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The Best TLC For My Hair Experienced At Salon Vim

Hair Care
November 13, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

I have long and thick hair, the envy of many, which I love very much too. But my crowning glory was previously intoxicated with a terrible concoction of chemicals and drowned with processes I’m surprised the strands haven’t given up on me and torched themselves up like dry forests. My hair went from dry to utterly damaged within a month.

Every time I scrunched the ends of my hair together, I felt like I was holding a bunch of wire. Or shredded squid.

(Smile for what! Your hair looks like cotton candy, and NOT in a pretty way! >.<“)

OMG. I think real dried shredded squid looks even healthier than my hair!

Salon Vim came into my life like a beacon of hope and resurrected my hair.

Gary, Stephanie and Ivan analyzed the state of my hair and discussed ways to give life to my dead hair. I’m so thankful I managed to catch Gary in time before he left for an appointment for he gave me a haircut that not only reshaped my hair but also removed the damaged ends, yet at the same time allowed me to retain length.

He initially asked me which length should my hair  be in order to get rid of all the fried ends. I looked at my hair and pointed to my ear. LOL.

After receiving the masterpiece of a haircut, Gary left me in Ivan’s care. Ivan explained to me in detail how he would be coloring my hair and gave me an idea of the eventual look. I like that he was really meticulous in putting together the two colors for me, making sure to find those that would make my hair appear healthier, given the current condition of my hair. The colors would also suit my skintone and brighten up my complexion. So much science into finding the right colors!

Ivan putting much thought into finding the right colors for me

Gary said what my hair needs now is a lot of Tender Loving Care. And boy, plenty of TLC did I receive!

My entire first experience at Salon Vim was top-notch, and in my opinion, the best of all salons I’ve been to. Gary offered me beancurd before he left, leaving me in total awe and appreciation. Then I was offered a cushion so that I could comfortably rest my arms on it for the next few hours. Even the shampooing was great. My towel was snugly wrapped around my head so that I did not have to pathetically hold my own dripping wet hair across the salon back to my seat. I was given plenty of magazines to while my time away and even though Ivan was handling other clients, he always came around to ensure everything was alright. I was given a drink and biscuits to eat, and there’s free wi-fi!

All these trivialities matter to me. Being a detail-oriented person, every single touch, every scent, every little something evoked my senses that culminated into this mind-blowing salon experience.

At Salon Vim, I just felt… very safe and happy. I knew my hair was in safe hands. Like I could just fall asleep in my seat and wake up with a new hairdo that I would love.

L’Oreal hair products used on my hair

Was given this GlucoMineral treatment that I was told to use as a hair mask during my first wash at home. According to Ivan, it’s meant to lock in color pigments and moisture.

They mentioned that my hair had been reduced to an over-processed state. I asked what ‘over-processed hair’ means and Ivan gave me an analogy of beef being overcooked till it’s charred and all taste is gone. LOL. In hair terms, it means chemicals were left in my hair for far too long, or my hair was processed way past the stipulated time until it was damaged.

I was given a bottle of Mythic Oil to nourish my hair on a daily basis. My hair needs this!!!

My new hair with the damaged ends chopped off, and given a fresh coat of dark brown base and magenta highlights. This is what ombre is, baby! This is the kind of big curls I WANT!! OMG I’m so in love with my hair.

(Sorry I couldn’t take a better picture with my iPhone 4S! Please read on for clearer pictures of my hair! :D)

Ivan and I, radiating joy from inside out

Me at home on the second day, still hardly able to believe I can walk out of the house now proudly showing off my hair.

I love my eye makeup for the day too! Want a tutorial? Heh heh.

I would marry my own hair if I could. <3<3<3

I’m gonna share some love with you, my dear readers!

Quote my name – Juli or Bun Bun Makeup Tips – to get 10% off chemical services at Salon Vim!

Do like Salon Vim’s facebook page to receive updates on promotions and new hairstyles that are regularly posted. They’re opening an outlet in Bugis soon, so you’ll be the first to know if they have any store opening promotions!

Salon Vim is conveniently located at 313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09, Singapore 238895.

It’s recommended to make an appointment (68847757 / 68847767) beforehand as the salon was really busy at every moment I was there! All those people know what’s best for their hair!

Just something to share…

‘Everything happens for a reason’, that’s what I always believe and tell myself to remember whenever something negative happens in my life. Despite my best efforts, I was wrongly accused of behavior I never exhibited. I was insulted by people who did me wrong in the first place. After much consideration, I have decided I shall not stoop to their level and retaliate. There is no point battling it out with people not worth my time and effort. As long as people who love and support me understand I was never at fault, that’s good enough for me and the sun shines once again. Case closed.

I also remember that whenever a door closes, a window opens. And being with Salon Vim must be one of the best windows that opened in my life. Thank you, Salon Vim!