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The Evolution Of Blog Reading And Interaction: NuffnangX

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October 12, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

Someone discovered electricity, but it was Thomas Edison who creatively harnessed and used electricity to invent the first light bulb.

Someone discovered the wheel, but it was Karl Benz who invented the first modern automobile.

Someone discovered the internet, someone else invented the smartphone, but it is Nuffnang that has found the perfect technology of coalescing these two to dramatically change the way you read and comment on blogs on your phone.

I hereby present to you, NuffnangX. *cue whistle and mad applause

(I think the ‘X’ adds mystery to the concept and feeds on human desire to uncover the riddle behind ‘X’. Otherwise why do teachers always ask us to ‘Find x’?! LOL)

What Is NuffnangX?

In a nutshell, NuffnangX is like the Instagram for blogs. You discover Instagrammers, interact with them, show some love. Everything’s done on your nifty little handheld device.

And that’s exactly how your blog reading and interaction habits are going to evolve.

Gone will be the days when blog reading meant you had to type in the full blog name in your phone’s address bar. Thank you very much if you bothered to type in the full bforbunbun.com, and thank you very much again if you have blog bookmarked in your smartphone’s Reading List.  Thank you, also, if you key in words like ‘bun bun makeup blog’, ‘bun bun makeup’, or ‘bun bun blog’, and then have my friend, Google, bring you to me. 😀

I assure you, things are going to change. No, WAIT! I know we all don’t like change. But trust me, your life is going to change for the better.

With NuffnangX, you can follow/subscribe to blogs you love *ahem* like mine *ahem* so you always know when I’ll have a new post up for reads. It’s information and update at your fingertips, baby.

Left screenshot: I haven’t ‘claimed a blog’ as a verification that I’m the rightful owner, coz I intend to do a tutorial on how to use NuffnangX. It will be useful for you! And I don’t follow only 6 blogs HAHA, this was a screenshot taken at the launch.

Thank you to all you 484 followers! I’m humbled by your unconditional support. 🙂

Seriously, time passes so quickly when I’m on the go – there’s just so much to do! Check facebook for updates – both on my personal wall and Bun Bun Makeup Tips facebook page, read and reply tweets, scroll down Instagram (@bunbunmakeuptips) to see what people are up to, upload own pictures on Instagram, feel very happy when people double tap on my image to show their love HAHA, etc. I don’t know how I was able to travel 1 – 1.5 hours to school without social media in the past.

But even with all these now… sometimes there are moments where there are no updates. I call these moments the Moment of Void. *empty*

Now that I have the NuffnangX app – you must too after reading this post – I can receive updates from all the awesome blogs I subscribe to! Yay! No more Moment of Void.

Download NuffnangX here (free!): iPhone, Android phone

NuffnangX Launch Party

I was tremendously excited and honored to attend this exclusive Nuffnang event. Never in my rawest dreams did I envision being invited to exclusivity, have my own blog name debossed on a swanky silver thumbdrive, and rubbing shoulders with big players in the blog community.

After looking very forward to it, the day finally came.


Good job, Juli, good job.


That’s an excerpt from the email invitation, dress code highlighted, and with me smiling radiantly decked in threads of red with a red wall behind me. LOL

Goodness! I’m usually the person who’s most in tuned with the theme for any party coz I LOVE themed events. A theme is so important. It makes everyone look like one big happy family.

Yet, the theme for NuffnangX’s launch completely slipped my mind and I happily wore a Bun Bun approved top (black and white stripes lol), RED jeans and RED shawl coz it was drizzling and I felt cozy in that ensemble.

I hadn’t even arrived at the location, was in the train, but already sensed something amiss when I saw on Instagram (@bunbunmakeuptips) images of Zoe, Jayne, Huiwen, Gabby, Nadnut, and they were all like ‘On my way to #Nuffnang event! #OOTD Blue and white theme!’. I was horrified. @[email protected]

I called Gabs to confirm and yes, it was a blue-white themed party. I wanted to go home and change!! But that would make me super late and Gabs told me it’s okie.

Felt so embarrassed when I arrived and I don’t know why I felt inclined to do so, but I went to Boss Ming and said:

“Sorry Boss, I forgot about the color theme”

HAHAHA OMG I felt like a secondary student all over again and had to go to the front of the class and admit to teacher I had forgotten to bring my textbook.

Rachell was so nice! She said “It’s okie, you’re the strawberry among the blueberries” *hugz*

And even Xiaxue was like “Your shawl looks nautical, kind of like blue and white under this lighting” *hugz hugz*

Everyone was so nice to this silly girl! ^_^*

Life of a Bun

Going On Strong

Within 9 hours of its launch, NuffnangX made it to the top 5 most downloaded apps. 9 hours!! Cool!

As with all newly launched applications, there are bound to be bugs. The Nuffnang team is working round the clock to rectify any error experienced by users.

The first photo of the blog post should appear, as a visual representation of what’s to be read, but mine doesn’t show. Below is a comparison of mine and Temptalia’s.

The team is working on my case and I’ve been assured that it’s gonna be a-okie soon! ^_^*

If you do encounter a problem while using NuffnangX, the team is always there to help you out! http://www.nuffnangx.com/happenings/

The potential and dexterity of the NuffnangX is bountiful and I forsee plenty of good things to come from NuffnangX!

Download the app and Add Blog > bforbunbun.com

I’ll see you there! 😀