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The Ultimate Blow: Dyson Supersonic

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September 7, 2016
Composed by : Bun Bun


Dyson-Supersonic-Best-Hair-Dryer-Review_10.2If there is ONE thing that’s preventing me from traveling light, or going backpacking, that would be the need to use a hairdryer every night. Hahaha! That probably sounds silly, but if you had my hair, you would understand. For my hair to be completely air-dried, 3 hours is just about how long it takes.

For years, my arms, especially my right, have ached under the weight of heavy, conventional hairdryers. There were no alternatives, and I couldn’t complain. It’s a necessary evil! Twenty minutes each time, every night.

That would be my bathroom routine for the next many decades, not a surprise since the hair dryer hasn’t been re-invented for the past 60 years, until Dyson decided to join the beauty market and change the monotony of bathroom routines forever.

Dyson-Supersonic-Best-Hair-Dryer-Review_8.2 Dyson-Supersonic-Best-Hair-Dryer-Review_7.2

Coming from Dyson, you’d expect a hair dryer nothing less than unconventional. After all, it was the company that revolutionized simple domestic items and made them more efficient and actually look aesthetically desirable in homes – like its bladeless fan and cinetic vacuum cleaner. Owning a Dyson has kinda become a symbol of status, hasn’t it? When I opened the well-constructed packaging and held the Supersonic in my hand, I thought, my, my, what a beauty. 😀 The Dyson Supersonic reflects the brand’s usual sleek design and minimalism.

Two weeks after I started using the Dyson Supersonic, I wondered how much of a difference my new hairdryer could be from my previous one. Couldn’t be THAT different, right? So I took out the old guard and suddenly realized my 7 years of weight-lifting had done nothing to help me cope with having it in my hand again. I had forgotten just how cumbersome, heavy and NOISY it was!

I weighed both hairdryers and in absolute number, the Dyson weighs just slightly less than my old hair dryer but FEELS a lot lighter and more ergonomic.

Dyson increased the normal 11-blade motor from typical hair dryers to its high speed 13-blade motor, and then made it as small as a coin, to fit into the base of the hair dryer handle, as opposed to the conventional motor at the top of the device. Ah…. THAT’S what makes conventional hair dryers feel so much bulkier and heavier, it’s the unbalanced weight distribution!

The top-heavy structure of a normal hair dryer is what causes our arms to ache and the many arm movements involved to dry our hair. By compacting the size of the motor and rebalancing the hair dryer’s weight and shape, Dyson has created one that is both powerful yet lightweight.

I don’t have to move my arms at weird angles anymore and can hold the hairdryer for much longer. Everything feels so much more comfortable! 😀


Dyson Supersonic has an intelligent heat control function that maintains optimum temperature to prevent extreme heat damage, and increased air velocity to dry hair more quickly. From 20 minutes down to less than 10. AMAZING I TELL YA. And no more burning smell and fried hair. No more fear of hair getting caught in the filter. WOOHOO! No more fiddling with buttons, no more fear of getting burnt on your scalp, or hands coz after no matter how long you have the Supersonic turned on, it remains cool to the touch.

That’s the result of 600 prototypes over 4 years, hundreds of engineers, S$98 million in R&D and a lot of real human hair (for testing and evaluation).

Oh, I need to tell you how much I love the cool-shot button! Cool air sets hair and with the Supersonic cool air emerges almost instantly. Like, 2 SECONDS. Most dryers take at least 5 seconds to go from hot to cool and then it’s not that cool either. The Dyson impresses with its swift transition between extreme temperatures. Only use cool air to blow dry your eyelash extensions!

Instead of the normal roar we hear from hair dryers (which annoys Mr Mode because it goes on for 20 minutes each time), the Dyson hair dryer has a longer silencer tube which cuts down on noise. It produces a sound frequency higher than the audible range for humans, so really, all I hear is an ‘eeeee’ which was intriguing on my first use and took me a minute to get used to. Now I don’t even ‘hear’ it anymore. Much preferable over the ROARRRRR!!! any time.

The magnetic nozzles are easy to attach and detach. There’s a resounding ‘click’ when the parts meet and everything is so easy to clean and maintain. As you can tell from the pictures, no hair will ever get trapped in between steel wire or get eaten up by hot air coz it’s just one gaping hole in the middle.

Dyson-Supersonic-Best-Hair-Dryer-Review_11.2 Dyson-Supersonic-Best-Hair-Dryer-Review_9.2

*winking at you* Muahaha!!


Okie here’s where I drop the bomb. The Dyson Supersonic costs SGD $599 (I’m not sure why Amazon sells this at USD $509.00). I shall be honest and tell you I was surprised at the price tag at first, but after trying it, I can see why Dyson priced it so. It’s justifiable.

If you think about it, besides the design, creativity and innovation, you’re looking at a future of ZERO burned scalps and annoying frizz. Not damaging your hair every time you put it through heat, that’s definitely worth the investment. 🙂


This post was written in collaboration with Dyson.