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The Undead: Halloween Zombie Nurse And Her Friends

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February 22, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


The time now, here in Singapore, is 0400. Probably the worst time to be selecting and editing pictures of The Undead.

It’s nowhere near Halloween and definitely a long time since last year’s, but I just HAD TO blog about it because if I delay any further, I’d have to blog Halloween 2012 and 2013 together. BAHAHA!

I was a zombie geisha in 2011 and wanted something similar but different in 2012. Similar in the way that I’ll still be a zombie, but in a different costume and with better makeup techniques (we improve all the time, don’t we all? :D).

I wanted to name this post ‘Halloween Zombie Nurse Costume And Tutorial’ but after selecting and editing (OMGGGG X_X”) the sheer amount of photos, I had to split it into two posts, just like what I did for the geisha makeup tutorial last year. So hooray for another post!

My friends and I entertained the thought of going to Universal Studios for Halloween but the ticket was wayyyyy out of budget and most importantly, they had a clause stating that ‘no halloween makeup or costume allowed’.


The best part about Halloween is getting to dress up outrageously – sexy, cute, awkward, scary, funny – so taking the creative quotient out of the Halloween equation made it a real dampener.

The geisha year was at Sentosa, it was fun but not enough to make me want to go back for the same thing so I wasn’t for the idea of Sentosa again. However the trailer and website looked extremely promising and with tickets priced more reasonably, it was Sentosa again! Glad we made that decision coz it was so much better than the year before!

The location played a big part in our decision – Fort Siloso.


Fort Siloso was built in the early 1880s as coastal artillery to defend the land against sea invasion from the south and the guns were used to defend against land invasion during the Japanese Occupation. With the fall of Singapore, it was converted into prisoner-of-war camp.

Omg, just mentioning the name brings a tingle down my spine. It’s the place where blood was shed, lives were lost, bodies and minds were tortured and ghosts roam+roamed. Eeeks!!!

Makeup makes me feel confident, no matter the type. Without Halloween costume and makeup, I’m just a I’m-afraid-of-everything-that-moves timid little mouse. Forbidding me my confidence boosters would totally handicap me. I’ll tell you why in a while.

Here’s Min and me. We took a cab from my house (I did her makeup too) and the uncle didn’t know at first that we had makeup on. It was not until we chatted about where we were going that he turned around at a traffic light to look at us. “AIYER!!! You all look so scary!!” LOL.


That would be the last happy shot of Min before we started the night proper.


You know you’ve hit jackpot with the makeup and costume when complete strangers come up to you, stand beside you and have their friend take a picture of you and the person. They thought I was the crew. BAHAHA! Great feeling I tell ya, coz people don’t say ‘thank you’ to the crew and nobody thanked me. Don’t know to be happy (that I did well) or sad that people don’t give the crew enough appreciation for their hard work.

This is Min’s boyfriend, our photographer for most part of the night. Look at how she stares at him with so much adoration… not! HAHAHA!!


See the details on the back of my hand? 😀


This shot would mark the start of Min’s creative facial expressions for the night. Really very funny!!! XD

Best friends aren’t really best friends until you allow the other person to dig through your flesh. Yum Yum. Give… me…. brains…..


BFF did a really good job for his first attempt, I must say! He just watched YouTube videos and experimented. I added some contouring and blood for him.





OMG, I’m so proud of this poster! I played around with color balance and other effects on PS to give off this eerie vibe. That face peeking out with that pervertic expression is so…… Oh, I don’t know. Interpret it yourself!

The name of my movie is ‘Hospital’. Cannot get any more blatant than this. Lol! It’s so funny that hospitals in horror shows always have green lighting and there are zero staff walking around.


The above picture freaked me out so much when I was editing it I just exclaimed “WHAT THE F*CK!!”. Super scary okie, to see something unexpected in the wee hours of the morning. It was a very dark picture and all I could see was a shadowed character in the foreground. After I edited it I suddenly saw her, bright as day, and the woman behind and the skeleton.

My Honey opening a dim sum basket.




I hope they swop! It must be terrible sitting inside! So hot and cramp!

Just look at Min’s mouth. Creeeepppyyyyy…..


