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Slimmer Thighs With Zero Effort – Astique CoolSculpting

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October 17, 2016
Composed by : Bun Bun


My petite frame – small shoulders, protruding collarbones and short height, plays out the best game of deception. People automatically think that I am petite throughout and wear XS-S clothes. That’s only half true, I am an XS-S only for the upper body.

All my life I have been struggling to lose the flab on my troublesome thighs, butt, and tummy. I think I do a pretty good job at dressing myself to hide these areas that betray my otherwise petite frame. I almost never wear jeans because my thighs cry from suffocation, that is, if I can even get my jeans up the thick walls of flesh. With a bottom heavy pear-shaped figure, I never buy bottoms online, or from stores without a changing room.

We are all born beautiful, but you know how everyone of us would like a part of ourselves to be just a little smaller, a little firmer, a little leaner? 🙂

It’s been 47 days since I got CoolSculpting performed on my inner thighs, and I wanted to share with you my journey during the procedure, results, and my thoughts about it. If you are like me, struggling with losing fat in specific areas, I promise this post will help you greatly!

Every time during/after a session I would jot down my thoughts in Notes, so I’ll be writing this post as though I was there at the very moment again. Here we go!

Day Of Consultation

17 August 2016

I’m waiting at the reception area of Astique. Oh man, how I love the mint colored walls. I spot a large poster on CoolSculpting with before and after pictures of targeted problem areas, like the tummy, thighs, love handles, tummy. Interesting, I’ve never heard of CoolSculpting!


I meet Dr Ng and he asks where I’d like to work on. I reply ‘my thighs’. He says they’ll have to assess whether I have enough fat for the suction to stay in position. I assure him ‘OF COURSE!’, and that I just hide my fats well with clothes.

We book an appointment and I go home to read up more on CoolScuplting.

Day Of Procedure

22 August 2016

Fortunately, it is not Dr Ng who will see my fats, take my measurements, and apply the machine on my thighs. A professional female staff helps me with all those, and there is no dispute that I do have enough fats to suck away. Told ya.

I am given disposable undies to wear, and after taking pictures and marking out the areas to be treated, I am seated on a comfortable chair. The staff lays a cold piece of cloth over my right thigh and informs me that I am going to feel the suction from the CoolSculpting applicator.


WHOOOP!! No, there is so real sound when my thigh fat gets sucked, but I think that would be how it would sound if my thighs could speak. The initial discomfort becomes more bearable after a while. The staff makes great effort in placing rolled-up towels under my leg to hold the weight of the sucker. I am grateful for her conscientiousness. She leaves the room and I stare at nothing.

Oops, I fell asleep. I cannot feel my legs. Luckily, the staff enters to tell me the one hour is up. I realize I napped for almost the entire time my thighs were being sucked. She removes the applicator and the area looks raw and pink, kinda like uncooked pork fillet.

I do not expect what comes right after – THE MASSAGE. It’s not painful at all, just sore, and to be massaged on a sore area sends me laughing like an insane woman high on helium. I cannot control my shrieks. Stop it, Juli. HAHAHA 😆 I can’t.

We move on to the left thigh. I fall asleep again. How I can feel so comfortable with my thighs open like that and an applicator sucking on my flesh is beyond me. The staff enters the room and I quickly launch Spotify. Some music to distract me from the massage, please.

We are done and I am reminded to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. My legs still feel numb but are gradually gaining sensation. I am told there might be some bruising.

Month Of Recovery

22 August 2016

My recovery period was uneventful, fortunately. No bruising, no rashes, no pain. It was like I never got anything done.

I continue with my lifestyle, I eat healthy, work out, go for Muay Thai. Sometimes I look into the mirror and think my thighs look slimmer and the thigh gap wider.

Then again, I might be delusional as results usually surface after 2 to 3 months.

First Review

23 September 2016

On go the disposable undies, and I stand to have my pictures taken. The moment of truth arrives when the staff whips out the measuring tape and hugs it around my thighs.

I lost 1 cm. That might not seem very much, but that’s what I’ve lost within a month from doing nothing out of the ordinary, and all I did was sit down on a chair, take a nap and wake up for a massage.

Second Review

It’s been 46 days since I got CoolSculpting for my thighs. I worry my decrease in exercise frequency might affect the results.

Another 1 cm lost around my thighs.

YAY! Things are looking good. The staff asks whether I feel any difference. I tell her I feel there’s less rubbing of flesh when I walk. We measure the fullest part of my thighs, just like before. Check out the progress! 😀


Here’s How CoolSculpting Works

CoolSculpting, which is FDA approved, safely and effectively cools down the targeted area to freeze the fat cells in your inner and outer thighs. At this point, the stubborn fat cells are crystallized and eliminated from your body naturally over time. While traditional liposuction vacuums out fat through incision sites involving needles and knives, CoolSculpting shrinks targeted areas by freezing fat cells which crystallise, shatter and die! RIP, FATS!




Astique has a new machine that can even eliminate a double chin!

The treatment process is really simple. It mainly involves a lot of sitting back and doing nothing. Haha. I think the only difficult part is trying to act like you don’t mind being in disposable undies and showing a stranger your problem areas.

Do be prepared to commit at least 2 hours for each session, 1 hour for each area. You can go right back to your regular activities after that. Zero downtime.

The more fat you have, the more CoolSculpting can do to reduce the fat. CoolSculpting claims to be able to spot-reduce inner and outer thighs by 20-25% in just three months with only one treatment. Some people may need a few sessions to achieve their desired results. I’m going back for one more session. CoolSculpting will not result in weight reduction.

Remember that CoolSculpting is not a ‘license to eat’. Don’t go for treatments and then gorge on chips and carbonated drinks and fried chicken and not exercise and expect to see results! If you gain weight, the remaining fat cells left will get larger and lessen the initial results seen. It is not a shortcut method to reducing fat. Rather, it is meant for people who already live healthy and active lives, but cannot seem to get rid of the few inches of stubborn fat on their thighs (or any area) no matter what they do.



For price, package, more details, please contact Astique directly, as I’m not qualified to do an assessment for you! 😀

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