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Clinique Sonic Brush In The Life Of A Corporate Slave

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April 10, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun

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That natural glow (meaning no makeup) on my face, achieved only through proper cleansing and skincare, makes me very happy. =)

I’ve done a thorough review on the Clinique Sonic Brush previously, so in this post I’m going to show you how essential a tool this brush is in my life.

How is a typical day at work like for you? I’m sure many of you can relate to the below events! ^_^*

A Typical Day At Work

Time: 8am

At 8am, you’ve got your game face on, your makeup is fresh, and you are ready to start the day!



Time: 9am

After tolerating inconsiderate people who push their way in before allowing passengers to alight, the exhaust fumes of passing buses and sweat streaming down your temples while you race against time to reach the office, you reach doors at 9am sharp, adjust your dress, and chirp ‘good morning!’ to everyone. It’s a brand new day, my friends!



Time: 12pm

Ah hah! It’s time for lunch! The sun beats merciless on your face, but steadfastly you head to the hawker centre to have your favorite fishball noodles. The char kway teow stall smokes up the whole cluster of tables and chairs, and your skin starts to get oily.


(Somehow the fishball makes my face look like a fishball LOL!!)


Time: 6.05pm

Somehow, in between Facebook, Instagram, Dayre, and reading interesting blog posts like this one, you manage to get through the day! Weeee!!! Time to celebrate!



Time: 8pm

After dinner with good friends/colleagues, you guys head over to a bar for some drinks. At this point, your makeup has been on your skin for the past 12 hours.



Time: 9pm

再来一杯!Another round of drinks, please!



Time: 10pm


Head-banging, hair swaying, karaoke-singing.



Time: 10.30pm

I don’t know about you, but 10.30pm to a corporate slave like me is 10.30pm too late.

You bid your pals goodbye and say ‘see you tomorrow!’ as chirpily as possible, but your face looks like this:



Time: 11.33pm

You take the train/bus home because it’s cheaper, and reach home before the clock strikes midnight and you turn into a ragged doll.


Time: 12am

After some dilly-dallying, you finally decide to get some rest and realize:






Yes, hunny, you do.

I always believe that if we spend time putting all that on, then surely we must invest time into taking it all off!

More importantly, think about all that FILTH you’re going to bed and waking up with if you don’t cleanse your skin properly!


Importance Of Cleansing Your Face

As you go about your day dirt, residue, and pollution all collect on your face. If you have been observant, the number of colored spots on my face increased with the passing of time and event.

Not removing your make-up at the end of the day will mean that you go to sleep with lots of free radicals, caused by pollution that is clinging to your make-up, on your skin.  These free radicals contribute to early aging and cellular damage.

Also, PORES. Our skin is covered in pores. Those pores allow us to sweat; they also allow us to secrete sebum, a waxy lubricant that helps moisturize and protect our skin. When makeup comes in contact with pores and clogs them due to ineffective makeup/dirt removal, it can make our pores appear larger.

We don’t want LARGE PORES, do we?

Daily Detox For A Happy Glow

Skimping on cleansing not only clogs and stretches our pores, over time, it will lead to problems similar to UV damage – darkening, wrinkles, and uneven and dull textured skin.

Even if you don’t put on makeup, a layer of dust particles from air pollution left on the skin will also prevent normal skin shedding, slowing down the renewal process and leading to the breakdown of collagen.

The Clinique Sonic Brush offers deep yet gentle cleansing with its angled tip (green bristles) that fits nicely into the contours of your face and targets the T-zone. All it takes is 30 seconds to ensure that all traces of makeup, dirt and oil that normal hand-washing might not be able to remove is thoroughly erased from your skin. SO YOUR SKIN CAN BREATHE AND REGENERATE! YAY!

Investing 30 seconds in yourself each evening is not too much to ask for, right? 😀

Here’s a 15-second GIF to illustrate how I use the Clinique Sonic Brush!

(Click the play button!)


Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap

Launched alongside the Sonic Brush is the Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap, a lush, velvety facial soap developed to work together with the Sonic Brush to effectively remove dirt and excess sebum.

You can squeeze the soap onto the dampened brush or apply directly on your skin, then use the brush to massage it in.



Wanna Win A Clinique Sonic Brush?

In my previous Clinique post, the Clinique Sonic Brush was white in color. The NEW Sonic Brush to be launched in April sports a new design with green or purple polka dots!

To win yourself one Clinique Sonic Brush, all you have to do is WATCH THIS VIDEO and answer a simple question. If you get it right, you stand a chance to win! Two other winners will receive the Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap!

Contest ends 13 May 2015.

If you JUST WANT IT, you can find it here too! 😀

For more information on the Clinique Sonic Brush, visit:



Onwards to clean and healthy skin! ^_^


What do you think of the Limited Edition Clinique Sonic Brush? (I think it’s very cute!)