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For Something So Lightweight, Curel BB Cream Amazes With Perfect Coverage

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August 6, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun


A month ago, Curel sent me their newest BB Cream and it has never left my makeup bag ever since.

As a person with sensitive skin, I am always apprehensive when it comes to trying new skincare and foundations since these are the ones applied closest to the epidermis. Lightweight makeup products usually don’t provide much coverage and those with better coverage usually don’t allow my skin to breathe, thereby clogging up my pores.

It was always a struggle having to decide whether to let my skin breathe or cover up my blemishes. Obviously the need to allow my skin to breathe was of higher priority, but as a working professional I personally don’t feel quite right meeting people looking like I just got out of bed and didn’t make the effort to look presentable. So I covered up, but my skin didn’t fancy a lot of them and started retaliating.

Bad skin = Need to cover up = Clogged pores = Bad skin

It was a vicious cycle! 🙁


I’m a great fan of Curel products. Mr Mode and I both love Curel Body Wash so much we have repurchased it 4 times ourselves. I foresee this being a staple in our bathroom for a long time.

Naturally I was very happy to try the latest Curel BB Cream. Love the sweet pastel pink tube!

From the very first time I tried it on until now, I have been impressed in more ways than one: at how well it applies – it is creamy, very easy to blend with both fingers and a brush; how pigmented it is – it makes me forget to apply concealer sometimes because it covers up blemishes even some foundations cannot; how lightweight it feels on my skin; how long it lasts for something so lightweight.



Before & After

Here’s a comparison of my blemished care skin and one with a sheer layer of Curel BB Cream applied:


Curel BB Cream makes my skin look more even-toned, brightens up my complexion, and conceals blemishes. Of course, on days when I need more coverage for the undereyes and more serious acne marks, I apply concealer. But on its own, I’m already very impressed by just how much of my blemishes can be concealed.


Curel BB Cream comes in 2 shades – Natural and Brightening. I started with the Natural shade. The Brightening shade is slightly fairer than Natural and is slightly less warm. I use them interchangeably, no glaring shade difference on my skin.

By industry standards, I am NC25. But for those who do not understand that makeup vocab, I am medium-fair, not too fair but still considered under the fair range. LOL.


Smooth Coverage On Dry, Flaky Skin


Another thing I like about Curel BB Cream is that it can somehow adapt to my ever-changing skin condition. This is something no foundation or BB Cream has managed to achieve so far.

I have generally oily skin, but as I am under oral medication and use acne-control topical creams, there will sometimes be dry patches with flaking skin on certain areas. Super irritating! One day my skin will okie, and the next it feels like unpolished cement. =.=

Curel BB Cream can, to a certain extent, make my skin condition appear more balanced. Do note that my skin condition is much more complex than most people’s, so if this can work on mine, I’m pretty sure it will sit well with most skin types. On extremely dry areas, Curel BB Cream can last about 4 hours before the flakes slowly start to show again, but for the rest of the face, this stays on for at least 8 hours. I mean, it’s pretty incredible for a BB Cream! 😀

It contains moisture-penetrating ceramide care technology which replenishes ceramide in skin and enhances the skin’s ability to produce ceramide from within. Skin thus becomes moisture-dense and more resistant to external irritants over time. You can read more about Curel Ceramide Care on the official Curel website.

It is also fragrance-free, alcohol-free, non-comedogenic, and clinically tested on sensitive skin – all important attributes of a product meant for sensitive skin so I can use it without worrying that it will cause an outbreak or aggravate my skin sensitivity.


Curel BB Cream SPF28 PA ++ is a combination of all the things I love in a good face product – lightweight, sufficient coverage, non-sticky, non-clogging, contains SPF, travel-friendly packaging, squeeze tube, and affordable! 😀

Get Free Curel BB Cream Samples

If you are interested but uncertain if it will be suitable for your skin, you can get free Curel BB Cream samples HERE.

To receive updates of Curel promotions and news, check out the Curel SG Facebook page!

Curel BB Cream (35g) retails at S$24.80 from August 2015 onwards at selected Watsons and Guardian stores.



Thank you for reading and allowing me to share with you my current Holy Grail BB cream! 😀 Till next time! Remember to get your free samples!


You can find them here:

Curel BB Cream – Natural

Curel BB Cream – Brightening



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