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My Current Holy Grail Mascara – Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara

September 21, 2011
Composed by : Bun Bun

Different products really do work very differently for everyone.

When I was doing research on the Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara to see if people love this mascara as much as I do, I chanced upon many, many negative reviews about this mascara.

The Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite PowerMascara is one of the best mascaras I have ever used, yet I see people on MUA slaughtering it with the most terrible of opinions based on personal experience.

When I read through the negative things said about the Lancome mascara, I immediately associated those remarks with other less outstanding mascaras, like the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Waterproof Bold Volume Lifting Mascara (which many people like, but didn’t work for me) – unable to hold a curl, or the Pop Beauty mascara – thick, gooey, clumpy, or other mascaras that failed to make it to the back of my memory.

But certainly not the Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara! This is definitely Holy Grail. I have been using it dilligently almost every day since I got it 2 months ago.

Gimmicky Vibration or Real Lash Booster?

I don’t know about you, but I get such a real kick out of putting something vibrating at my lashes. Terrifying at first, yes, but there is very little possibility that you will end up electrocuting  yourself and poking your eyes with the vibrating mascara wand.

I have tried electronic eyelash curlers before which had only heat and very little vibration, so while placing things that run on battery close to my eye is not new to me, I was a little nervous too. LOL.

Press the button to activate vibration!

This picture is totally unnecessary because it doesn’t show the vibration at all. Lol!

Sadly though, that the battery of my Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara went flat just 3 weeks after I first pulled out the plastic strip to activate the mechanism.

But for those 3 weeks that the device functioned, it was quite an experience!

The fun part aside, the brush that is known to go at 7000 oscillations per minute takes the place of the manual wiggling I have to do to ensure my lashes are evenly coated with mascara and are well separated.

Horrid Smell

While the results from all that oscillation is nice, the smell emitted from the vibrating brush is quite unbearable. It smells like someone poured a bucket of industrial waste into the mascara formula and melted it with plastic. 😡

I had to hold my breath during mascara application, as well as about 20 seconds later for the smell to fade away. Breathing through the mouth helps.

I went to a Lancome cosmetics counter to smell their mascaras and they all have that smell, only fainter. Therefore I think the oscillation bit of the Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara amplified the smell because it is going at such a speedy rate.

Ever since the oscillation of my Lancome mascara stopped working, the smell has become fainter and less unbearable.

Great Lengthening Mascara

The vibration and all did help to separate my lashes and make sure mascara got to the roots of each lash, but without the technology, this mascara still works wonderful!

I use it now as I would a normal mascara – start from the roots and swipe to the tips, then wiggle from the roots to the tips again. My lashes have never looked so long with any other mascara before, without having the spider legs effect!

The rubber wand of the Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara does not hold as much product as normal bushy bristled mascaras, thus reducing clumping. It is ideal for separation, and makes the lashes look naturally long.

Great Volumizing Mascara

I always thought no mascara could come close to achieving the effects of my favorite Anna Sui Volumizing Mascara. The Maybelling The Falsies Mascara almost made it, but it dried up quite fast and the fat brush just really wasn’t my cup of tea.

The mascara that has successfully made my peepers look like I’ve got on false eyelashes is this one – Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara! I really should stop including the ‘Oscillation Vibrating’ part since the mascara works just as well without the gimmicky feature.

I have long lashes but they are quite sparse so I always look for volumizing mascaras over those that claim to lengthen. This Lancome mascara gives me crazily thick lashes and they don’t clump nor flake even when I load them with up to 3 coats.

I absolutely love false looking natural eyelashes (LOL!), instead of the natural looking kind, and the Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara makes my lashes look like they multiplied in number.

Perfect formula – Not Too Wet or Dry

The formula of the Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara is amazing. I think it’s the standard across many, if not all, Lancome mascaras, as I have read. I want to try more Lancome mascaras!

I have been using it for the past 2 months, almost faithfully everyday, and I like how it does not feel heavy on the lashes even with multiple coats. The lashes stay curled and do not droop throughout the day.

Of course, I have to curl my typical straight Asian lashes first with the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.

Oh, and I think it is essential to apply a mascara base first before mascara. A base coat protects the lashes from drying out from consistent mascara use, helps to separate the lashes first while wet, and enhances the color of the mascara. I use the Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base. It may be one step more in your makeup routine, but spending that 5 more seconds putting a base will help mascara stay on longer throughout the day.

Smudgeproof and Waterproof Mascara

Oh my, despite having 3 coats on my lashes, the Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara does not smudge at all. Mascara usually smudges when the lashes droop and get in contact with oil on the undereyes. But because the Lancome mascara keeps the lashes curled, there is no such occurrence. Happy me!

So as you must understand by now why I am head over heels with the Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara!

This is no plain ‘ol mascara y’all; this is the POWERMASCARA. For all its goodness, I can totally forgive the horrible smell.

Get the Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara here!

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