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Is The Rimmel Glam Eyes Waterproof Mascara Good?

March 31, 2011
Composed by : Bun Bun

My Holy Grail Anna Sui mascara was drying out and I was considering whether to buy a THIRD tube of that when I found myself walking into Watsons.

I used to get really excited when I see our local cosmetics counters. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE drugstore products. It’s just that… after knowing that a world exists beyond our local drugstores, my heart rarely skips a beat anymore when I see the regular Maybelline, Revlon, L’oreal, Silky Girl, ZA, Rimmel.

However that day I felt that I really needed to get a new mascara and out of the corner of my eye, on the Rimmel shelf, I saw a pink and black mascara that was too cute to ignore.

There was no tester, but there was a picture of the brush. My, my, after my uneventful experience with the Majolica Majorca mascaras, I thought I’d never shell out money for mascara comb brushes again. But something told me to give the Rimmel Glam Eyes Waterproof Mascara a chance and I’m glad I did.

Waterproof and smudgeproof

It’s not often that a mascara scores on my smudgeproof approved board, but yup, the Rimmel Glam Eyes Waterproof Mascara has done a good job in being BOTH waterproof and smudgeproof on my oily eyelashes. Many mascaras can be waterproof, but only some are smudgeproof. (Read: What’s the difference between waterproof and smudgeproof mascara?)

Flexible wand

Now I don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing. A flexible mascara wand is great if you want a lot of volume for eyelashes as it can easily bend from root to end. But being the clumsy and impatient person that I am, I have bent the joint between the wand and brush until the wand is slightly crooked. I don’t look at the process of putting the mascara wand back into the tube while applying makeup, looking away the moment the brush head is in contact with the entrance of the tube. This is what I do with other mascaras, but the brush of the Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara is soooooo rubbery that if I do it the regular way and assume that the wand will go STRAIGHT in to the tube, I will somehow bend the wand. But its deformity doesn’t bother me, especially since it was caused by me. HOHO.

More lengthening than volumizing

It claims to be a ultra volume, high definition mascara. However I think it gives more length than volume. I have fairly long eyelashes, so while it does a fair bit of volumizing, its lengthening ability outshines its marketed claim. Some people like to use a lengthening mascara first, and then a volumizing one on top to get the ultimate effect. If you are looking for a mascara that provides lengthening effect, I highly recommend the Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara!

No clumping due to comb-like wands

Comb-like wands elongate each lash and prevent clumping. There are 4 sides to the brush – 2 long and 2 short. If you look at it from the top, you actually see a cross instead of a circle as in typical mascaras. Use the shorter bristles to get product onto your lashes and then use the longer ones to separate, lift the curls, and remove globs of product. This wand truly does an amazing job at lengthening, yet does not give the spider effects like those of Majolica Majorca mascaras!

Pretty packaging

This was the reason I bought it in the first place. It’s hard to put down a product that looks rock chic and cute at the same time, with its black netted design and a pink crown.

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