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Beauty Lifesaver: Uriage Thermal Water

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July 16, 2015
Composed by : Bun Bun



There are many things that are truly a gift from nature – air, sun, earth… and spring thermal water!

Thermal spring water is a type of mineral water that is located deep underground which contains healing properties and is exempt from bacteria and pollution. Naturally pure and rich in mineral salts, iodine and CO2, thermal water is recognized for its therapeutic properties, particularly those that concern the skin.

It was first used by doctors to treat severe skin conditions, but innovative skincare companies like Uriage have combined Uriage Thermal Water with numerous highly innovative active ingredients from biotechnological research so that people of all skin types can benefit from thermal water.

Thermal spring water is more than just water in a can – it packs a great deal of skin benefits like reducing inflammatory symptoms after dermatological surgery, laser surgery or chemical peelings; setting makeup, relief of itch, and more.

Here Are 8 Of My Favorite Uses Of Thermal Water:

[1] Itch Relief

Eczema flare ups can be controlled with steroid creams but sometimes the itch is unbearable with red patches. Constant scratching can cause infections and scars. I have friends who are eczema sufferers and the wounds on their skin is heartbreaking. =(

Uriage Thermal Water is great for people with atypical skin types like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, due to the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of thermal water. I personally have experienced a decrease in itchiness on my sensitive, easily irritated skin.

[2] Facial Redness

My skin never really recovered from the effects of the facial incident. 🙁 Apart from itchiness, I have sensitive skin that gets red and raw. Sometimes it is due to the effects of acne control creams, sometimes for reasons I cannot comprehend. The Uriage Thermal Water has so far proven its ability to calm the redness and rebalance my skin each time it threatens to act up.

[3] Treatment of Burns and Wounds

Because it is loaded with regenerating minerals and antioxidants, it protects our skin against free radicals and helps prevent fine lines and the signs of aging. This product is indispensable especially since our skin is exposed to all that radiation all year round in Singapore. Super refreshing on hot days! It can also treat sunburn and superficial wounds.

[4] Post-dermo-aesthetic Procedures

As mentioned earlier, Uriage Thermal Spring Water can help treat certain inflammatory skin conditions when used as a therapeutic complement after dermatological surgery, laser surgery or chemical peelings.

Allow me to interrupt for a bit: 😛


I think my skin loves the IDEA of traveling. In the days leading to the travel date, my skin will look super good. It will feel supple and soft, and although not blemish-free, is not breaking out with uncontrollable acne. Throughout the trip, it will behave well. On the eve of the flight back to Singapore, my skin will start to retaliate. Once we get back to Singapore, it will show its resentment with random pimples and dry skin. This phenomenon is not exclusive to this Phuket holiday, it happens every time I travel! My skin is like a rebellious teenage girl with serious hormonal imbalance. It loves the IDEA of traveling but rebels when it actually hits foreign air. Grrrrr!

The only edit I did with the above picture is cropping and adding of watermark. Lighting played a part, but I think my skin looks really nice here. Wish I could say that all the time. 🙁

Okie, let’s continue! Apart from treating more severe skin conditions, Uriage Thermal Water has other cool benefits as well.

[5] Set Makeup

There are many types of makeup setting sprays in the market which contain a lot of chemicals. Sensitive skin like mine can get easily irritated with products containing high concentrations of synthetic ingredients. Uriage Thermal Water is pure and rich in minerals, and is great for use under and over makeup, and an instant ‘pick-me-up’ throughout the day.

[6] During & After Workouts

I bring the small bottle around and spray it whenever I feel like it, but my favorite time to do it is after a workout. Cools me down real fast and makes me feel less sticky.

[7] Traveling

I had this in my handbag when I took the flight to Phuket and back. This is the perfect beauty product for travel – it doesn’t spill, no extra tools needed, nobody will judge you for spraying mist on your face, and it hydrates your skin in the dry air inside the metal tube.

[8] Wakes You Up

Instead of drinking a cup of super thick coffee to prevent yourself from dozing off or dunking your head in a bucket of ice water, maybe you can try spraying Uriage Thermal Water! It is a more natural way than caffeine overdose and you won’t get brain freeze. Heh heh.


