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Tutorial: How To Transfer Messy NARS Loose Powder Into A Sifter Jar In 5 Easy Steps

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April 1, 2011
Composed by : Bun Bun

I’ve had enough of you, you messy NARS Loose Powder!  >.<

I make a huge mess of my table and the floor EVERY TIME I have the heart and courage to open the badly designed cover that houses the expensive product that is my NARS Loose Powder. I couldn’t bring the thing about, not so much because of the bulky container, but the potential sandcastles of loose powder my possessions would be swimming in every time I bring it out.

So one day I set my heart to bring myself and the NARS Loose Powder out of misery, and went to buy a little sifter jar to transfer the product into. I’m sure many people out there face the problem of overspill from using this powder, as awesome as it is.

See! This happened a couple of months ago. I was just going to put the container back after taking some pictures of my cosmetics collection when it just slipped from my hand and landed on the floor. And it wasn’t even the first time I spilled this product. The loose cover is just not good for clumsy, accident-prone people like myself. Bah!

So here’s a super easy step-by-step tutorial on how to transfer your NARS Loose Powder! =)

Step 1: Preparation for Project Evacuation

Things to prepare:

– NARS Loose Powder
– Little sifter jar (from SASA)
– Little plastic spoon (from my mum’s stash of disposable cutlery)
– Cloth (optional, but best to have so that you can just wrap up and wash the cloth later on)

Step 2: Opening the Pandora Box

Before opening the NARS Loose Powder sifter, make sure there is no excess powder on the sifter by tapping on the sides of the container to make the powder dance back into the container. Slide your fingernail into the gap between the sifter and black container and pull it open. It should budge rather easily.

Step 3: Leaving the Nest

I’ve had the NARS Loose Powder for more than 8 months and barely used it at all because the mess is really not worth it.

This picture shows the color of the powder most accurately.

I use NARS Loose Powder in Flesh.

Scoop the product out from the black container, a little at a time. Fill it up to about half the little sifter jar. I suggest not filling the little sifter jar up to the brim with loose powder so as to minimize spillage.

Step 4: Powder Puff Protection

The little sifter jar should come with a little powder puff. If it doesn’t, one can be easily purchase from local drugstores. Place the powder puff back into its original position to hold any loose powder that may fall out during transportation.

I don’t use the little powder puff on my face because it is too small and would take forever to apply.

Step 5: Sweet success!

Screw the lid back and then sit back and smile, knowing that doing these 5 easy steps will save you a lot of NARS Loose Powder and that, from now on, it will be on your face instead of on the floor and everywhere else.

The NARS Loose Powder is really a great face powder albeit pricey at U$35 and I had to take a gamble with the color (Flesh for my NC20-25) coz we don’t have NARS here in Singapore. I hope Sephora brings NARS here soon! We need more makeup brands here!

I leave my little sifter jar in office and use it whenever I put on liquid foundation. It sets my foundation for longer, and provides an additional layer to even out skin tone and texture.

Most importantly, I know that for every grain of NARS Loose Powder that I use now is not matched by the same amount wasted on the floor. =)

Get Nars Loose Powder in Flesh

Get Powder Jar with Sifter (From Sephora)

How do you deal with the messy NARS Loose Powder? Or any loose powder at all?