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Big News: Google Friend Connect Is Going Away, Follow Bun Bun Makeup Tips With Bloglovin’!

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February 7, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

Oh my! Oh my! Have you heard? Have you heard?

Google Friend Connect will no longer be available for non-Bloggers from March 1, 2012. Non-Bloggers refer to Non-Google sites. That means, if your blog is not on blogspot, your GFC widget will be removed!

I don’t have Google Friend Connect so I’m not affected, but my heart goes out to all those bloggers who depend solely on GFC to reach out to their readers. I once chanced upon a blog that explicitly stated to ‘only follow via Google Friend Connect’, and I was like er… okie… Anyway, I know of many bloggers who have painstakingly worked at building their GFC followers and now it’s all going away. 🙁

I was late in joining the blogging world, long after the everyone else had GFC so I really didn’t bother adding the widget to my blog.

That it is Google’s way of forcing people to use Google+ is plain for all to see.

Many people are also worried that with the removal of Google Friend Connect comes the subsequent fall of other Google-controlled utlities, like Google Reader. Don’t worry, Google Reader is not dying. Rather, Google is integrating Google Reader into the development of Google+.

I personally don’t use Google Reader and much prefer iGoogle to see updates of the blogs I follow at a glance. That way, all my RSS subscriptions will not be affected even if Google decides to remove Google Reader one day.

But just in case Google decides to remove Google Reader and you follow this blog via Google Reader, here are other methods to follow Bun Bun Makeup Tips:

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The most consistent way of following a blog is via email subscription, because it is independent of blog platforms.

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When presented with the options ‘Add to Google Homepage’ and ‘Add to Google Reader’, I always choose the former, because this method is also independent of blog platforms.
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A new and very popular way to follow blogs is via Bloglovin’. There, you will see a thumbnail image and excerpt for each post and you’ll be brought to the blog page when you click it. It is kinda like the Bun Bun Makeup Tips’ top navigation panel whereby clicking on ‘Read More’ will bring you to the full post.

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Do you have Google Friend Connect on your blog? Do you follow blogs using that? What do you think of it going away?