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Got To Know My Skin Better At Bellabox Event | Clarisonic | Goodbye Purple Hair

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April 30, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun



Ah yes, let’s go back in time for a teeny wee bit when my hair was still pink-purple then purple. Haha! So much backlog, I need to get it on!

The Bellabox event was held at Antoinette, at Penhas Road. I’ve only been to the one at Mandarin Gallery outlet; the Penhas Road one was larger and allowed more space for intricate furnishings and charming ornaments.


Tsk. Look at Evonne‘s thick juicy lips. iJelly.

I look like Jessica‘s maidservant in her very posh mansion. HAHAHA!


This was the most interesting and useful booth! The friendly lady from Nuxe, who has really beautiful skin, did a detailed skin analysis for every single person who asked for one.



This is my skin analysis results! OMG. Thanks to this machine, I finally know my skin type. And all its horrible connotations.

It’s a little hard to read, isn’t it? Let me type it out:

  • Sebum (U): Much (L)
  • Sebum (T): Much (H)
  • Moisture (U): 27. Little
  • Moisture (T): 27. Little
  • Pore: 6. Very Large
  • Wrinkle: 8. Thick (H)
  • Pigmentation: 2. A little severe
  • Elasticity:  5. Very low
  • Skin Type: Oily (lack of moisture)

So I have a lot of sebum on my… basically, EVERYWHERE. Lol. Coz I have it on both the U and T zones. And despite having oily skin, my skin has very little moisture which means it is extremely dehydrated. And I have VERY LARGE PORES, THICK WRINKLES, a little SEVERE PIGMENTATION (the ‘a little’ really doesn’t ease the annoyance), and INELASTIC SKIN which means I’m a lot closer to the day when I poke myself in the cheek and the dent stays there for like 1.5 minutes.


Now that I know definitely the condition of my skin, the search for makeup and especially skincare products is narrowed. For a start, I had on the ZA powder foundation for the event (to test out this new product), which made my skin look dull and flat. It’s more obvious in real life. Powder foundations don’t sit well with me.

Oily skin comes with enlarged pores – they’re good friends – and I probably can’t do anything about that non-invasively. I just know that I need to hydrate my skin more. As long as your skin is hydrated, many problems will be solved. Your body is made up of 70% water!

That’s why we need to take as many photos of ourselves for keepsake. Everyone was once young, you’ve got a choice whether you want to remember that. HAHA!



And Yina!

Oh! This should be the first time you’re seeing my swanky new camera – OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL5. This is the BEST camera I’ve ever owned. I had a sponsor for this – Mr Fiance Mode. HAHA!



Had dinner with Jess and Ziwei the day before and that marked the last of my pink-purple hair! Cannot stand the sight of black roots interfering with the aesthetics of nicely colored hair. My hair grows really fast (And I’m thankful for that, of course!!). This color was from the previous session at Salon Vim which I got for Chinese New Year (February) and these were taken in March.



And…… My new purple hair!!! LOVE! Everyone said I rocked purple. I tried to keep that for a while, an extended while, but curiosity got the better of me and it’s now teal-turquoise which has faded into a beautiful mint. (Follow me on Instagram @bunbunmakeuptips!)


Val gave her Greedy Chimp snack bags to Yina, Evonne, Jayne and Pegs, and me at the Clarisonic event! Snack away!!!

I usually don’t cover events but events are so well-planned these days it’s a pity I just let them go to waste. What’s more, I always have SO MUCH FUN with the girls!

Okie! Talk to you soon! Remember to join Bun Bun Makeup Tips’ 2nd anniversary giveaway! 😀