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Kat Von D Beethoven Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

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June 18, 2011
Composed by : Bun Bun

The dusty night is engulfed in loud, crazy music. The crowd cheers, chants, and head-bangs with wild abandon. On stage a rocker chick jams with her electric guitar, her right foot stamping and head banging the air to the heavy metal music. She screams and the crowd screams with her.

Yea, that’s my idea of who would totally rock (pun intended) the Kat Von D Beethoven palette.


The reason why I got this palette was that it was rated as the second best selling eyeshadow palette – just right after Urban Decay Ammo Palette. I absolutely ADORE my Ammo Palette so anything that is rated just right after that must be almost as good right? WRONG!

I wonder why this palette was named ‘Beethoven’ when the colors clearly ooze heavy metal rock and at their best, sombreness. Every time I put the colors on, I feel like I’ve sunk into a deep and cold gothic-like mood. Not uplifting at all, which is not what makeup should make a person feel.

Pigmentation & Fallout

The first 4 colors from the left are the epitome of heavy metal rock.

Lucifer – Matte charcoal black with very weak pigmentation and crazy fallout. The under eye is often littered with specks of black eyeshadow whenever I use Lucifer. The best black matte eyeshadow I have used so far is NYX Black, which is very much a dupe of MAC Carbon.

Speed Blue – Dark metallic blue that has very good pigmentation and stays relatively well on the lids. Layer on for a strong look, or dab your eyeshadow brush very lightly onto Speed Blue to pick up just a little. I emphasize very lightly because I always tend to use the same amount of force as on other eyeshadows and end up having wayyyyy too much on the brush! This is a blue with an attitude.

Razor Gray – Warm gun steel shimmer that is a sad hue of gray that really doesn’t work for me. It makes my lids look depressed.

Tequila – Metallic cornsilk shimmer. My favorite color of the set. Tequila is a pretty nude color with a light golden undertone, a sheer shimmer with a hint of color. Great as a highlight color under the brow.

The next 4 colors still characterize metal rock but are… slightly more girly?

Sinner – Metallic purple black shimmer which is just meh~

Rad Purple – Matte purple black with purple glitter. Basically just a darker purple than Sinner and with glitter that doesn’t show up.

Leather – Matte dark brown. Nice color to be applied on the contour area, but not extraordinary.

Galeano – Metallic medium plum shimmer. Nothing special. Sinner seems to be a lot darker than Galeano when you look at them, but when applied, they appear almost similar.

Seriously, the only two colors worthy of mention are Speed Blue and Tequila. You can see that these two are more used than the other six eyeshadows.

It is not difficult washing the eyeshadows off with only water, but to thoroughly remove them, I would advise using a good makeup remover like the Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil.


As you can see, pigmentation is rather inconsistent across the board. However, regardless of the level of pigmentation or the amount of fallout experienced, the chalky texture of EACH AND EVERY eyeshadow is horrendous. This chalkiness directly contributes a great deal to the amount of fallout.

You’ll end up with a bunch of dusty little dark specks under your eyes and on your cheeks. If you apply foundation after eye makeup, then you can easily wipe it off. But if you apply foundation before, which is what I do, it’s a disaster cleaning up the mess!


Some people dig the rubbery texture and dark feel of the casing. I guess I would too if not for the fact that for every time I try to use the palette (in an attempt to make myself like it more), I have to pry it open with my fingernails. And they get ruined. Ugh!

The two brushes/applicators that come included are utterly useless and too much space has been allocated for these two tiny useless brushes.


Priced at U$34 for 8 eyeshadows, this can be considered good value. However, I feel that I really am just paying for 2 eyeshadows since I don’t remotely like the rest at all.

I love bold colors and wear them even to work, but most colors of the Beethoven palette just do not work for me.

Used here are:

Speed Blue – Lid

Lucifer – Outer V

Tequila – Brow bone + highlight

I guess this eyeshadow palette was so named to remember the bold Austrian composer who, even after his hearing had completely faded, continued to produce numerous classic works. But with such poor texture and zero representation of his grand works of music art, I would be turning in my grave if I were him.

I had really hoped to like it. =(

I think am going to depot the Kat Von D Beethoven Palette soon. Guess which ones I’ll be depotting?

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