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November 17, 2016
Composed by : Bun Bun


Lipstick can make your life better. When you swipe on a lipstick that makes you look great, you feel great, which in turn leads to more positive things happening in your life. Bobbi Brown mentioned, “all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup”. We all are beautiful in our own ways, but who’s to stop us from looking even better?

The psychological benefits reaped from lipstick are aplenty, when you pick a shade that you feel great in, it can become what differentiates you from your peers — it can help you find what makes you YOU. Or, the different sides of you.

Introducing Color Me Happy Cosmetics, Singapore’s first ever lip subscription service, where you get a little box of happy each month. The quality of the lip products far surpass their prices. Seriously, the Boldilicious HD lipsticks can knock any high end lipstick brand off its pedestal. Created using high definition Korean color technology, each swipe goes on like satin and sets like velvet.

The best subscriptions are the ones that give you serious value for money, and here are four different looks to show you that.

Oh before that, I’ll be co-hosting a lip makeover workshop on 14 January 2017, and I hope you’ll join me to learn more tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect pout. More details below! 🙂

The Lover

In medieval times, scarlet lips were seen as a stamp of immorality. A sexualized mouth branded you deserving of certain death, like getting burnt as a sign of witchcraft. Fortunately, our view of a crimson pout has evolved and we see a woman with a red lip as one who is self-assured, confident, and strong. We are still hardwired to see red as sexy and alluring, and is it what instinctively attracts men (even though we all know we put on makeup for ourselves).


Products used:

  • XPrecision Lips in Glam Red
  • Lip Contour in Glam Red
  • Lip Shimmer in Red Spice

Every lipstick in the XPrecision Lips range is creamy and hydrating, and doesn’t feather. Korean light-infused technology masks fine lines and cracks so that your lips feel comfortable throughout.

The Career Woman

Okie, let’s get down to business.

In a study, it was concluded that professional women who wear makeup are perceived as more likeable, trustworthy and competent. Personal appearance affects career prospects and advancement, and appropriate makeup is part of the package of how we wish to present ourselves. If you want to give a powerful ‘I’m in charge here’ impression, keep your clothes neat, put on some makeup, and go for it.

‘Strong women intimidate boys and excite men’. Heard of it, haven’t you? 🙂


Products used:

  • Lip Contour in Subtle Mocha
  • XPrecision Lips in Subtle Mocha
  • Lip Bronzer Gel

A good amount of makeup is important for a professional look, but not too much until people get distracted by your makeup from what you have to say. Keep the eye makeup simple. Here I used the same eye makeup for all 4 looks, but you can drop the cateye and multi-contouring, and just wear mascara.

From creating this look, I realized the beauty of this Color Me Happy subscription. Normally I don’t go for brown shades coz I thought I cannot carry it, but because I had to create a ‘brown look’, I tried Subtle Mocha and it actually turned out well!

The Girl Next Door

‘A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear’. Oh yes, but we can all smile with some lipstick on, yea? 😀

Step 2 is a simple trick I use to help bring the lip back to its original color and texture. The changing of multiple lip products can wear out the lips, so first prep the lips with Lip Night Repair Oil and let it set, then dust some foundation/powder on.


Products used:

  • Lip Night Repair Oil
  • Boldilicious HD in Fuchsia Explosion

Woah, the Boldilicious HD lipsticks really are my favorite! They go on smooth and opaque, but I’d recommend using a lip brush for precision. I’ve got Deep Choco too, a deep burgundy that makes me feel ultra sensual and powerful. Mr Mode said he doesn’t like it coz it makes me look fierce. But who cares what men think 😆

The Intellectual

How to look like a geek:

Step 1: Throw on some black-rimmed glasses

Step 2: The end


Alright, I’d say this look is more inclined towards ‘smart girl with glasses’, rather than a nerdy look. Many people think that by wearing glasses they can hide undereye discoloration and darkness. Truth is, it does the exact opposite of that! The glass actually HIGHLIGHTS the things they want to conceal. So if you don’t have time to load on a full face of makeup, at the very least, apply some concealer/corrector under the eye, and then go for a bright lip as a beauty statement.


Products used:

  • XPrecision Lips in Coral Magic
  • Lip Brightener in Pink Hint

Pro tip: If you don’t have a lip brush with you, just apply straight from the tube, then clean up the edges with a cotton bud. Softly define the cupid’s bow by running the cotton bud downwards. This is what works for small, ‘rosebud’ lips like mine.

Monthly Surprise

I don’t know anyone whose day doesn’t instantly get better when a present arrives in the mail. I buy stuff for myself all the time and yet every time I see my name printed on the parcel, my heart skips in anticipation and I can’t wait to tear it open to devour the contents. Lol.

Whether you’re giving a gift or just indulging for yourself, a subscription box is sure to please. First 25 subscribers will get ONE MONTH FREE! Hurry, fastest fingers first! 😀

Promo code: ColorBunBunHappy

>> Color Me Happy Cosmetics << 

Even if you’re reading this much later, the monthly subscription is so reasonable you won’t have any reason not to join.

1 lip product – $12.99

2 lip products – $22.99

3 lip products – $30.99

I cannot figure out how they manage to infuse such an amazing technology into their products and price them at $10 each. =O




[Update May 2017] Buy Individual Pieces!

Previously Color Me Happy worked only on a subscription basis and I had to say no when readers and friends asked whether they could buy individual items. Now they have made it possible for you to purchase these gorgeous lip products individually! Yay! 😀

It’s a feat to choose my top 3, but here they are, concluded based on the number of compliments received whenever I wear them. Hoho!




Happy shopping!



This post was written in collaboration with Color Me Cosmetics.