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My New Love: Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon SPF 50 Matte Face Primer For Oily Skin

January 27, 2013
Composed by : Bun Bun


I didn’t think any other face primer could contest my affection for the aesthetically non-pleasing but nevertheless amazing Monistat Relief Chafing Powder-Gel, until I got my hands AND FINGERPRINTS on Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon Face Primer.

Why fingerprints?

You Pretty Little Thing

The Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon Face Primer is a very pretty thing to look at, what with its pink-tinted, high quality, hard plastic base and true-to-image mirror (you know, as in your face doesn’t look funky and distorted when you look into it).

But this mirror behaves like any other mirror – it’s a magnet for fingerprints!

The only time it was fingerprint-less was when I opened the box for the very first time and smiled because I saw my own reflection the packaging looked so lovely. That’s what I love about Lioele’s product packaging. You can’t decide whether to brand them cute or sweet or sexy or sophisticated. Ah, I think the word is ‘princess-y’. ^_^*

Anyway, after the first use, I tried to clean my prints off the mirror but the OCD in me was not even strong enough to do it beyond the first time. By the time you’re reading this, the mirror probably looks like an artistically woven mosaic of glossy crystals. But my reflections still shines brightly through it and that’s good enough for me. Hoho.


Ice Cream In Pudding’s Clothing

Geddit?? Like wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hur. Hur. Hur. *awkward




I have a penchant for sinking brushes and spatulas into creamy things, like fresh gel liners and now the Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon Face Primer. I don’t know why, but I get more kick from scooping the Lioele face primer from its container than digging into gel liners.

It’s the texture that makes me high on each plunge. So creamy, yet still solid enough to stay to its shape when you turn it over.

You are not wrong to say it looks like really high quality strawberry ice cream. But when you actually touch it, it feels like pudding. Those high quality pudding that almost feel like mochi.

Senses Awakened One By One

Now that we’ve got sight covered we shall move on to smell. *smiles as I type*

This smells like… strawberry ice cream? Actually I can’t really describe it. It just smells lovely, not overpowering like some makeup products.

The fragrance lingers for more than a moment and I love how it freshens me up when I apply it in the morning and awakens my skin when I apply it late in the day.

Smooth And Long-Lasting

Like the Monistat Face Primer, the Lioele Face Primer applies like silk and then settles into something powdery. Not the body powder or kitchen flour kind of powdery, but smooth and matte on the skin. It feels very light on the skin so you won’t feel like there’s a veil of something there.

I’d think the Lioele one stays smoother on the skin, but both help to make foundation last longer on my face.

Do note that there’s Dimethicone in the ingredient list. Dimethicone is prevalent in most face primers, it’s what helps to make your makeup last longer. It’s in your shampoos too! You can read this article on the benefits of Dimethicone in makeup.

SPF 50 For You To Play In The Sun

I was utterly shocked when I first applied it, coz it turned my face two shades fairer! I thought ‘Damn it, I’m screwed. Money gone’. Okie, maybe I exaggerate. Not pastel white like my Geisha Halloween look, but white enough to have had me taken aback.

In the time I took to recover from the shock and regret of getting the Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon Face Primer SPF 50, my skin tone had gradually, miraculously, shifted back to its original tone. WOOHOOO!!

I guess it was the SPF that caused the sudden white overcast, but I don’t know what’s the special ingredient that caused it to adjust nicely to my skintone so that I was left with nothing but a smooth canvas to apply foundation atop.

Perfection at play, seriously.


Strawberry ice cream!! 😀



Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon Over Monistat?

I will not say that one face primer is better than the other as I love them both – they both work equally well!

It comes down to what your budget is, whether you need SPF, and whether you prefer products that come with a suite of enhancements like beautiful packaging, nice fragrance and great texture that make you happy every single time. I don’t even mind that it’s in tub form and brought it along with me for my Phuket trip.

I just find myself reaching for the Lioele one a bit more often now as the integrated SPF allows me to skip applying a separate sunscreen. And the scent… oh the scent… makes me happy every time I open the lid. It’s this whole wonderful sight, smell, touch experience going on, you know?

At the time of writing, I’ve already used 80%! 😀

Bun Bun rates Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon SPF 50:

This is LOVE!

Where Can You Find Them?

Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon and Monistat Face Primer can be found at dolltodoll.com:


Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon Face Primer, SPF 50+/PA+++




Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel


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Just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who trust my honest reviews and purchased Monistat Face Primer from Doll To Doll. ^_^*

What face primer are you currently using? Do you prefer to have SPF in your face primer or would you rather apply a separate sunscreen?