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Day Out At VivoCity: Singapore's Mega Mall Just Got Bigger & Better!

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May 29, 2015
Composed by : bbmt-dev


Some malls open with a bang and then remain the same for the rest of their existence. Not VivoCity!

VivoCity opened in 2006 with fireworks display, concerts by String Theory and Stefanie Sun, and CISCO police had to be deployed to maintain order. Year after year, VicoCity has been known to be THE venue for countdowns and big events. I was there at the 2012 countdown! Dance Delight Volume 5 – 2014 was held at the amphitheatre too. Oh! I was also part of a flash mob and we performed at the wading pool on a rainy day. LOL. So many memories! 😀

It’s this continued effort put into organizing events and generating new ideas that sets the mall apart from the rest. No matter how many times I’ve been to VivoCity over the years – from when I was studing at NUS until years later now – the mall is constantly keeping itself in trend and relevant to shoppers. If you take the MRT up to the mall like I do, you might have spotted some new shops at Basement 1.

I was given a little tour around the new retail space at Basement 1, which houses nine retailers – AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS (coming soon), AÉROPOSTALE (coming soon), RABEANCO, STEVE MADDEN and THOMAS SABO; beauty brands ETUDE HOUSE, INNISFREE and LAB SERIES; and multi-brand lifestyle retailer WEEKENDS.



RABEANCO is an international (with stores in Belgium, China, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan) luxury bag line established in 2004 out of its founders’ passion for leather craftsmanship. The bags are all made of leather, using the finest quality hides and skins. They were all so supple and soft to the touch!

I was amazed by the assortment of bags with cutting-edge style and functional designs. What I really like about the bags is that you can get these trendy, urban designs made with great quality leather, minus the designer price tag. Here are some of my personal favorites!




The exterior is made from soft, velvety pony and cow leather … and inside is an explosion of beautiful watercolor flowers. SO PRETTY! *drools*


This is my favorite bag! Love the unique periwinkle shade and size. It looks a little small but it’s actually quite roomy inside!


RABEANCO promotion when you present a screenshot of my blog post:

  • 20% discount on all regular-priced items
  • Offer if valid till 30 June 2015




Walking into WEEKENDS will leave you feeling nothing but happy and positive. A great mood-lifter! 🙂

This multi-brand boutique is a cheerful nod to all things fun and whimsical and bright and colorful. The store specializes in trendy stationery, gifts, designer tablewear, novelty fragrances and more lifestyle items from international brands such as Kate Spade New York, Jonathan Alder Gifts & Stationery and Royal Apothic.



Teeheehee, kids say the cutest things! XD


When I have my own home, I’m gonna fill it with cute plates and bowls, and inspiring quotes and wall prints. Now I know where to find them. 🙂




THOMAS SABO is one of the globally-leading jewellery, watches and beauty companies that designs and sells high quality products for women and men. The company was established in 1984 by THOMAS SABO in Lauf an der Pegnitz / southern Germany.


THOMAS SABO launched a new range of modular charm jewellery called Karma Beads in 2014.

The Karma Beads Collection is described as a celebration of the ‘beautiful things in life’, representing a positive attitude towards all that life throws at us. The brand’s focal bead, for example, is called The Wheel of Karma and represents ‘personal, inner balance’.



The Wheel of Karma charm.


THOMAS SABO promotion when you quote ‘Bun Bun’:

  • Receive a complimentary beauty bag worth $30 with minimum $150 spend. Valid till 30 June 2015, while stocks last




They’re all situated side-by-side on B1. It’s one full circle of fashion, beauty and lifestyle stores.


I spotted this interesting device on the counter and asked what is it for. The staff explained the device is used to measure the skin’s hydration level, elasticity, fine lines, etc… BUT FOR MEN. It would not be accurate on a woman’s skin because a man’s skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s. In addition to being thicker, a man’s skin texture is tougher. Sebum and its production also differ. If a device made for men is used on a woman, the results would show excellent results.

I WANTED EXCELLENT RESULTS, accurate or not. Bahahaha!! Lie to me, lie to me! XD

So I made the staff try the device on me and true enough, I scored A’s for most of the metrics. I don’t have good skin (that’s all just makeup and good store lighting you see in the picture) so I was just happy to have a machine telling me I have good skin. It made me happy no matter what. *cheap thrill* HAHAHA

I’m going to bring Mr Mode to have his skin tested next time.


The staff showed us this incredible product. It’s exactly for what the label indicates – power pore anti-shine & pore treatment. She applied just a little bit on her oily nose and immediately her nose was mattified. We were all stunned!


According to the staff, more and more women are using products for men, but on a lower intensity. So while a guy can use a LAB SERIES scrub daily due to his thicker skin, a lady can use it twice or thrice a week.

LAB SERIES promotion when you quote ‘Bun Bun’:

  • 2-piece deluxe travel set worth $35 with minimum $50 worth of purchase. This promotion is valid till 30 June 2015 (while stocks last)




Having a pink cupcake, sitting on a pink powder puff, in a pink house, with pink furniture. Lol.

ETUDE HOUSE is strongly positioned as the number 1 K-Beauty Makeup Brand in the global market and it’s a lovely addition to VivoCity B1. This outlet carries the largest range of skincare and cosmetic products as compared to most of the other outlets. It also carries limited edition collections.


Check out the adorable powder puff stools!


ETUDE HOUSE @ VivoCity is the first and ONLY outlet that has a special Manicure & Pedicure zone that offers various services to customers.


There’s a claw machine and we managed to snag some prizes! Woohoo! ^_^



I’ve always wanted to have my own portable makeup studio. It looks really pretty in stores, but not so practical in a small HDB. =(

Head down soon to VivoCity to check out these new tenants at Basement 1! =D

I am so going to get this bag once I have time to make another trip down!