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Where To Find Good Quality & Affordable Makeup Brushes In Singapore


I often get the reply “But I don’t know how to use brushes or which brush to use” when people ask me what do I use to apply my makeup and I ask them back.

Considering the crazy number of brushes I own – I think I stopped counting at 180? – it might seem torturous to have to wade through the army of brushes before deciding what to use, and how to use it.

But in fact, no, usually this is more the case:


Lalalalalalalala~~ 😀

It’s precisely because I’ve gone through so many brushes that I know exactly what’s good and how to maximise each brush’s potential.

So today, I’m gonna share with you some of my commonly used brushes that are of great quality, super affordable, and easy to use. I love these brushes, that’s why I brought them in to make them accessible to more people, and at a lower price (coz there is no rent and no employees to pay LOL).

I hope through this post you’ll have a better understanding of various brushes and their versatility – every brush has more use than what its name states! You can drop me a message on the Gumtree app if you have any questions.



Foundation Brushes


Featured: F60 Foundation. In both right and left hands are F60, only that the pink/blue one is part of Mrs Bunny Travel Kit, and has a shorter handle.

Sorry I didn’t have time to wash my brushes but at least you know I really do use them myself! HOHO =P

Paddle brushes have a reputation for leaving streaks on the face. That was why I didn’t dare to use it at first too. But after I used it, I realized that a paddle brush has its merits too. It gives higher coverage and can get into the nooks and crannies of the face easier. You can also use a paddle brush to apply primer. To prevent foundation from streaking with the use of a paddle brush, follow with a beauty blender or stippling brush. This combination will give you a beautiful finish.

No wonder so many makeup artists still prefer paddle brushes and it has never gone out of style.


The F82 Round Kabuki + P84 Precision Angled combination is my best bet in getting well-blended concealer. They’re made of soft, synthetic bristles which give a nice, diffused airbrush effect.

This combo is available on my Gumtree store at a special price of $40. If you buy them at retail price separately, it would cost you $61.

Powder Brushes


I have in my hand the F20 Large Powder Brush; I own the F30 Large Powder Brush which has a longer handle and rounder shape. Both are available on my Gumtree store too. I use a powder brush for loose powder at the last step of my makeup routine.


When I have limited time to get ready, between contouring and highlighting, I’ll choose the latter. A great highlighter can perk up your complexion and bring radiance to your appearance.

I’m using the F35 Tapered Blending, and also recommend:

  • F25 Tapered Face (which is just slightly bigger)
  • F05 Small Contour (just the right size for Asian cheekbones)
  • F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush (picks up the right amount of product)
  • F60 Foundation (yup! I love versatile brushes!)
  • F50 Duo Fibre (great for overall dusting of shimmer)

These brushes are great for contouring, highlighting, and blush!

Click here to see all the brushes available ===> http://profile.gumtree.sg/bunbunmakeup#/listings

Blending Brushes


Featured: E70 Medium Angled Shading. I use this for blending anything from eyeshadow to contouring of the nose to highlighting of brow bone.

‘Blending’ is one word every beauty-makeup enthusiast uses all the time and a word that can be pretty hard to understand when one is just starting onto the world of makeup. It was an English word that definitely felt foreign to me at the beginning.

Well, blending takes trial and error, and patience and technique. More importantly, getting the RIGHT tools to do the job will help you get it right faster and motivate you to hone your skills.

My commonly used eye makeup blending brushes are:

  • E25 Blending (left a few in stock)
  • P84 (I suggest you have reserve one for concealer, one for eyeshadows – don’t mix )
  • E36 – Blending (smaller and less dense than E25)
  • E47 – Shader Crease
  • E60 – Large Shader (one swipe to get it done)

If you want to learn more about blending, here are some tutorials that will interest you:


See that Burberry Contour Pen? It’s a crayon-cream texture, so I can use P82, P84, E56, F60 to blend it out. Check out all these brushes on my Gumtree store!

I also have EcoTools brushes. Here are my own coz there aren’t many left. So hurry leave me a message on the app to reserve yours!


Where To Get Good Quality & Affordable Makeup Brushes In Singapore

On Gumtree, of course! More specifically, on http://profile.gumtree.sg/bunbunmakeup#/listings.

But I personally think it’s so much easier to navigate using the mobile app. Clean interface, easy to use, and the chat function makes it safe and convenient to interact with buyers and sellers.

You can also check out the makeup category for preloved and new items.


Hope to chat with you soon on the Gumtree app! Available for download on Android and iOS.


This post was written in collaboration with Gumtree Singapore.

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