4D results and ignoring me.


Beautiful Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage at night! I hope to catch a concert here some day, have a picnic with friends and chill. Mr Mode is not a concert-ish person.



Apple Mode and Orange Mode are made of felt cloth coz the plush toys are sort of made of that material. Felt is not the easiest type of material to work with though – so hard to draw on, cut, paste. If you put the wrong type of glue it doesn’t stick, if you put too much glue, it will harden like rock and look stupid.

And now, a blog exclusive!

Mr Mode has never seen this either! I sketched the ideas out and wanted to make four cards, but only managed three. I was having a fever and had wanted to wait till I got better to make them but I never got better and on the eve of our date, I rushed all three out.

This is the one that didn’t get materialized.














The best kind of gifts are those handmade. We might frame up some of the things we made/drew for each other in our new house. So looking forward to having our own home! πŸ™‚

Okie, I’ll leave you with my face of the day! I’ll be making a quick tutorial on this look next! Hope you enjoyed reading this post!


Happy Belated New Year and Happy Chinese New Year! Remember to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Dayre for more updates! Till next time! πŸ˜€

What’s the best DIY gift you’ve ever received? Have you handmade any gifts before?