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How To Look Perfectly Gorgeous In Photos And Perfectly Gory For Halloween Parties: Singapore Media Academy Makeover Extremes Workshop

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March 21, 2014
Composed by : Bun Bun


(Please note that the workshop dates have been changed to 29 & 30 May 2014)

The next worst thing after looking like a ghost bride in your wedding photos is to have your entourage of girlfriends looking like ghost bridesmaids in your wedding photos.


It didn’t happen to me – I wasn’t the bridesmaid nor a guest – but my friend was one of the bridesmaids and those photos never saw the light of day after the wedding.

Can you imagine a group of seven girls with faces as white as ghost/sheet/snow/toothpaste/putu mayam smiling and hugging the bride in all the photos? Funny thing is, it wasn’t a DIY job, they actually someone to do the bridesmaids’ makeup. I was like @_@”.

If I were the photographer, my heart would be torn between taking photos of everyone at the wedding and trying to avoid these girls with distasteful white cast. LOL!

Yup, white cast is the term for the ghostly effect you see on other people (or maybe yourself! I have been there HAHAHA!) in photos. It is the UV filters in your sunscreen that make your face paler than your neck, look streaky or leave a white residue on your skin that shines even through the most opaque of foundation.

There are, of course, plenty of tips on how to avoid/minimize the white cast, and at the Singapore Academy Makeover Extremes Workshop, there will be EVEN MORE tips and tricks on camera-ready makeup to pick up! 😀

Celebrities always look immaculate on the red carpet, but even the biggest celebs aren’t immune to embarrassing makeup malfunctions!


White cast

I don’t profess to be a guru in makeup application nor am I a trained makeup artist, and most of us have a lighter tone on our face compared to our body, but at least I don’t look too bad right? 😛

(Oh but I have unsightly wrinkles on my neck. BOO. That can’t be helped la! HAHAHA!)


That said, I am still extremely looking forward to attend the 2-day workshop because there is never an end to learning and I thrive in constant acquisition of new techniques and skills to be the best version of me.

(Hence the cover picture of this post. ^_^* )

How Is This Workshop Applicable To You?

DAY #1

You could be an aspiring model looking for makeup techinques so that you can look your best in photos to put together your portfolio;

You could be a blogger who owns a photography ringlight and wants to know how to make your features appear more prominent;

You could be a performer, stage artiste, dancer, singer, or just be a person who loves taking selfies and wants to look better in pictures! 😀

I don’t know about you, but here are my top three concerns when it comes to taking camera-ready photos:

1. Shiny Skin 

My number one concern! I have such oily skin that it turns shiny within a couple of hours of makeup application. During my wedding photoshoot in Taiwan, my makeup artist had to constantly blot my face to reduce the shine on my face.

Ever wondered why the makeup artists of actors/actresses keep having to pat their faces with powder? It’s because powder is necessary to create that beautiful matte finish for photography.

Powder makes the difference between a beautiful photo and just a photo. And it’s really not just about patting, there are techniques behind it!

2. Flawed Skin

Camera flashes can be very unforgiving. *FLASH! FLASH!* And all your blemishes, under-eye bags, dark eye circles, dark spots, enlarged pores all come out to the front and say ‘HELLO LOOK AT ME!!’. I want to learn how to conceal them properly so I look fresh and ready to take on the world.

3. Flat Face

Camera flashes, studio lighting, stage lighting are double-edged swords. They are essential in creating desired lighting and moods, but they also take away a lot of natural contours of the face. That’s why models/performers always apply more than they usually would in their daily activities as everything tends to be washed out by studio lighting.

But of course there’s a limit to ‘more than usual’. In my opinion, these are way too much! =O


(I really don’t get Drew Barrymore’s…. was it on purpose?)

What are YOUR main concerns and fears when taking photos?

No matter what they are, you will definitely learn to overcome them in the 2-day Singapore Media Academy Makeover Workshop! REGISTER HERE!

DAY #2

The ghostly look is not completely out of the books though, it’s totally my type of makeup for Halloween! It’s the time of the year when I relentlessly pack white powder on my face because camera flash LOVES white pigments which bounce off the flash to reflect even more strongly.

Like this:


No, I had no problems going home by public transport in my zombie geisha makeup and costume. HAHAHA! That was really fun, seeing the shocked expressions of people. It was no mean feat trying not to laugh.


From the very moment I chanced upon my first Halloween makeup tutorial, I was hooked for life. Countless hours spent watching video after video, getting intrigued by the technicalities of creating something artfully grotesque out of an ordinary canvas. After getting a glimpse of how much work goes behind a deformed face, I gained a new perspective on the faces of characters in movies.

My obsession with special effects started when I was probably 9 years old and discovered paint. Art paint. I didn’t like watercolor as much as I did those that required squeezing out of the tube because the color just ‘wasn’t rich enough’. Back then I didn’t know the term for it, but now I do – it’s called pigmentation. Hoho.

I attempted a head-shot wound the following year.



But as you can probably tell, these look reasonably good only because of lighting effects and post-editing. The wound is not very convincing, is it? :(



There is so much more than just fake blood and unrealistic wounds! I want to play with prosthetic, blood paste, sculpt flesh, bald caps, teeth, burns, cuts, scars….!!

That’s why I am super happy and super looking forward to the workshop because it includes special effects makeup techniques! YAYYYY!!!! 😀


See yourself transform from plain to glam to gory with newly acquired makeup skills and techniques in just TWO DAYS!

7 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For This Workshop:

  1. Perfect for time-strapped people like you and me. 2 days is just perfect. And only 3 hours each night.
  2. No background in makeup needed. We will all learn together from scratch! 😀
  3. Hands-on session on how to create camera-ready looks
  4. Hands-on session on special effects makeup
  5. Stand a chance to win a burns makeup kit worth S$100
  6. Get to interact with like-minded people, make new friends
  7. You get to see me HAHAHAHA I hope this is a little bit of a pull factor la! 😛

Register HERE!

Dates: 27 & 28 March 2014

Updated dates: 29 & 30 May 2014

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Venue: Singapore Media Academy

Price: S$321

Register with a friend and both of you get 10% OFF!


Makeover Extremes Facebook Event Page






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