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SINGSALE Flash Frenzy 2014: Discounts Up To 80% Every 30 Minutes!

May 3, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


Mark these dates – 4 to 6 May 2014 – down on your calendar, my friends! 😀

From 4 to 6 May, you and I and exclusive members of SINGSALE will see up to 80% off best products by 60 leading local and international brands such as Coach, Bonds, Revlon, Zara, Quiksilver, Havaianas, Pandora, Dermalogica, Rayban, Redken, Australian Leather Uggs, Luxor Linen, Fitflop, Desigual, Thomas Sabo, Charlie and Me and many more!!

At SINGSALE.COM.SG, new items usually go up on sale every morning but from 4 to 6 May, there will be new sale items EVERY HALF HOUR!


SINGSALE has a dedicated team comprising buyers in Asia, Australia, Europe and New Zealand who work round the clock to find the best deals from suppliers so you always get best discounts.

You can find almost everything on this mega online retail store that offers exclusive discounts on over eight shopping categories spanning fashion (women, men, kids), accessories, beauty, home & living, gifts, and toys.


Good Stuff Don’t Have To Be Expensive

My new house with Mr Mode is going to be ready in a few months and I am SO EXCITED to be moving in with him, starting a new journey together, and having our own home!

When I have my own house I would LOVE to host parties. I will make roast chicken and super salads, make fancy Chinese food like Hongkong style steamed fish and hong zao chicken mee sua and cereal prawn, and bake my own cupcakes and pastries.

SINGSALE-Frenzy-Sale-2014-Blogger-Review_Cupcake-Stand-2.1$15.00 (from S$25.00) is a small price to pay for such a pretty cupcake stand!!


I’ve always loved to have friends come over to play, but I don’t like to impose on my parents and make things inconvenient for my siblings. When I have my own home, I’m gonna host as often as I can!

When there’s a special occasion, some party deco like pom poms add cheerful radiance to the space and immediately transforms a room into a beautiful setting for a party.


Only S$20.00 for 5 HUGE pom poms! I went to do some research on pom poms available on some other websites and for the size of these pom poms sold on SINGSALE, these are one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, on the market!

Used to be S$40.00. Now $20.00. GRABBBB!!!!


I LOOOOVE mason jars. There’s something vintage-y about them that brings back different kinds of childhood memories for everyone.

When I see mason jars, I think of the fruit jams my parents used to give us when we had breakfast on Sunday mornings together. When Mode sees mason jars, he thinks of fighting fish.

These would be extremely nice to serve drinks to my guests in. I could put in Milo, Bandung, Horlicks, Teh-Peng… 🙂

From S$55.00 to S$12.00 (78% discount) for SIX mason jars is just…. I WANNTTT!!!! *clicks Add To Cart*


What comes to YOUR mind when you think of mason jars? 🙂

I think you can tell by now that my house is going to be very colorful and fun. HAHA! I’d love to have colorful knives to make cutting less intimidating and they look like they’re cheering me on! LOL!


I know I run the risk of sounding like a kiasu auntie, but I was miffed to find that all these lovely pots were all SOLD OUT!!!


From S$395 down to S$72.00!?! CRAZY OR WHAT?! That’s almost 82% DISCOUNT! =OOO

Where else to find all kinds of homeware from a huge selection of brands than:


And now we move on to the reason for my existence. MAKEUP!!! HAHAHA! 😀



Can you read the words?


  •     1x Lancome Hypnos Mascara kit including black eyeliner, lipstick and full size Hypnos mascara
  •     1x Monaliza lipgloss + lipliner Pinky colors (Italian Brand)
  •     1x Calvin Kein Cosmetic piece
  •     1x Glow Fusion Cosmetic piece
  •     1x Lip Fusion lip color
  •     1x Chanel cosmetic
  •      Bonus: A complementary 10 ml repairwear anti-aging makeup spf 15 

ONLY S$65.00!!


NO WAY!! $65.00 for all these?!?! 1 full size Hypnos mascara retails for S$50.00 already! SINGSALE really has the best deals!

Be The First To Know

I always lose track of time when I’m busy at work, yet I do want to be notified of the latest and best deals as soon as they as released.


‘Tis an awful feeling to see things getting sold out as soon as they’re up for sale, isn’t it? When the previous SINGSALE Flash Frenzy was held in November 2013, things were flying off the virtual shelves at 2.2 items PER SECOND. =O

You don’t want to miss it this time!

When I’m on the go, I want to know that I’m not missing out a good deal too! With the SINGSALE app, I can easily check out the ongoing deals. On top of that, SINGSALE members who shop on the app will get access to Flash Frenzy an hour in advance! Did I mention that membership is free (for a limited time only) too?


You can shop by brand or category (8 categories!).




Now go forth and get the best deals you can find on