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I Have Gone To The World Of Crazy Hair Colors At Salon Vim Bugis, And Am Not Turning Back!

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January 15, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


Before I tell you how in love I am with my current hair color now – and the innumerable compliments I’ve received for it, let us go back to some weeks ago when I went to have my hair done at Salon Vim’s swanky new branch at Bugis.


Dreamy, aren’t they, these dangling bulbs?


Newly opened and so crowded already!

Salon-Vim-Bugis-Branch-Color-BarColor Bar

Gary gave me a tour of the two-storey property and like him, I really love the modern interior set inside a heritage-rich facade. The shafts of sunlight streaming in from the old-fashioned windows on the second floor synthesize with warm interior lights to give character to the room.





Just look at the wash area! A great fusion of the 60’s and modern zen. LOVE.


Too bad this second storey is reserved for big shots and private events. And there’s even a spiral staircase hidden at the back for famous people to enter and exit with total privacy. Cool, huh?

I had another treatment boost this time, similar to the Cocktail Hair Treatment I did previously.

Just so you know, hair even at its most natural state, meaning no chemical processes done to it, needs to receive treatment to combat pollutants and other environmental contamination. If you have hair that has gone through chemical processes, you need to treat it even more frequently to maintain healthy hair and shine!



That’s Chester and Weng. Remember Weng okie!! 😀

Chester was my stylist for the day and he did a great job with the treatment and styling. Oh and if you love hardcore head massages, he’s really good!


DONE!!! 😀 And yes, it was literally ‘Christmas round the corner’ with the Christmas tree behind me. HOHOHO!


The new wing of Salon Vim at Bugis is located right behind the bus stop at Bugis Street. You know, just beside Bee Cheng Hiang. I love bak kwa (BBQ-ed pork) so much I used to just buy 2 slices of them and savor these greasy but grilled to perfection pork slices as I walked around the streets of Singapore. If you ever visit my lovely Singapore, you MUST buy a packet or two home!

bee cheng hiang bak kwa

Crrraaaazzzyyyy Color Time!

A couple of weeks later, when I had more time, I went back to have my hair style changed. I don’t know, ever since I’ve had my hair done at Salon Vim, I have become more adventurous not only with colors but styles as well. I think it’s the knowing that despite all the funky stuff done to my tresses, they are well taken care of. So far, every stylist that has handled my hair – Ivan Kan, Chester Soh, Weng – has been professional and meticulous. Gary really has a great team!

Salon Vim reshuffled some of us so that the stylists who came to join Salon Vim Bugis would be given a chance to work with bloggers. I got Weng! Remember Weng? I actually didn’t know he had handled my hair until I wrote this post and saw that he blow-dried my hair before (scroll to see picture above!). HAHA! Our affinity already started then! =)

I had grown more adventurous with each visit and this time I wanted something louder. But I didn’t know exactly like how. Lol. After discussion with Weng, we decided that we could go with hidden pink and purple streaks.

In order to attain the crazy color outcome, we had to bleach certain sections of my hair. My first time!!! I was apprehensive at first coz I was worried my very dehydrated hair would not be able to take it, but Weng ensured me that my hair condition wouldn’t deteriorate.


Salon-Vim-Bugis-Pink-Purple-HighlightsVery light makeup – just foundation and blush

See the bleached area? Only the middle section of the hair was bleached, the ends and roots were left untouched. So interesting! Even Gary praised Weng for his creativity.


Me and Weng.



This picture was taken in Inglot, at City Square, JB. Great lighting, so you can see clearly just how pretty my hair looks now! I’ve received so many compliments for my hair! Oh, I put on a purple lipstick at the store to go mitchy-matchy with my hair. LOL.




It’s so funny that both the previous and this time Evonne was with me but we never took a single photo together!

If your work environment or school allows it, I think everyone should go for some funky hair colors or styles in some phase of your life. So that when you look back at pictures when you’re 63 years old, reminiscing the old days in your rocking chair, you can show your grandchildren their grandma/grandpa was once so young, hip, and daring!

Next time, I think I’m gonna ask for more blue and purple streaks.

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Maybe I’ll see you there some time! 😀