Setup – cannon, tombstone, crosses, skeleton, cobwebs, incense paper…


This was Min’s classic look for the night – roll eyes to reveal only the whites. NOT EASY!!!

Halloween-Zombie-Nurse-Costume-Makeup-11  Halloween-Zombie-Nurse-Costume-Makeup-12

LOL!!!! It’s so hard! I couldn’t do it at all. My eyeballs hurt from being subjected to that much rotation. It’s a talent, I tell you,to be able to rotate your eyeballs to reveal the white only. Min is talented.


Halloween-Zombie-Nurse-Costume-Makeup-13Mad carnivorous scientist

Mad scientist found fellow mad scientist! It’s really easy to put this look together. Just borrow a lab coat and you’re done. See! BFF attempted the rotate-eyeball look but couldn’t do it too.


If you cannot be kamikaze, the next best way to die is to have a loved one kill you… with a plastic bow and rubber arrow. I love it man, right smack in my head shot wound.


Halloween-Zombie-Nurse-Costume-Makeup-14 Till death do us part


I looked completely normal from the back, maybe a little sexy. TEEHEEHEE. Queuing at our very first station.

This was the best station, I think! It was Thai-themed and came complete with Muay Thai boxers (with zombie makeup, eeks!) jumping around in the ring and ringing the bell when you walk past to scare you; a Thai disco with erm, obese transvestites grinding our male friends along to thumping music and making us laugh like crazy; a Thai monk and many other scares that I didn’t really see coz I walked with my eyes closed or opened in a slit most of the time.

Told you I’m a scaredy cat!!!


The night wouldn’t have been half as fun if it weren’t for Min. Min kept our friends laughing coz she was just so good with expressions.

Halloween-Zombie-Nurse-Costume-Makeup-17‘Comin’ out to get you!’

My hair, in that terrible condition, was before Salon Vim became my hair sponsor. Back then it was dry and frizzy and stupid. It was great only for that Halloween night though, coz it looked as though I’d gotten blood stains on my hair from chewing chunks of flesh.

And zombies don’t have time to set their hair, right? Too busy looking for brains.



Min!!! LOL!!!



Min!!! OMG LOL!!! *wipes tear

Using different effects.



Can you see how much Min’s hand on my arm added a degree of real fear? This girl knows how to pose, really.

Hello, looking for me?


Min took a shot of me taking a shot of me. A blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do. It was for Instagram!

Eh, are you following me? I’m really interesting, you know. HAHAHA (@bunbunmakeuptips)


Look at the soldier beside me. He was just one of the many guys that night who, upon figuring out that I’m in a nurse costume, immediately dropped their shoulders in an attempt to look weak and said in a weak voice “Nurse, nurse, I’m sick” or “Nurse, I want a jab…” or “Nurse can you take care of me?”.

I’m sorry for being so sexy that night. BAHAHA!!  (I’ll tell you where I got my costume from in the next tutorial post.)


I hate Chinese costumes! They’re the most scary! Watching too many Chinese zombie movies when I was young made me terribly afraid of them.

That was how BFF and I first got to know each other though. We had just waited a good 4 hours for our turn for the ‘Fright Night’ during our NUS Freshman Orientation Camp. 30 seconds into entering the corridor, I burst out crying.

Damn it. The first ghost was a Chinese zombie.

That was it. End game. I said I didn’t want to continue and continued crying like a nutcase until I left the room. BFF continued the journey alone. HAHA! And you know what, despite my fear, I did the ghost makeup for my juniors for two years after that. No fear at all when it comes to makeup application.

That’s why I said makeup and costume are my confidence boosters.



Okie! I’ll leave you guys here with this last photo of Min finally smiling happily and humanly.

We had many more friends (about 10?) with us but they came as humans and were not interested in taking pictures. Here are my friends in their Red Indian couple suit! The people behind are also my friends, except for the ghost.


See you in the next post! My makeup’s really not too difficult! And Min’s makeup I think I took like 10 minutes. Best result ever.

What was your Halloween costume in 2012?

Oh by the way, I did an eye makeup tutorial for Asian hooded eyelids with Min as my model. Check it out! 🙂