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Essential Night Care Milk & CC Oil From Warrior Bun

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September 8, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun

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Far, far away, in the beautiful land of Avedpletella, there lived a princess. Princess Bun had very thick and long hair which she loved very much and spent a lot of time grooming. However no matter how much she tried, she would wake up every morning looking like birds made a nest out of her head.

She knew who was behind it – The Evil Brothers. This band of hair bandits would creep every night into the homes of people and derive pleasure from making hair look fried, damaged, tangled, crazy and sorry. Their merciless ways caused great distress to the kingdom of Avedpletella.

One day, Princess Bun was playing in the forest when out of nowhere appeared The Evil Brothers. Through tears and screams, Princess Bun ran for her life across valleys and streams.

She reached Modai, land of the brave and fearless. As Princess Bun sought shelter in Garden of Vanda Joquim, she caught the eye of a free-spirited warrior, famously known as Warrior Bun.


“Let me take care of it”,

assured Warrior Bun.





In no time, The Evil Brothers were defeated by Warrior Bun. Warrior Bun gifted Princess Bun the Elixirs of Beautiful Hair, from her country of Modai.



Princess Bun brought them back to her kingdom and shared them with the people of Avedpletella so that they will never suffer from the invasion of The Evil Brothers again.

HEEHEEHEE did you enjoy the story? Even though it took a ginormous amount of effort, I had a lot of fun creating it! 😀 I also did a comic previously of a lion in love with a steed’s mane.

Essential CC Oil & Night Care Milk Review


The 5 Evil Brothers who had their butts kicked by Warrior Bun in the story represent the 5 hair stresses we all experience:

  • BLOW DRYING – I cannot allow my hair to air-dry because that would take more than 3 hours, therefore daily blow drying is a must. That causes heat damage and encourages frizz, leaving hair dry, brittle and susceptible to further damage.
  • COMBING – Never comb your hair when it is wet as the hair follicle is at is most fragile state when wet!
  • SPLIT ENDS – Everyone has split ends in their hair. While it is important to get a haircut to snip off dry ends, daily home care is essential too.
  • HAIR BREAKAGE – Singapore’s weather is super hot so my hair is often tied up in a bun or ponytail, causing stress to my hair.
  • DRYNESS – Almost anything can contribute to hair dryness – sun, wind, air-con, washing too much, using the wrong products.


I visit Salon Vim every month for hair treatment. The latest one I had done was the KeraSilk treatment, which ‘makes unruly, frizzy hair manageable, and softens waves and smoothens the overall hair structure’.

I love it, but we can’t all afford the time to get our hair done at the salon daily, can we? That’s why home care is equally important! (Okie la, if you are tai-tai then you win liao lor)

Introducing Essential’s latest hair care products – Night Care Milk and CC Oil.

The morning after I used the Essential Night Care Milk for the first time, I woke up with super soft and silky hair! I’m not even exaggerating OMG it was so so so so so nice to touch. I described this ‘Pillow Friction’ phenomenon in my previous Essential post, which is basically misaligned hair cuticles caused by friction between pillow and hair. It’s your hair being attacked by The Evil Brothers while you sleep. BAHAHA.

Apply it before going to bed and Essential Night Care Milk protects your hair from ‘Pillow Friction’ so you wake up with non-crazy, frizz-free hair in the morning. I use it as a heat protector before blow drying my hair, about 4 pumps each time, then continue with blow drying.


In makeup talk, BB stands for Beauty/Blemish Balm; CC stands for Color Corrector; DD stands for Daily Defense. Don’t be misled by the different names, it’s just marketing – BBs can do what CCs and DDs can, and vice versa. They all promote the same ‘multi-functional’ concept, where the product is an all-in-one moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation, brightener, anti-aging defence, etc.

The ‘CC’ in Essential CC Oil stands for Cuticle Care, and goes by the same ‘multi-functional’ concept – one oil to protect, moisturize, reduce tangle, and create glow. One oil to rule them all. Hohoho.


Most mornings I have just about 5 seconds to do anything to my hair LOL. So thankfully I have the Essential Night Care Milk to tide me throughout the night AND rest of the day. When I have another 5 seconds to spare, I’ll apply the Essential CC Oil to the ends of my hair for a nice, healthy glow.


I’ve been using both Essential Night Care Milk and CC Oil for the past 2 weeks and told no one about it. But people around me started to comment that my hair now looks so much softer, flowy, manageable, and less frizzy! I am so proud of my new hair condition and would recommend it to anyone who has hair management issues (hahaha sounds funny).

What’s even more amazing is that I was thinking to myself, ‘This should cost at least $29.90 coz it’s too awesome’. Then I turned it to the back and saw $11.90. Whuutt! Totally more than worth the price. Both Essential Night Care Milk (100ml) and CC Oil (60ml) retail at $11.90 each.

Avedpletella and Modai

Princess Bun is from the Land of Avedpletella, a combination of Avocado-Edamame-Apple-Nutella = my favorite foods. HAHAHAH!

Warrior Bun is from Modai, because Mr Mode is my love and ‘ai’ is love in Chinese.



Thank you Essential for coming up with such great products! The Night Care Milk is truly my hair hero! 😉

If you want to be a hero too, play Essential’s Mane Hero Facebook game and combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers and Pesky Pillow King and win attractive weekly prizes!

>> Play Hero Game <<


SO PINK OMG, Princess Bun would approve hahaha. Basically all you (THE HERO) have to do is move the basket left to right to catch the Essential Night Care Milk and CC Oil to earn points; catch The Evil Brothers or Pesky Pillow King and you lose points. The more points you get, the higher your chances of winning amazing prizes!

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Thanks for reading and talk to you soon! ^_^*