Now here comes the truth:

ALL skincare mist sprays offer similar benefits.

What makes Uriage Thermal Water


is its composition of water.

You see, our skin water or body fluide is naturally isotonic, and acts like a physiological serum. Uriage Thermal Water is also isotonic, thereby providing a skin solution that has the same salt concentration as cells and blood.


Seawater is hypertonic as it causes a reduction in the size of cells and dehydration of epidermis. (That’s why they say if you’re ever stuck out at sea, don’t drink seawater no matter how thirsty you are – it will make you thirstier and die from dehydration faster.)

On the other extreme is thermal waters with low mineral salt content which makes it hypotonic. It increases the size of cells and damages them upon expanding.

Like isotonic skin water, Isootonic Uriage Thermal Water fully respects the skin and does not alter cell activity.

No Need To Wipe Off

With some facial mists I have tried, I had to remove the excess with a cotton pad to avoid patchiness or leaving stains on the skin. There is no need to do that with the Uriage Thermal Water. Just spray and leave your skin to absorb the mineral properties! You can be sure that your makeup will not be affected. 🙂

Uriage Thermal Water comes in a spray form which makes it convenient and easy to use.


Just make sure you keep your mouth CLOSED when you spray. LOL! I don’t know what was I thinking when I smiled with teeth and sprayed at the same time. It is a good skincare product, but not so much a beverage. XD


Uriage Bariesun SPF 50+ Tinted Claire Cream & Fragrance Free Cream




The weather in Phuket was pretty erratic, since we’re approaching the monsoon season. It would be extremely sunny and humid one moment, windy the next, then a sudden downpour which would last about 15 minutes before the hot sun came back again.

No matter the weather, I wanted to protect my skin against the free radicals all around me. Just because grey clouds paint the sky or you’re indoors doesn’t make it less important to apply sunscreen! When I need a facial sunscreen with high SPF plus some coverage, the Uriage Bariesun SPF 50+ Tinted Claire Cream would be my pick. I use shade ‘Fair’.

I personally feel that this Uriage Tinted Cream (which is basically just another name for BB cream) gets absorbed really quickly. So while it is good that it does not leave your skin looking like there is a layer of grease, you will have to work pretty quickly before it becomes too difficult to blend in.


(My husband had a hard time getting the above shot, he kept complaining my legs are too short, not sexy at all. LOL.)

I reserve the Uriage Bariesun SPF 50+ Tinted Claire Cream for the face since it provides some coverage, and the Uriage Bariesun SPF 50+ Fragrance Free Cream for the rest of my body.

Uriage skincare products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and with a minimum amount of preservatives to better respect the skin.



Uriage products are available at selected stores of 21st Century Beauty Spa, BHG, Guardian, John Little, Metro, OG, Robinsons and Watsons. 

The Uriage Thermal Water Twin Pack 300ml is currently retailing at a PROMOTIONAL PRICE of only $29.90! The 300ml will last you a loooonnnggg time. There is a 20% discount on all other Uriage products. Promotion ends 31 July 2015.

For international readers, you can purchase purchase Uriage Thermal Water here

Uriage Thermal Centre

The Uriage Thermal Centre is of great personal interest to me. 😀


Located in the heart of the Alps, 15 minutes away from Grenoble, the Uriage Thermal Center resides within a green, pollution-free environment with a pleasant year-round climate, where it offers the remarkable benefits of its Thermal Water.

Uriage Thermal Water has been the only active ingredient included in Uriage thermal treatment programs for almost 200 years. It has been used to visibly soothe, improve and treat various inflammatory skin conditions (such as eczema and psoriasis) as well as ENT problems and rheumatism.



It offers an intensive three-week program to help manage such conditions and improve the skins defence mechanisms.

If I ever had a chance to go to France, I would find the Uriage Thermal Centre and dunk my whole face into Uriage Thermal Water. But first, I need to Google Translate the entire information site for the thermal centre from French to English. @[email protected]

Uriage SG official website

Uriage SG Facebook