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10 New Rules For A Clean & Healthy V

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May 31, 2016
Composed by : Bun Bun


I really only started paying attention to feminine hygiene for the intimate area after I got introduced to Lactacyd last year. From then on, I could feel the difference and improvements having used Lactacyd Feminine Wash every time I showered.

Because I received all 5 bottles previously as well, I shared them with my mum and sister coz good things must share, right? 😀 They like it too! I kept for my own use White Intimate and Soft & Silky. I am unable to judge whether there’s a significant lightening of the area after using White Intimate lol, but I do feel that both provide moisturization, with Soft & Silky slightly more because it has 10% extra milk moisture.


It matters less which of the Lactacyd Feminine Wash variants you use, what’s important is that you use a dedicated feminine wash to keep the delicate environment of the vaginal area in check. I wrote about the other variants in my previous post, do have a look! 🙂 Lactacyd is the Number 1 Feminine Hygiene wash brand in Singapore that is highly prescribed by doctors and trusted by women for over 25 years.

For many, washing our V with our favorite shower gel or soap is a regular part of our daily routine. Washing with soap can cause problems that can go on without the knowledge of the cause. Regardless of how good cleaning with soap may make you feel, it still remains bad for vaginal health; an unnecessary act which is often seen as a necessity.

Of course, besides using a feminine wash that helps maintain the natural pH of your intimate area and protect it from odor and irritation, maintaining overall feminine hygiene is important to overall health. No use doing your best only during cleaning but neglecting other essential habits, right?

Here are my personal tips on how to keep your girl bits clean, sweet & healthy! 😀


1. No Douching 

It is a method to wash out the vagina, usually with a mixture of water and vinegar. A douche comes in a bottle or bag and is sprayed through a tube upward into the V (What? No! OUCH! >.<).

Douching makes one susceptible to vaginal infections, have a higher risk of contracting pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer and pregnancy complications. Please be kind and gentle to your intimate area!

2. Wash Daily With Feminine Wash

Do not use regular soaps as it can be drying and irritating. Soaps in any form usually contain high pH values that are incompatible with the vagina’s own natural environment. The high alkaline will destroy the area’s natural acidic layer which serves as a protection against bad bacteria.

Lactacyd Feminine Washes help maintain the area’s natural pH level. Only the gentlest kind of cleaning is needed and these washes are dermatologically tested safe for daily use! They are formulated with natural milk essences – Lactic acid and Lactoserum.

Much like soap can remove oils from our skin and cause irritation and dryness, soap can strip the vulva of it’s natural oils. This can cause significant irritation and dryness which may become an issue if one is sexually active.

Use the right feminine hygiene wash and dry the area properly immediately with a clean towel to prevent moisture build-up.



3. Change Out Of Wet, Sweaty Clothing ASAP

A wet and sweaty environment is the playground of bacteria – to multiply and increase your likelihood for getting odors and infections. If you are unable to change into a fresh change of bottoms after a gym session, at least use a brand new pantyliner as a temporary measure.

4. Wipe Thoroughly After Urination

Always keep the vaginal area dry and clean throughout the day. Wipe from front to back (not the other way round!). Doing so eliminates the unpleasant smell of urine, sweat and natural discharge. Instead of using tissue, try switching to Lactacyd All-Day Care Wipes, which I mentioned in my previous post. You’ll definitely feel the difference immediately. 🙂

5. Change Menstrual Products Frequently

You know that disgusting feeling when tampons, pads, pantyliners get soiled? It doesn’t only add on to your discomfort, chances of foul odor and risk of infections escalates. I personally prefer unscented pads because the chemicals used in scented products can cause irritation. Also, perfume + period blood = EW.

6. Wash After Sexual Intercourse

This is common sense, no? Apparently not. Many women just fall asleep right after because nobody told them it’s not ok. That’s how they show it in the movies, right? Make love, fall asleep, wake up looking awesome. LOL.

Bodily fluids and residue from condoms can cause infection, irritation, and odors if left inside for many hours. So just get up and make a trip to the washroom. What’s a few minutes to ensure you don’t get infections?

7. Don’t Get Powder Near There

We all had baby powder on our bottoms when we were babies. However, doing so when you are grown up doesn’t make you feel fresher, in fact, doing so can raise your risk of invasive ovarian cancer by about 30 percent*. I mean, can you imagine all the sweat and vaginal discharge getting mixed with powder to form sticky lumps?

(*according to research presented at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research)

8. Cut, Trim, Shave, Wax, IPL

A shaved pubic region is cleaner and healthier. Pubic hair traps sweat and body secretions, and soon mixes with bacteria. Because the area does not have enough air circulation, odor soon becomes noticeable and pungent. It’s up to your preference and budget on the method(s) you wish to adopt, just keep it short for health reasons.

9. No Thong

I’m not a fan of the thong even though fans swear by it as it eliminates panty lines. Besides the obvious discomfort a thong provides, I’d like to also highlight that it can also cause health problems. Because of their unique shape, thongs make it easy for bacteria to travel from your anus to your vagina, which can lead to conditions like a urinary tract infection.

10. Eat A Balanced Diet High In Nutrition

We all know a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is good for health. But did you know it also makes you smell good down there? 😀 You are what you eat, so if you had garlic, chilli, onions, that’s how you’re going to smell. Lol. Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and flush out toxins that can cause odor.


I hope you’ve found these tips useful! ^_^ I think it’s really important that we start to pay more attention to keeping our intimate area clean and healthy.

You never know when seemingly harmless habits can have a big impact on everything from your sex life to your cancer risk. If you’ve been using water and regular body wash for the vaginal area all along, you have just been extremely lucky nothing’s gone wrong so far.

So start practising better feminine hygiene habits today. It’s better to start off now than regret it later! If you are someone who shaves on a regular basis, you might want to start with Lactacyd Soft & Silky to keep the skin around the area smoother.

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Thanks for reading! 😀


This post was written in collaboration with Lactacyd.