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Get Beautiful, Silky Smooth Skin With SilkBath Botanics

October 11, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun



Some things, we remember for life. Like that time when I fell into a drain and my mother laughed until she cried; when The Boyfriend of 10 years proposed; and when the same Boyfriend of 10 years said I smelt of curry.

Yes, you read correctly, CURRY. Pfft!

Now, now, I love my curries – Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Thai, but to be told I SMELL like I just had a curry bath really stank (literally)!

He probably asked it like this:


“Mode… hmmm… how come there’s a curry smell around you?”


But I heard it loud and clear as this:




That bottle of shower foam never saw the light of day again.

I wish I’d gotten acquainted with SilkBath much earlier, from the time it was first launched in 2005. But now I’ve got the chance! WOOHOO! Introducing the new SilkBath Botanics!



The new packaging appeals to me so much more, from the pretty pastel shades to the botanical illustrations.


I’m so happy to bid adios to shower foams that dry up my skin, smell like hospitals or leave an oily veil that make me conscious of getting near people lest they brush against my greasy skin.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and HELLO! to a special blend of natural ingredients including Pure Argan Oil, Silk, Botanical Extracts and Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) found in SilkBath! This unique formulation is coined Moisture Aid+.

When the structure of the outer layer of our skin is intact, our skin stays healthy – skin tightness, cracking, scaling and flaking are reduced.

NMF components mimic the structure and function of healthy skin, and maintain adequate skin hydration. Without NMF, water content in the outer layer would soon evaporate and the skin would become dry and cracked.

SilkBath Botanics shower foams defy dryness by being infused with NMF that allow our skin’s natural barrier defence to repair and regenerate itself despite being subjected to environmental distress, aging, diet, and long hours in air-conditioned places.

NMF in SilkBath is awesome because it:

–       Provides skin hydration retention 5 TIMES LONGER

–       Provides Skin Elasticity Retention 2 TIMES LONGER

–       Is the STRONGEST moisturizer available


Have you spotted the SilkBath posters at MRT stations, on buses and bus interchanges? 😀


SilkBath Ultra Nourish Cherry Blossom


The design on the Ultra Nourish Cherry Blossom bottle was what made me reach out to try it first.

Some shower foams made for dry skin might over-compensate with harsh moisturizers and leave those with normal skin with an oily after-wash feel.

Cherry Blossom, enriched with cherry blossom and rose hip, is the most moisturizing of the lot, yet it is easy to rinse off! No oily-yucky feel! Intended for extra dry skin, it is skin-smoothening, provides deep skin moisturization and nourishing, and has anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties.

That’s why Cherry Blossom is a favorite for so many of us – my family and friends whom I’ve shared these four bottles with. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel like silk! I couldn’t stop rubbing my legs against one another the first few times I tried it coz I’ve never experienced anything like that! SO SMOOOOOTTHH!!

It never occurred to me that being named SilkBath indicated the presence of SILK in these shower gels. SO LUXURIOUS!!! I thought it was just a brand name, like, you know, Bun Bun doesn’t have anything to do with pastry. BAHAHA!!

Silk promotes collagen formation and cell regeneration; is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and an anti-oxidant. Who knew silk absorbs UV rays too? I never knew silk was ANY of these!

The silk protein imparts silkiness and a luxurious feel to SilkBath Botanics. Now I finally know what it means to have ‘silky, smooth skin’!

I actually conceptualized this SilkBath review during my recent Taiwan trip, and staring into the picturesque woods and mountains inspired me to recreate on my eyes the colors of the designs on the bottle. Transferred them into small bottles so I could review them on the go; I’m a workhorse. HOHO! 😛



More on my Taiwan trip soon! Can’t wait to share with you guys! ^_^*

SilkBath Anti-Bacterial Tea Tree Oil


Previous experiences with other shower gels with ‘anti-bacterial’ properties have reated this association with skin that would be striped of moisture. Those gave a convincing demonstration of the term ‘squeaky clean’; my skin really squeaked from being so parched.

When I realized that there’s a shower gel in the SilkBath Botanics range, I was highly intrigued! How can a shower gel be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin-healing, deodorizing AND skin-soothing at the same time?!

But SilkBath has formulated one just like that!

The Tea Tree Oil Botanics does not dry up my skin at all and I love the cool, minty feeling it leaves on my skin. This is the only one out of the four that has a slight minty sensation. Very refreshing!

I reckon this might help with people who have back acne as well, it seems like most guys have some degree of back acne. I shall get one for The Boyfriend.

SilkBath Extra Lighten Grape Seed


Grape seed, Vitamin B3 and Rosemary are known for their brightening capabilities, and now SilkBath Extra Lighten contains them!

If I had to rank them in terms of how moisturizing they are, I’d say Grape Seed is second to Cherry Blossom, then Tea Tree Oil in third place, and Vanilla in fourth. That doesn’t mean that Vanilla is not moisturizing at all,  it is just lighter than Cherry Blossom. And that’s why I like Vanilla a lot! Vanilla’s up next! =)

What makes SilkBath Botanics so incredibly moisturizing is the newest ingredient Argan Oil, which we all (okie, maybe just me) have heard of but don’t know exactly what it does.

One of the most amazing facts about Argan Oil is that it is equally good for oily and dry skin as it protects the skin against dryness while regulating the secretion of sebum to a manageable level.

Being rich in antioxidants makes Argan Oil the ideal protection against wrinkles and degradation of skin elasticity. Goodness, I could go on and on about the benefits of Argan Oil from all the research that I’ve done on Argan Oil!

Pure Argan Oil works in synergy with NMF and Silk to ensure there is no harshness, stripping or drying of the skin. Perfect! So your skin feels softer, smoother and more elastic with the use of SilkBath Botanics!

SilkBath Soothing Balance Vanilla


SilkBath Soothing Balance Vanilla is the new kid on the block with no predecessor. Enriched with vanilla and blue daisy to smoothen and soothe, it is a much lighter formula specially made for younger skin.

I’M STILL YOUNG. Still in my twenties! One more year before I hit 30. =(

Whenever I use Soothing Balance Vanilla I feel like I’m in love. HAHA!! There’s this indescribable scent that makes the air sweet and merry. Must be the vanilla! It’s really gentle on the skin so if you prefer shower gels with a lighter formula, Vanilla is the one for you!

I love that all four SilkBath Botanics are so easy to rinse and do not strip my skin of moisture and instead moisturize it with each wash (superb pH balance!). Scent is subjective; Cherry Blossom and Vanilla are easily my favorites because one makes me feel womanly and the other reminds me of young love. Heehee!

Oh did I tell you that all SilkBath Botanics have really lasting fragrance? Some shower gels make you smell good as long as when you’re in the shower but SilkBath Botanics last for HOURS!! 😀

Good friends share good stuff!


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Are you a floral, musky, mild, or tea tree scent kind of person? Which of the 4 ‘flavors’ available would you think suits you the most? Which is your favorite eye makeup look?? HOHO!!