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You Don’t Have To Be In Sunny Singapore To Look Sun-Kissed With The NYC Bronzer In Sunny

February 3, 2012
Composed by : Bun Bun

Now you can have the glow of summer air on your face all year round with the New York Color Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny!

Actually, without Sunny, it’s still summer all year round here in Singapore. Yay to sweat and stickiness!

But for those who have the luxury of looking pasty white and drawn of blood in the cold, blue, winter months (That’s how they describe it in storybooks like The Little Match Girl), a touch of warmth on the face will naturally leave you feeling like you just cupped a mug of hot chocolate in your hands while it’s snowing outside.

Sheer & Natural Coverage

NYC Bronzer in Sunny is sheer in pigmentation for all the right reasons.

You can swipe your brush across the product and dispense it all over your face to add color and for a natural glow.

You can use it to warm the face when foundation is a little on the lighter side. Whenever I use the Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation, I tend to use Sunny to bring color back to my face. I gave the Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation a ‘Quite Good!’ rating (which is 4/5), but recently I find myself using it a lot and actually think it deserves more a ‘This is LOVE!’ rating (5/5).

You can use bronzer to contour the face to make it look more chiseled by receding the sides and temples of the face.

This picture was taken for the review of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I used NYC Bronzer in Sunny to contour and Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso for blush.


More importantly, because NYC Bronzer in Sunny is sheer, you won’t run the risk of piling on too much product and ending up with a muddy or orangey face.

It is buildable without looking chalky, but admittedly, does take a little while more than the MAC Gold-Go-Lightly for color to be really noticeable.

With gradual build-up of product instead of a single brush stroke to get color, a nice, natural shadow is created.

Lovely Brown for Fair-Light Skin Tones

I don’t know how my face, or skintone, undertone will react during winter having only spent winter in Korea some 9 years ago, and I hadn’t started wearing makeup then.

But from what I’ve read, NYC Bronzer in Sunny is well-loved by many as a great bronzer during the winter months to warm the face. It is appropriate for everyday use during summer time too.

NYC Bronzer Sunny is just slightly less orange than MAC Gold-Go-Lightly Studio Careblend Pressed Powder. Sunny is more brown. I feel that Sunny will look good on fair to light skin tones. Anything over NC/NW 35, and Sunny might not show up as noticeably.

L-R: NYC Sunny, MAC Gold-Go-Lightly

Matte Bronzer

We all love glitter and sparkles, but they should appear at the right places. I don’t understand sparkly bronzers like those made by The Body Shop. Some of the SAs look like they dunked their faces in a bucket of glitter, like I saw at The Body Shop sale. Tsk tsk tsk!

Because there is no shimmer in Sunny, it is perfect for contouring without appearing too obvious that you resorted to makeup to make your face appear slimmer, or healthier.

Compact But Flimsy Packaging

What NYC Bronzer gave in product quality, it cut back on packaging. The hinge (or lack of) is so flimsy I reckon if I were to use it more often, it’d break from wear and tear.

It is also quite hard to close. I have left the compact half-closed in my drawer or table more often that I should when I’m in a hurry just because it just isn’t as easy to clamp shut as those that come with a proper hinge, like that of the Kate Jewel Carat Eyeshadow.

I love how slim it is and the inclusion of a mirror though.

I don’t use the sponge at all.

For application of bronzer, I use the MAC 109 Small Contour Brush. I love the size, which is small enough to fit my non-existent cheekbones; its dense bristles pick up just the right amount of product.

More than two months in, the sun print is still pronounced, despite my using it every time I apply makeup.

For that high quality of a product, at a drugstore price, I’m willing to overlook the deprivation of a proper hinge in NYC Bronzer Sunny.

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