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Celebrating Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash With 60’s Makeup And Purple Hair

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April 6, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


Happy 6th birthday Nuffnang! I missed out on last year’s birthday bash as I became part of the Nuffnang family just right after the bash so I was extremely excited to be able to make it this time!


It came with a theme! Any party/gathering/outing that is tagged with a theme ups the game for me. I LOVE THEMED PARTIES! That’s why Halloween is my favorite festival! It’s one of the few times of the year where outrageous is legitimate and welcomed.

The theme was Retro 60’s. How fun! I’ve somehow never been part of a retro-themed party before – Shanghai checked, Uniform checked, Pyjamas checked, Color-coded checked… woah so many I can’t remember! Apart from the time where I totally went against the blue-white themed party at NuffnangX’s launch because I forgot there was a theme LOL, I’ve always put in effort to look the part for themed parties. 😀

I decided to have one focal point; the hair was the defining factor. 60’s hair was bold, poofy, wild, and girls loved to accessorize with ribbons and hairbands.


Where else to go get the best effect other than Salon Vim Bugis? This was how I looked prior to the hair teasing, pinning, spraying, styling. Why my cheeks so chubby?? ( O.O )


My usual hairstylist, Weng, was busy so he got Tar to do my hair. I showed Tar some pictures of the look I wanted and Tar did a fantastic job! She said “I like doing this kind of hairstyle because in Thailand the girls like to go out and party and they always go salon to do their hair”. Haha! Tar is from Thailand and it’s my fortune but everyone’s bummer that it was her last day! She left to go make babies. 🙂


No bumpits were used to create the bump. Just pure teasing and crimping and spraying and styling. Must’ve used up half a can of hairspray. =O

Very nice right!!! I still had my straight-down bangs and Tar suggested I have side-swept bangs instead.




And this was my retro 60’s-inspired makeup for the night.


I decided to keep the eye makeup really simple, no intense contouring, very few colors used, all gentle shades, but upper and lower false eyelashes. I rarely wear false eyelashes because they make me feel SLEEPY. Haha! I don’t know why! I just prefer to go without, unless I need to dress up for an occasion.

I also drew on a bit of a Mod eye makeup, a makeup trend prevalent in the 60s, which sports a very harsh crease to create the illusion of a vertically wide lid. You can see from the previous picture in which I was looking down a more obvious crease

It’s my first time applying false lower lashes too and I think I could have done a better job. When I pasted it lower than the lower lash line, my super puffy eyebags kept getting in the way. When I blinked, the falsies would flip up. WHAT IS THIS?!! Lol! Must work on it!


After about an hour in the salon, I was done!

MY NAME IS MOJO JOJO!!! Bahahaha!!


Thank you Salon Vim for always managing to make me feel absolutely fabulous!

Salon Vim Bugis – 68730073

Salon Vim 313 – 68847757

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Off to the party!

A picture looks awesome when everyone has a gorgeous smile and knows their best angles. =D





Here are pictures taken at the photobooth! I love photobooths! It’s all the rage now. Almost every event I attend nowadays has a photobooth. I also want one for my wedding! =D





We won watches! =D



Thanks to the ever-hardworking and fun-loving Nuffies!


Till next year!