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7 Golden Rules For Beautiful, Healthy Hair

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March 1, 2017
Composed by : Bun Bun


By the time I was to write the second installment of this review, my TRESemmé Expert Selection hair conditioners looked so worn out I had to purchase new ones from Guardian the night before. I was running low on them too anyway. My inclination to reach out for the TRESemmé Expert Selection shampoos and conditioners among all my other hair products has been incontestable. In a previous post I shared about how these products have enabled me to achieve Salon-Gorgeous Hair Everyday From Home, so today I thought I’d share more personal tips on how I care for my hair!

1. Cold Water Is Good For You

It’s funny that while Singapore is hot and humid every day, most of us still prefer to shower with hot/warm water. No matter where you are, a cold shower is just uncomfortable! I use warm water and shampoo to remove the grease and dirt from my hair, apply conditioner, and then rinse with cold water. What I learned is that cold water closes your pores on your scalp and seals the hair cuticles, and keeps in moisture from the conditioner applied. Additionally, it smooths and flattens the cuticles making hair appear shinier.

2. Sleep With Dry Hair

No matter how tired I am, I MUST go to bed with dry hair if I want to look presentable the next morning. Wet hair is extremely delicate and sleeping in with that makes hair more prone to frizzing, breaking and entangling. It is never a good sight in the morning if I went to bed with less than 100% dry hair (80% with hairdryer, 20% air dry). Invest in a good hair dryer which can cut down the blow-drying time and leave hair looking shiny and unstaticky.

3. Strengthen Weak Hair


Straight hair, hair in beach waves, volumized hair, make us feel fabulous for the day. But subjecting our hair to high heat is never a good thing and the effects of constant toxic methods reduce our mane to damaged, frizzy, and unhealthy strands. To combat damage, start first with a shampoo that can remove products used to hold the hair in place, conditioner to add back moisture, and use a heat protectant to defend against frying.

The combination of TRESemmé Expert Selection Platinum Strength Shampoo and Conditioner is best for hair that is damaged from styling, heat and chemical processing.


4. Minimize Brushing

I thought with constant combing I could get my hair to behave, but later realized that the more I combed, the more my hair rebelled! So I decided to stop combing and wow, I never looked back. The last time I seriously combed my hair was….. probably 3 years ago? No, I do not look like a cave woman haha. I used ‘seriously’ because sometimes I put a comb through my hair for fun, just to remember how a comb feels like.

If you must comb to get the tangles out, opt for a wide-tooth one and use it during conditioning. The worst kind of combs are plastic ones. Plastic creates static and if every time you comb your hair you feel that it gets more out of hand, drop the comb! Instead, slowly run your fingers through your hair to remove tangles and give your scalp a nice massage while you’re at it. Doing so increases blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and strengthens the roots. 🙂

5. Keep It Loose


A ponytail keeps hair away from my face, makes my face look smaller and gives a more refreshed appearance. However, don’t tie it so tight that you feel like you’re getting a facelift; tight ponytails can weaken hair and cause premature balding (nuuuuu!!). If like me, the weight of your ponytail makes your head look flat with hair pulled back, first take a section from the crown and pin or braid it to create volume, then tie the remaining into a loose ponytail.

It helps that I’m using the shampoo and conditioner combo from TRESemmé Expert Selection Keratin Smooth, which is infused with Keratin to reduce frizz and leave my hair sleek and manageable. This helps to ease the kinks in my hair from elastic bands and braiding.


6. Daily Washing Is Ok

Some people choose to wash their hair less frequently because they have been advised that hair looks best when the natural oils that start in the scalp are allowed to reach the ends, or that the hair products they use dries out their hair. I would do that too if it were winter here all year round or sweat doesn’t infiltrate my scalp the moment I step out of the house. I’ve tried dry shampoo but too much grease plus powder just don’t make good partners. So the best way to keep my hair in its best state is to wash daily. As long as the right quality products are used, we can benefit from more frequent washing.


I perspired BUCKETS taking photos for this review, work out 2-3 times a week, and with the amount of hair on my head, I cannot imagine the stench that would be if I weren’t allowed to wash my hair every night. :S I don’t want to have to choose between washing my hair and not to prevent it from drying out.

7. Condition The Right Way


Conditioning is as important as shampooing, never walk out of a shower without conditioning! Conditioner works to bring shine to the hair and resilience against breakage. Instead of shampooing and conditioning all the way from root to ends, concentrate shampoo on the scalp, and condition from mid-length to the ends. The scalp doesn’t need that much moisture while the ends are always thirsty for more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and gained some hair care tips! Achieving long, healthy and beautiful hair requires some dedication but it should not be tedious. As long as you keep a proper regime with the right products and ditch bad habits, you can achieve the locks of your dream! 😀


This post was written in collaboration with TRESemmé.

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